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What is consultant gift: Definition and 11 Discussions

  1. Sarah Mitson

    How Can I Gift Items or Shipping to My Online Customers?

    Hi, I'm a new consultant and just had my very first sale (on a facebook show). I want to gift my first customer with either a small product or maybe free shipping but I don't know how to do that. I saw in her cart that I can add items, but how do I pay for the items added. And how can I pay for...
  2. L

    Gifting Etiquette for Consultants: Is it Normal to Give Gifts?

    Does every consultant give a gift to their host? The director I signed up with gives a nice gift (choice of classic stone, large cutting board, cool n serve, Brie baker, etc) to every host. I'm just starting out; is this type of gift normal?
  3. M

    What Is a Consultant Gift & How to Enter It in P3?

    Could someone please explain to me what a "consultant gift" is and how it is used/entered in P3 ...
  4. C

    Consultant Gift" as Payment Type in P3 - Explained

    I've seen in several places on the forums that you're using "Consultant Gift" as payment type in P3. What exactly does this do? Are you using it just to differentiate between what you're 'paying' and what the guest is paying for tax purposes? Thanks!
  5. R

    What is a Consultant Gift and How Does It Relate to Commission?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask....anyhow...what is the consultant gift, as a form of payment? Where does this come from, my commission?
  6. S

    How Best to Handle Consultant Gift or Discount

    As someone who loves to feel like I get a "special bonus" when buying, I would like to offer, for a limited time, either free shipping or perhaps a percentage discount to customers. Maybe my friends and family are all cheapskates, but I definitely think this would encourage larger orders and...
  7. ChefJWarren

    Mileage Deduction / Consultant Gift

    When recording/deducting mileage, do I have to record the actual mileage (beginning and end) when conducting business or can I just record date and address, and then look it up on Maps and write down to/from mileage?? Can I deduct when I pay for shipping or give other discounts as part of a...
  8. A

    Understanding the Consultant Gift Payment Option on P3: A Guide

    I was just wondering, what does the "consultant gift" payment option on P3 mean? I know what a consultant gift is, but I just noticed that it's listed as a payment option when I submitted my last show. Just curious!
  9. C

    How can I print a receipt with the Consultant Gift option in PP?

    I know it has been on here-I am trying to print out a receipt in PP--I used the "consultant gift" button to show she didn't pay for all products--but when I print it out it shows she paid--it doesn't say consultant gift anywhere on receipt help!:D thanks
  10. C

    for Shopping: Adding a Consultant Gift

    I know I have seen the answer but I can't find it. How do you add the consultant gift. For example, i told this woman I would pay for her shipping if she bought a cookware set. How do I do that if she pays by credit card? Thanks
  11. DebPC

    Gift Tracking Made Easy - Consultant Gift Payment Option

    When you click on the payment drop down menu there is an option for Consultant Gift. If you offer free shipping and extra discounts for various things, but don't have a good way of keeping track of that for taxes. This options allows you to add your gifts to your expense report!