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What is regarding: Definition and 38 Discussions

  1. evvy

    Can a Pampered Chef Consultant in the USA Recruit Someone from Canada?

    I know Pampered Chef doesn't ship internationally and Canada has its own little network. But is it possible for a Consultant in the USA to recruit someone from Canada? I only ask because I actually have a good amount of friends internationally and was just randomly wondering if it were possibly...
  2. chefheidi2003

    Tax Question Regarding Incentives

    I earned a few incentives last year I usually don't am I correct that I can claim them as business expenses if I use them for my business? I just want to know so that I can optimize my return this year..LOL.
  3. T

    Wanting More Information Regarding Items

    Hello. I met someone who asked me if we still carried or ever carried a stack cooker (her example...you could put rice in one section, vegetables in another right on top of it). Sounds to me like a steamer, but when I asked her if that is what it was, she said no. She said if it was a PC...
  4. P

    Newbie Question Regarding Co-Hosts

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here on this website. I'm so glad my friend showed it to me! My question is, I currently have 2 different shows where there are "co-hosts" but I have no idea how I should handle the host special. Do I tell them that 1 has to pick the the special and then...
  5. B

    Can I Trust a Customer's Check Without Confirming Funds?

    If I call a bank stating that I am a business owner presented with a check from their customer, will they confirm that said customer does/does not have the money in the account to cover the check? To make a long story short, I had a show with a declined card and called and left multiple...
  6. NooraK

    Personal Request Regarding Spring Launch

    I would like to put this request officially "out there". I will be attending Spring Launch on Wednesday the 9th, and I know there are many people who will not attend until the 12th. I know we have differing opinions regarding whether or not the information announced should be kept secret, and...
  7. M

    Newbie Question Regarding the August Incentive

    Hi! I will have completed my first 30 days this coming Thursday! I'm thrilled to say that I have met my show and sales minimum to acquire the August incentive. My question is for those that have received the new fall products with the incentive...what seasonings are included? I want to go...
  8. N

    Need Help Regarding Sept. Special and Past Host!

    Good morning everyone!! I need help... does anyone know with the Sept. special if the past hosts amount of 155.00 for the knife block counts towards the 650.00 sales that the host has to have? I am confused after reading the consultant newsletter! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. P

    I Know We Received an E-Mail Regarding Slower Than Usual

    I know we received an e-mail regarding slower than usual shipping....my show submitted 2/28 is still not even being picked. Good grief!
  10. J

    Just Had a Question Regarding Commission.i Understand That for

    Just had a question regarding commission.I understand that for Fundraisers the consultant's commission is 10% for sales under $600 and 15% for sales more than $600. How does this effect your other sales for catalog & cooking shows. In other words let's say you have a fundraiser for $1500 and...
  11. A

    Are Arts and Crafts Fairs Only for Licensed Business Owners?

    Hi All, Im trying to see if I can sign up for a arts and crafts fair but they are asking for seller's permit or some type of business lisence. Aren't we considered business owners? What to do? Thanks. Aeilene
  12. elizabethfox

    Question Regarding Inactive/Active Status

    Ok so say someone doesn't make their $150 in sales one month... they go inactive from what I am reading from CC but they do not lose their career sales until the second month of inactivity. They also do not lose their recruits. But if they go inactive.. do they lose their website? What if...
  13. BettieC

    Question Regarding Quick Stir Pitchers

    Those around for awhile ;) even if you were a PC Host junkie like I was.....lol. Did they upgrade the pitchers? I had the family one awhile back 7+ yrs ago, and mine somehow got mildewed :yuck: I just got the smaller one, and I am loving it! It seems to be a better design than the...
  14. christy_c

    Question Regarding Inactive Status

    I'm sure someone here can answer this -- can inactive consultants order pantry items on a supply order or just business supplies only?
  15. BettieC

    Question Regarding the Microwave Quick Turkey Chili

    I was just checking out this recipe on CC, and it looks really good! Has anyone made this? It says to add the tomatoes & beans after it has been cooking for awhile. Because it's being cooked in the DCB, is it ok to add liquidy ingredients? I'd be afraid it would make the DCB crack. This...
  16. kcjodih

    Help Needed Asap Please Regarding Cc'ing a Newsletter

    I'm just about to send my Dec newsletter and wanted to ask a question. Do I have to put an email addy in the 'to' line or can I just put names in the BCC line? I've always put my addy in the to line and then names in the BCC line in groups but then I receive multiple copies of my newsletter...
  17. redsoxgirl

    Ho Answer Regarding Holiday Spreaders and Being Pregnant

    I knew it probbaly wasn't a big deal, but I still wanted to contact HO and ask about the lead and being pregnant. Here is our exchange: Hi- I appreciate the prompt email on these issues. I do have one question/concern. I am 5 months pregnant and have touched the handles of the...
  18. M

    Advice Regarding New Consultant

    I'm hoping some of you have encountered this situation and can share some advice. I was contacted last week by a gal who picked-up my card at a local business. She is interested in becoming a consultant. So we met and went over the Come Join Us Brochure, requirements, etc. She also came...
  19. H

    I Have Read Some Information Regarding the Lapboards and the

    I have read some information regarding the lapboards and the consensious (sp??) seems to be that they are expensive. However, many of you came up with a creative way of getting around this by using binders. Well, I would like to do the same since I'm justing starting out and want to keep cost...
  20. itsjustCarla

    Question Regarding Personal Orders

    On Pampered Partner, under 'Personal, Non-Commission orders', it lists Lemon Rosemary hand soap and Hot pad/trivet-Cranberry as $0.00. Since I've don't have either of these, I ordered them both (twice now) ....and both time they weren't included in my order. Am I missing something?? Maybe...
  21. {*mandy*}

    Can Show Hosts Use Half-Price Deals and Additional Discounts?

    In the back of the catalogs, it list host half price combinations. . . only the host of the show can do these, and the use these as their 1/2 priced item? Am I understanding this correctly? Also, do they get to use their 20% off of it also? TIA
  22. K

    Do hosts receive 60% and 50% off incentives for a $450 show?

    I am brand new to PC, will be turning first show soon, and very nervous about getting everything correct. Does the host get the 2 60% and the 2 50% off incentitives? (Example a $450.00 show)
  23. Debala715

    Is Pampered Chef Cookware Compatible with Induction Stovetops?

    On Monday night I had a customer ask me if our cookware could be used on one of those new Induction cooktops. I told her that I believe they could be, so she ordered the Executive Grill Pan and Press. Something just made me pose this question to the Test Kitchen and here is their answer: Just...
  24. dns2202

    Question Regarding Past Host Discount and New Recruit

    If someone has decided to book a show with a host then they decide to become a consultant, does the past host still get the benefit on the new consultants order? I hope I haven't confused you! Let's give them names. Ok Paige has a show. Sandra books a show. Then Sandra decides to be come a...
  25. L

    Question Regarding Dress for Conference

    Ok, I get concerned about the stupidest things.... HO has changed the dress code about 4 times. The latest incarnation (for guys) is that khaki's and polo shirts are ok, but no denim. I have no problem with the no denim, but don't want to be too casual if everyone dresses up. So, beat me...
  26. kcjodih

    Gotta Question Regarding My Recruit

    and the submit 2 shows in June for the 2 sharp products. Does she have until the 5th to submit this just like the rest of the submissions for the different levels?
  27. L

    What Not to Do Regarding Bookings..

    I wore a Pampered Chef shirt out yesterday while running errands. We (my son and I) went to the eye doctor's and the nurse asked about the number of shows I did, said that she loved Pampered Chef and all I could give her was a mini-catalog:(. It was like deer in the headlights....Hello..she...
  28. chefcarole

    Live and Learn Regarding Midseason Products

    I kept wondering if I earned the midseason products (thought I had) but they aren't showing up by checking them "the back door way". The only order with a G I have is my new consultant kit. Anyway, after looking at my IPT, I submitted a little over $1250 in sales by April 20th but one of the...
  29. K

    Update Your PamperedPartner® Version for Easy Show Submissions

    I am posting this because some people are quicker about going to Chef Succes than reading their e-mail ------------ Dear Consultant, Before submitting your next Show, please take a moment and check your PamperedPartner® version number. It may need to be updated! All PamperedPartner®...
  30. naekelsey

    Do You Notify Customers About Back Orders?

    Do you send a letter to your customers when an item is on back order, included into there order? If so, can any one let me "borrow" it???