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What is gift: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. S

    Searching for Pampered Chef Weber Grill Promo Gift From a Few Years Back...

    Hello everyone,I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if any of you might by any chance have one of the teal blue PC Weber Smokey Joe grills from 4 or 5 years ago?? or even know someone who might?? I am desperately trying to track one down and would really appreciate any help at all.New...
  2. mspibb

    New Conference Gift: Never Used Padded Zip Pocket Bag - $10 + Shipping

    I think this was a conference gift. Never used. $10.00 is a little padded, open interior with single zip pocket. Place for business card on back. I will pay shipping!
  3. byrd1956

    Need to Know About the New Gift Registry?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out all I can about the new gift registry? Somehow I think I missed it. I want to make sure I share everything correctly.
  4. lt1jane

    Updated Ss 2016 Gift Giving, Baby Ideas, and Dorm Room

    Finally got these updated.Please let me know if you find any errors. I am happy to correct them.
  5. Jennifer golden

    Can I Add a Gift to a Customer's Online Order?

    Hi All,I would like to add a gift to ship with my customer's online order (not affiliated with a show - just a random order). Is there a way I can pay for something and have it added to the order when it ships?Thank you, Jennifer
  6. C

    What's the best way to create a bridal shower gift registry?

    Just putting a shout out for an upcoming bridal shower that I will be doing. Just wondering what people are using for the registry??? It looks like I could create a wish list on the main site, but don't want the people to buy from the main site as to get the bride/groom more free products...
  7. lt1jane

    Fw 2015 Gift Ideas, Dorm/Apartment, and Baby Brochures

    Since I am a consultant again, I needed to update my brochures. These are ones that I have either created (Dorm & Baby) by compiling info from other places and putting into a format that I liked. The Gift ideas flyer is not my creation. I received it in 2009 and have kept it updated.Yes, I...
  8. sara

    Thanks for the Sale: Show Appreciation with Gift Ideas for Realtors

    I'm learning but have not mastered, does anyone have a nice photo I can use to send out to realtors about sending thank you gifts to customers that they've recently sold to??
  9. lt1jane

    Fw 2014 Gift Ideas, Dorm/Apartment, and Baby Brochures

    I know I'm late, I was thinking about giving up the ghost, but I can't quite do it. I have finally updated my three tri-fold brochures that I maintain. Hope you find them helpful.
  10. S

    Realtor's Gift Set Flier for Vendor Events | Texas Realtor Gifts

    Does anyone have an updated flier to pass out at a Realtor's Vendor event-something with sets of products? Thanks! Suzy in Texas
  11. lt1jane

    Ss 2014 Gift Giving, Dorm Room, and Baby Brochures

    It's been a while and I finally have everything updated. Even have some new pictures on the Gift Giving one!! Enjoy and hope you find them useful.
  12. K

    Send a Package as Gift in a Box That Wouldn't Identify It as Pampered Chef

    Not sure what to title this or where to put it, so I guess this is the best place. I have a customer who has placed an order for her daughter for Christmas. She is having the order sent directly to her daughter who lives in another state. Unfortunately there isn't a way around the...
  13. Intrepid_Chef

    Maximize Your Party and Get a Special Gift with a Huge Order - Find Out How!

    So in my first show since the new book came out, somebody ordered a 4 qt. ROCK CROCK. I know, right? I mean, this and the other $50 worth of stuff could have been its own party! Since this allowed my host to have a $300 show, I wanted to get her a gift. But what would you suggest? Because...
  14. J

    No Buying Needed: Generating Bookings with a Free Gift Party

    So, I am not getting results just asking friends and family to have a party or to come to my Open Houses, and I NEED more bookings. I decided to give this No Buying Show a try. I modified an invitation I found here, just don't remember from who, and am going to mail and hand them out as well...
  15. K

    Travel & Gift Expenses for Hosting Shows: Can I Deduct Them?

    My sister and cousin have both asked me to host shows for them this year. Am Iable to deduct the travel? One lives 117 miles and one lives 250 miles away. Also, am I able to deduct the gifts I give them? I always give my host a small gift basket normally around $15 w/ homemade items and a few...
  16. L

    Add Gift From Consultant on Beta Site

    My mother in law is hosting a show and my sister in law can't make it, so she placed her order online to be shipped to her house, instead of my mother in law's. Her Birthday is coming up so I told her I would give her a free gift for ordering. I know in p3 there was a box to check off. Does the...
  17. O

    Complete Your Charm Bracelet - $20 PayPal Gift!

    Looking for the sizzle charm and my bracelet will be complete!! Surely someone out there wants to make $20.00!! I have paypal and will be your everlasting friend! :love: Contact me at [email protected] Have a very Happy New Years!
  18. Dina Atnip

    Gift Time! Hubby Got Me an iPad w/ Retina Display

    Hubby got a me an iPad with Retina display wahoo
  19. wadesgirl

    Perfect Gift Ideas for Coworkers: Whisk or Prep Bowls with Sweet Treats?

    I have three coworkers I will be getting a gift for. I'm debating between the whisk filled with hershey kisses or prep bowls filled with something. For the whisk, do you use the small or big one? What are your favorite fillers for the prep bowls? I'm thinking the prep bowls might be...
  20. wadesgirl

    What's the Perfect Secret Santa Gift for a Foodie?

    This is my first job that isn't completely surrounded by guys and we are doing a secret santa exchange. The gal I drew mentioned that she likes to try new restaurants. My thought is to get a bunch of menus from some of my favorite restaurants and maybe highlight my favorites at each one. Who...
  21. M

    What Is a Consultant Gift & How to Enter It in P3?

    Could someone please explain to me what a "consultant gift" is and how it is used/entered in P3 ...
  22. naekelsey

    Gift for Someone Who Just Had a Baby

    One of my hosts just had a baby, 8 weeks early and her hubby is on deployment. Lots of complications with the pregnancy. Both are doing great and wanted to give her a gift with a cute saying on it, like the Christmas sayings. Does anyone have any ideas???
  23. N

    Desperately Need Help W/ Gift Basket

    Was just asked to do a "Tricky Tray" for a local school. From what I was told this is one of the biggest fundraiser of the year & always get a huge turnout!Basically they ask Businesses to donate a basket (around $30+ worth of product). Arrange items to show all product in an aesthetically...
  24. C

    Boost Your Sales with Pumpkin-themed Gift Certificates - Tips from a Newbie

    Hi all, I'm still a newbie so I'm hoping someon can help me out on this. I am doing a booth next week and I was thinking about drawing people in with a "Pick a Pumpkin" incentive were each pumpkin gives them either a free SB, $5 GC, $10 GC or free party. What do you think? I'm just not sure...
  25. mspibb

    Gift Giving - Products Under $11!

    I had to change the name of the file from under $10 to under $11, lots of things went up in price!
  26. H

    Organizing a Bridal Shower: Gift Certificate Questions

    Hi Everyone, I am doing my first Bridal Shower and want to offer the guests the opportunity to buy a gift certificate for the bride to be. But I don't think they are offered anymore...is that true? thanks Cynthia
  27. V

    Gift Basket Ideas for a Weight Watchers Open House

    Hi, I will be having a table at my Weight Watcher's center next weekend and they asked my to provide a gift basket. I know what I will make for the demonstration, but I need a Pampered Chef gift basket idea.
  28. NooraK

    Personal Win a $20 Gift Certificate to Show Me Off Again! Referrals Welcome!

    A new, local consignment shop is doing a contest on their page for the most referrals of new fans. The winner gets a $20 gift certificate to the store. I would really like this, as I need to get some winter clothes for my older son. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/ShowMeOffAgain, click...
  29. W

    Sept Hosts: Earn a Free Gift by Helping You!

    This is an idea I just heard about and will be trying it with my September hosts (no more shows in August scheduled) Tell your host that one of her friends has the opportunity to earn a free gift by helping her out. Your host asks friend to take a catalog to work and collect a few orders...
  30. M

    Gift Ideas from Pampered Chef Under $125 for a Wedding

    I have a friend getting married next month and I'd like to get them something(s) from PC. Steer me, cuz every time I make a list, I go way overbudget. Budget is $125.