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What is order: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. S

    Get Your Outside Order Form Now - Quick & Easy Process | TIA!

    Hi can someone please post a Outside order form for me, I'm at work and can't access the PC site for some reason. TIA!!
  2. W

    Where to Find Outside Order Forms for Nov & Dec

    Are outside order forms not posted on here anymore? I need one for Nov and Dec.
  3. Intrepid_Chef

    Suspicions Arose: Contact Request for $279 Order

    So I got a contact me request from a person who claimed to want to place an order. I just replied with the website (because duh, they found my website.)The person claimed to place a $279 order. But the broken English and the offer to write a check set off my Spidey Senses. Thanks a lot for the...
  4. straitfan

    Get Help with Individual Orders & Shipping for Emoji Cookie Cutters

    Needing to submit tonight..... not enough for a show. I have 3 sets of emoji cookie cutters. One needs to ship out of state and the other 2 with the rest of the order. It won't let me enter in the same item twice ( just adds quantity to the out of state order.... any way around this? Or do...
  5. Jennifer golden

    Can I Add a Gift to a Customer's Online Order?

    Hi All,I would like to add a gift to ship with my customer's online order (not affiliated with a show - just a random order). Is there a way I can pay for something and have it added to the order when it ships?Thank you, Jennifer
  6. byrd1956

    Help. Can't Change Order Amount in Show.

    My new recruit is trying to complete a show. She accidentally put in too many of one product on an order. When she tries to change the amount and clicks 'update cart' nothing changes. She tried clicking 'remove all' and that didn't work either. I told her to logged out then back in, to try...
  7. M

    Product Search in Order History

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to search for product order history on the new website? I'd like to know which customers bought a certain item. You could run a report in P3 but I haven't found a way to do it in on the new website.
  8. Roadtripray

    Average Time Before Order Is Shipped?

    I searched the forums but couldn't find any threads about this recently. I submitted a show on Monday, October 5th. It's now Thursday, October 8th and the PC site doesn't show the order has shipped yet. This is my first order since reactivating, so I'm not sure what it has been, but this...
  9. K

    Need Help Canceling an Online Order? Here's How | Step-by-Step Guide

    Hi. I'm needing some help. I have a customer who wants to cancel her order that she made on my website. How do I do that?
  10. Bren706

    Customers Using the Website on Their Phone to Order

    I recently did a virtual Facebook party and the host just contacted me to let me know that her friend is having a hard time ordering through the website using the internet on her phone. Can someone remind me what the issue is? I remember reading about that somewhere, but can't find it now.
  11. DebPC

    Guest Special With Outlet Order?

    Does anyone know... Do online orders get the guest special when they order just outlet items to get to the minimum required? When they order a combo of regular products and online orders to get to the minimum required? Only when they order only regular products to get to the minimum required...
  12. ShellBeach

    Find New Posts Easily - Learn the Post Order on Forums

    Quick question about the link to New Posts (on the line that includes these other links: Mark Forums Read....Search Forums....Watched Forums....Watched Threads....New Posts)Is it only pulling posts from top-level forums?Reason I ask, is after I post a reply, I would expect my reply to be at the...
  13. mikecooks

    Merrill Order Times vs. Vistaprint

    Does it always take weeks to get an order from Merrill? I'm used to Vistaprint (1 week ) for biz cards.
  14. C

    Order Replacement Parts: Shipping and Site Issues

    Just an FYI - if you do an order for replacement parts on the new site, the shipping does not come up as $3.00. I called HO and they said not everything is working right yet so they had to process the order over the phone for me in order to get the correct shipping. Makes one wonder how many...
  15. kam

    Looking for Past Supply Order on Beta

    How to I locate a supply order I placed last week on BETA?? I would like to print out the order (which I neglected to do at the time) and I can't find the order. THANKS!
  16. C

    Host Order Question: $28 Missing from Show Total in New Beta Program?

    I am doing the Host order and there is $28 left after her Free Products/discount. That amount is not showing in the show total. Has that perk gone also gone away with this new Beta program? Seems like one thing after another that we are missing out on. I searched all over the site to try and...
  17. kam

    Create an Individual Order and Ship to Me on Beta: Step-by-Step Guide

    Here is what I want to do: 1. Create an individual order under a customer's name 2. Have it ship to me 3. Put it on my payment account and I will just collect the check from my customer When I started doing this on Beta, the first thing was it made me set up "an account" for my...
  18. kam

    Can We Combine Order Types Yet?

    I know way back when...we were told that eventually we would be able to combine Sample and Supply orders. I have not switched from P3 yet...so I don't know if it is available yet on beta. Thanks!
  19. MissyPC

    Get Your HWC 2014 Order Form Now - Easy & Convenient!

    HWC 2014 Order Form - Has anyone made one of these for this year? It was such a hit at my son's daycare last year. I have no idea how to create it but I know I got last years from this site. Thanks in advance
  20. VeronicaW

    Printable Make Your Own Order Forms (Oofs)

    In the past I have found monthly OOF's, but not very easily. I think they are great and I input my info and print what I need. Looking for February and March 2014 Order Forms please. Thank you, in advance for helping me.
  21. N

    Placing an Order for 14 Individual Gifts: Help Needed

    I have a customer that is placing an order for 14 medium round stones and wants each one sent to an individual and not the host he is ordering through. These are client gifts for his business and he does not want any pricing info sent with it. I have only dealt with the ship to host option...
  22. byrd1956

    Double Online Orders for Catalog Show: Any Explanation?

    I have gotten 2 online orders for a catalog show. Both orders were e-mailed to me twice. Exact same order so I knew I was just getting a second e-mail of the same order. Any one else have this happen? Any explanation. I did not ask the guests if they hit order twice, but that is what I am...
  23. C

    Urgent - Order Entry Help on Beta

    Trying to enter my first show on this beta site and for the life of me I cannot find out to designate a co-host and do her order. I even tried the "knowledge center" to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  24. ChefJWarren

    Is my consultant order payment card information already saved in Beta?

    I have a dumb question: I have been a consultant for 6 years and have recently switched over to Beta. Last night I submitted my first show in it and after I submitted, I realized it didn't ask me for my consultant order payment card # like it does in PPP. Is it already in there? I may have...
  25. pampchef.angel

    Event Planning: What Do You Do With Catalogs & Order Forms?

    In the past, I've always handed out clipboards with a catalog, order form, pen and drawing form to each guest. It's a lot to carry. I'm curious as to what you guys do?
  26. PCCHeather0506

    Are there now shipping costs for Pampered Chef supply orders?

    Idk if maybe I didn't pay attention on my last supply order but we pay shipping now on supply orders??
  27. S

    Efficient Order Forms for Shows: Tips and Tricks for Consultants"

    What does everyone use for Order Forms at Shows? I am running out of the 2 ply ones and am trying to decide if I want to order more or not. Do you just use the outside order forms you can print off of Consultant's Corner and then send them an email receipt? Could be a great way to make sure they...
  28. Roadtripray

    Urgent Guest Placed Order Under Wrong Show - Can It Be Moved?

    A host of mine had a guest post an order online, but posted it under my show, rather than my host's. Is there a way to move this order myself? I sent a message to HO just now ... hoping to be able to close out my host's show Monday night. I would just delete it and re-enter it, except the...
  29. JanisF

    Can I Order September Specials Through Individual Orders?

    I have a customer who is after the metal bakeware. I have a catalogue show on the go, but now the host has changed her mind and needs to close it later this month due to family issues. Can I submit an individual order now for the Sep special? All I saw on the flyer (I'm in Canada, but I don't...
  30. Intrepid_Chef

    Maximize Your Party and Get a Special Gift with a Huge Order - Find Out How!

    So in my first show since the new book came out, somebody ordered a 4 qt. ROCK CROCK. I know, right? I mean, this and the other $50 worth of stuff could have been its own party! Since this allowed my host to have a $300 show, I wanted to get her a gift. But what would you suggest? Because...