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  1. P

    I am trying to put in host order. I have the #'s for the guest

    I am trying to put in host order. I have the #'s for the guest stoneware. Where do I get the #'s to enter the host 60% off one piece of stoneware???
  2. M

    Can't transmit order

    I'm trrying to submit a show through PP, but when I click on the send order button, it pops up a window saying: Host order required for this show (order information screen) My host ordered a mold, but my co-host just used her half priced item. Is that why? Does she have to order...
  3. M

    When do they charge us for the order?

    Hi! I was just wondering when they charge us for the order we place. I placed a show over a week ago. The things have been sent and should be here today. I still havent seen the money taken out in my checking account. Anyone know when they do this? Thanks!
  4. K

    Host's order sent to consultant

    Hi, I submitted my first show about a week and a half ago and submitted it this past week. I wanted to have the order ship to me because I used the host special (the host didn't want it), plus I am waiting for one more check to arrive before I actually hand the products out. I changed the...
  5. B

    I messed up an order in August, What can I do?

    I was trying so hard to get an order in that I forgot to order the free cookbooks. I didn't realize it until the host called me. Do you think I can order them now ? I hope so. I have to order 3 cookbooks. I ordered with PP, so they should be able to see the orders I think. Thanks alot.
  6. M

    Write In Order Forms

    I have 140 Spanish write in forms. I accidently oredered the wrong ones! If anyone can use these please let me know! My email is [email protected] Thanks
  7. K

    How to find an old order

    Hi, I have a customer who ordered the Adjustable Measuring Spoons 2 or 3 years ago and is having a problem with liquids leaking under the seal. Apparently, these spoons have been updated so they no longer leak, and she's wondering if hers are still guaranteed. Well, I'm trying to find her old...
  8. srg252001

    Old Spring/Summer catalogs and Order Forms

    [FONT=Tahoma]I have a ton of old spring/summer paperwork for sale if anyone wants to use them. I have issues using old stuff when I know as a customer I would want to know and see the new stuff. And If I handed out old catalogs to save my new ones no one would know about the new stuff. So I...
  9. B

    Guest wants order before party..help...

    Okay I just got an email from one of my hosts who is having a party 10/7, anyways one of her guests wants to put their order in early and have it as soon as possible. So here are my questions: Will pampered partner let me start the hosts show and have the one item shipped and then put the rest...
  10. K

    Would you like the PrePrinted order forrms?

    HI..I am new and not sure if this is OK to ask. I did read the directions. I have an unopened pack of the prepreinted order forms for fall and winter. They are so confusing to me and my customers so I wondered if anyone would want them. I'd just charge you the shipping to you. Please PM...
  11. C

    Question about supply order form

    :confused: What is the Come to the Basement Book? Every time I order I wonder but don't want to spemd $5.00 to find out what it is. Anyone know? Thanks.
  12. M

    First order sent/received

    I'm new to this site. My hubby found it while he was browsing and I'm glad. Anyway, I sent my first order electronically on Sept 13th and guest received it on the 16th. I told her it was going to take longer. I was surprised it was so fast. But there was a problem. Her packing list was...
  13. H

    Lost supply order

    Has anyone ever had a PChef supply order and a sample order get lost? I ordered in August almost 4 weeks ago. I spent one hour on the phone w/ support who sent me to 4 different departments. One tech was looking on a director's site, and she could not understand why the info was not on my...
  14. M

    Past host, new consultant order?

    I hosted a catalog show in June, and have since become a consultant. If I place an order, can I do it using my past host discount? Do I get a consultant discount? Which is better to do?
  15. rennea

    Large Order

    My mother-in-law wants to place a big order ($400-$600), should I put it in as a show or as just as a single order? What would be best? I'm trying to earn my SS1 and she wants to help out. Thank for any info. :)
  16. monica_sweetconsultant

    Supply order question

    does anyone know how long after you place a supply order the money gets taken from your account? i wanted to place an order now but it will be after 12 before i can get to the bank to put all the money in. i dont want them to hit my account before i get all the money in. thanks in advance!!
  17. M

    Supply order

    If I placed a supply order today, what is the average time that it akes to arrive? I'm having a mystery host show next Sat and wonder if I place it today, will the supplies arrive before the party?
  18. C

    Web Order CAUTION

    Hi all...just wanted you to let people know to BE CAREFUL when placing fundraiser (or show, for that matter) orders on your website. Two of my guests have ordered thinking they were contributing to my Red Cross fundraiser and actually placed individual orders instead. (They found the wording...
  19. M

    I thought you could order online???

    I thought as of Sept 1 you can have people order on the PC website??? I was planning on people who were doing catolog shows in sept do them online? Is this possible?
  20. C

    Individual Website Order Issues

    Does anyone who did this last winter know: 1) How do we get a copy of what/who ordered and what items were ordered so that we may do CC calls? 2) How does someone who "accidently" makes his/her order an individual order rather than correctly attaching it to a show cancel his/her order so...
  21. S

    Paperwork/suppy order form

    Hello all! I'm on Pampered Partner and I'm putting in for some supplies (door prizes). i can't afford to order to much right now. Is there a limit to how many times you can place supply orders?
  22. P

    I am putting in an order and I want to place an order to through

    I am putting in an order and I want to place an order to through Pampered Partner for some presents. How do I do this through Pampered Partner? HELP
  23. B

    Question about Host order

    I have a question about my host order. My host had only a $200.00 show so she gets $25.00 free PC and 20% off. My question is If she orders $50.00 more than the $25.00 free merchandise, will that count as commision sales. I am $350.00 away from my SS2. If I add in her show at $200.00 then her...
  24. jenniferlynne

    I need help with Fall Product Order!!!!

    Can we really not order the sample packages with the Pampered Chef Credit Card? I am going to have a booth set up at a Taste of Home Cooking School and I wanted to display all the new Fall products. When I went to order the products that I did not earn, it said Debit card or Pampered Dollars...
  25. rennea

    Putting First Order In

    I know that this might sound dumb and I think that I'm just missing something but I am trying to put my first order in and I can't figure out how to put in guest special(free handy scraper) and host specials(rice cooker). I put the item in but it isn't taking the special into account. What the...
  26. N

    Question regarding supply order

    I have a new recruit who loves the Entertainment Set as it is now- with the green platter. Is it still possible to get it at half price on the supply order? It's not on the new supply order form at all- even with the striped platter. Thanks!
  27. DZmom

    Deleting a Web Order

    I submitted a sample order after I opened my website so I would know how the process worked, but now can't delete it. How do you delete orders from the website? Thanks in advance
  28. DZmom

    Supply Order

    I placed a supply order late Sunday night. How long does it normally take to receive a supply order? Do they wait to take out payment like they do for show orders and replacement parts orders? Thanks!
  29. B

    Question about making outside order form

    I have used the outside order form from July and August that was posted on this website, I would like to try to make one myself. I can't figure out where you download your pictures from. Can any one help me with this?
  30. B

    Supply order form?

    This may sound like a stupid question but, I need supplies and I am not sure how to order them on pampered partner.Do I have to order them with a show? How can I get a list of supplies, I don't think one came with my starter kit. I need PP receipts really bad and I can't wait for long to order...