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What is gifts: Definition and 178 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Batter Bowl Gifts: Looking for Cookie & Soup Recipes?

    I am probably just missing it, but I cannot find the recipe/tag for Batter Bowl gifts. I want to offer these this year. (It's been a few years since I did this, but the white chocolate prep bowls last year were a HUGE hit.) Anyone have these at your fingertips? If I remember correctly there was...
  2. P

    Shop 2018 Grad Gifts - Prices & Flyers

    Does anyone have a flyer specifically for grad gifts with 2018 products and prices? Thanks!
  3. raebates

    What are the best gifts for specific groups? Share your ideas!

    I'm working on the December posts for my VIP group. One week my theme is going to be "Gifts Great for . . . " It's Pampered Chef products perfect for specific groups. So far I've got moms, men who like to grill, those eating healthy, and those living in small spaces. I'd like to focus on 4 or 5...
  4. Ember Lewis

    What are the Costs of These Jewelry and Consultant Gifts Including Shipping?

    Please add shipping to all items... silver dice desk set (in original box) $10 post it note and business card holders $10 25th anniversary book mark silver (new in box))$10 25th anniversary silver bracelet with apple corer and DDB charms $10 silver mens bracelet with PC logo $5 career club...
  5. L

    Gifting Etiquette for Consultants: Is it Normal to Give Gifts?

    Does every consultant give a gift to their host? The director I signed up with gives a nice gift (choice of classic stone, large cutting board, cool n serve, Brie baker, etc) to every host. I'm just starting out; is this type of gift normal?
  6. C

    forSale: Recruiting Gifts From 1999

    These were recruiting gifts from 1999 that were given to consultants by home office........I have retired from Pampered Chef and thought someone would enjoy having them in their PC collection. I am asking $8 for the bowl and $15 for the platter plus shipping.
  7. L

    Gifting From Pampered Chef: Christmas Gifts for Consultants/Directors

    Does Pampered Chef send out Christmas gifts to consultants/directors or above?
  8. C

    Gifts for the Pampered Chef Guy: Top Holiday Picks for Men

    What are the PC products men like most? Good gift ideas for holiday season
  9. Shelbi

    Looking for Unique Holiday Gifts? Try Our Station-Style Show!

    I have been seeing all these really cute gift ideas using the batter bowls and products and was thinking lately many people do those mason jars with the cookie ingredients or whatever inside just like the batter bowls but what if there was a station styled show where everyone comes and makes...
  10. N

    Placing an Order for 14 Individual Gifts: Help Needed

    I have a customer that is placing an order for 14 medium round stones and wants each one sent to an individual and not the host he is ordering through. These are client gifts for his business and he does not want any pricing info sent with it. I have only dealt with the ship to host option...
  11. DebPC

    What Pampered Chef Products Are You Getting for People as Christmas Gifts?

    My daughter and son in law are getting all the glass storage containers and the Grinder Set. My sister is getting the Microwave grips.
  12. M

    How Can I Offer Free Gifts as a New Consultant on a Military Base in Korea?

    I am a new consultant on a military base in Korea. I had my first show Dec 16th. It was ok, I guess. Things didn't go as smoothly as I had them pictured in my head, but I'm flexible. The host came away with over $60 in free items and got the knife block set at 60% off. :D I would love to...
  13. naekelsey

    Discover Unique Hanukkah Gifts Made with Our Products

    Has anyone made any Hanukkah Gifts with our products?
  14. O

    Shipping Bridal Shower Gifts: Tips & Ideas

    Can you tell me how you do the shipping on your bridal showers? The bride lives too far for me or the host to deliver. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. thehaleykitchen

    Gifts Not Getting Tracked in P3

    Has anyone else noticed that "Consultant Gifts" are no longer showing up for them this year as an expense? It doesn't show up on the income & expense tab nor when I run the report even though I have it checked. I also have P3 set to automatically create "Consultant Gift" as an expense when...
  16. S

    What are some creative end-of-year gifts for teachers?

    I have several customers wanting ideas for teacher gifts. I have sold several lunch totes and mini serving spatulas, but does anyone have any other great ideas? Thanks
  17. kdangel518

    Unique Gifts Under $20: Non-Holiday Ideas

    Non-seasonal (i.e. no Holiday themed, etc.) Looking to spend around $20. Thanks!
  18. wadesgirl

    Top Secret Santa Gifts: Discover the Best Gift Ideas for Any Budget!

    I have always liked doing secret santa things but I always HATE to figure out what gift to give! Thought I would see what everyone's favorite secret santa item is to give or get - pc or non-pc.
  19. A

    Director Celebrating the Holidays with Your Team: Ideas for Gifts & Parties

    What are you all doing for your teams for a "holiday" party, gift etc? I am thinking of investing my HOLIDAY budget in the back to business meeting and providing food and beverages and just sending a nice card to my organization with a bonus bracelet bead to complete their bracelets this...
  20. P

    Any Special Incentives, Gifts, Prizes, Etc. for Shows on Friday?

    Any special incentives, gifts, prizes, etc. for shows on Friday?
  21. pchefjaime

    Unlock the Best Gifts Under $10 - Find the Perfect Gift!

    Hi guys, Last yr I printed off a brochure type document from here it was a trifold that had gifts under 10.00 and it was put in catagories. I can not find it or anything new to replace it. Please help!!!:confused::confused::confused:
  22. R

    Affordable Pampered Chef Products: 20 Gifts Under $20

    I've had a lot of comments about Pampered Chef being too expensive so I decided to make a few flyers to showcase a variety of budget-friendly products. This is the first one. Feedback is appreciated.
  23. C

    Gift Receipts and Notifications for Direct Ship Gifts?

    Hi- my friend ordered a gift item to be shipped to her daughter (across the country). I wanted to make sure her daughter had a receipt but I did not want to have the price. So I just used white out to cover the price and folded and re-copied with the receipt letterhead. I also feel I should...
  24. P

    Making an Impact at Real Estate Events: Ideas for Gifts & Giveaways

    where to even post this? I was just invited to be a part of a large real estate broker's customer appreciation event. The only direction I got was that they want to do two giveaways - one for the customers and one for other real estate agents from other agencies they often work with. I can...
  25. F

    Director Year-end Meetings & Gifts: What Do You Do?

    Curious what everyone does for mtgs. in Dec. Do you give year end gifts? Have a party? Regular Mtg.? Last year we met with our Exec. for a meal @ her place & had a gift exchange.
  26. P

    Which Pantry Items to Choose as Free Host Gifts?

    I had my own fall party and sold enough to qualify for the free pantry items. I am going to get the orange infused oil, more cinnamon (love it) and besides that I can't figure out what to get. This would be for my own personal consumption as I am not doing many shows. Anyone tried the new...
  27. C

    New Thermal Tote by Thirty-One Gifts - $22 & Free Shipping!

    Up for grabs is a new out of package Thermal Tote by Thirty-One Gifts. It's a red/brown/turquoise/white plaid design with red handles...lined with a silver thermal interior. Keeps hot hot and cold cold :D Has a zipper top and a front pocket. Great size for lunches. Says "P. Chef Girl" on...
  28. lt1jane

    Updated Flyers With Fw 2011 Prices Gifts, Dorm, Baby

    Here are the updated gift flyers with the new prices. Jane Gift ideas has been updated with the correct can opener price. Sorry, but with all the packages on this it's easy to miss a change or two. I try, but I'm human and make mistakes.
  29. P

    Boost Your Bridal Shower Sales with Cash Gifts - No Registry Needed

    We are doing a bridal shower but rather than having people shop from a registry, we are having them bring a monetary gift. From there, the bride will choose whatever she likes. We are also allowing guests to shop for themselves to help boost the show sales. Does anyone have an invite with...
  30. babywings76

    Creative End of School Year Gifts for Teachers and Loved Ones

    Just thought I'd post this in case it helps anyone... This is the time of year, in my area anyway, where the schools are organizing Teacher Appreciation weeks/day/night/etc. Also, preschool calendars are coming to an end and dance studios are doing their recitals. I know in early May all...