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  1. P

    Gift Ideas

    I am throwing a fundraiser show at my home on Sunday. Because it's more of an open house type show, I wont be doing a demonstration or anything, just will have the products out and lots of PC recipes. Well, I had some Tastefully Simple stuff lying around that I had gotten for a gift and...
  2. P

    Host Thank You Gift

    I am having a show in November for a good friend. She has given me 32 people to invite. I really want to show her that I appreciate her having a show. Any suggestions of a nice gift to give her during the first part of the party? Maybe something that might enhance some bookings?
  3. N

    Gift Certificate Fundraiser

    Hi! I am doing a gift certificate fundraiser for my daughter's football/cheerleading organization where each child is going to try to sell 10 $25 gift certificates. I have a letter to explain the fundraiser, a flyer to show potential buyers, and an order form for them to write down all the...
  4. H

    Gift registry confusion

    I am confused. If you set up a gift registry for a bride or another customer, why don't you receive a commission? Why would anyone want to work for free? Setting up the registry and updating it takes time. You would have to call the bride-to-be several times. My time is valuable. If I...
  5. K

    Gift Certificates

    Does anyone know if the "To" and "From" are printed on a PC gift certificate, or do they come blank?
  6. T

    Gift Certificates

    I love the idea of giving out GCs to help drum up business; but I'm not sure how to going about doing that in a cost effective manner. Do I cover the entire cost of the GC, or is there a GC I buy through the PC for a reduced cost to me? :confused: I am a new consultant, and I can't afford...
  7. K

    Pizza Lovers Gift Set retiring?

    Does anyone know if the Pizza Lovers Gift Set will be retiring, or whether the old cookbook will be replaced with the new? I assume if the cookbook is replaced the price will go up? I haven't seen anything about this on either the retiring products list or the new products list. Thanks...
  8. C

    Need help woth 2 areas-website promoting and flyer idea for promoting gift register

    I am a new consultant. I have already done my website. One hostess as gotten 3 orders from it in 2 days and loves it. My question is how to ya'll promote your website. I have add a link in my email signauture and made the following label to put at bottom on pastcard invitations. "Online...
  9. D

    Official PC Gift Certificate

    I have a customer who received a PC gift certificate as a wedding present. She has decided what she would like to purchase and now is ready to redeem it. Does she have to go to the web to redeem it, and pay direct shipping, or can I add it to an order I am submitting tomorrow? The reason I...
  10. P

    Gift for host

    Just wondering, Do any of you present a gift to your host at the beginning of your demo? I think I read somewhere that this is a good idea. If so, what do you give? P.S. I'm new to this forum and LOVE it!!! :D
  11. S

    Bring A Friend & Get A Gift

    I have read in many of your posts about if you incent someone to bring a friend to a show, they'll get a gift. I'm curious, what types of gifts are you giving people for bringing a friend?
  12. L

    Gift Ideas at shows

    For those of you who need help as to what to give for FREE gift ideas at your parties, these are the items I have in my Stainless Mixing Bowls Set (Medium / or Small Size) lined with the new Citrus Hand Towls... Citrus Peeler Season's Best Cookbook Quikcut Paring Knife Scrapers Assorted...
  13. Marg

    Gift Certificate

    I am doing a "booth" at a Ladie's Night Out Show in a couple of weeks and I am planning on raffling off a gift certificate. Does anyone have a copy of a gc they have made?
  14. A

    Gift Certificates

    Does anyone have any advice on how to use PC Gift Certificates? I just finished my first Super Starter month and did great. I would like to keep my momentum going by offering some new things to my customers. I haven't offered the gift certificates yet because I am not very clear on how they...
  15. K

    GIft Registry Flyer

    Does anyone have a flier to send a bride if she wants to use our gift registry. Iwould like to send it to engaged couples so that when their shower and wedding comes around our cards can be inserted in the invitations. thanks, karyn
  16. T

    Host Gift

    I'm looking for ideas to give my hosts as gifts. Could someone give me some suggestions. Thanks a bunch. I like the idea about the Easter Egg cake for Easter. Tammi
  17. S

    Gift Shop Display/Demo

    I have a recent past host who has become a friend. :) She just called me and offered me an AWESOME opportunity! She is opening a gift shop March 1 and wanted to offer me a PC display area. She said I am welcome to display however and whatever I wanted! She also said for her Grand Opening...
  18. DebPC

    Holiday Gift Buying

    Pampered Chef Holiday Gift Buying Be sure and always talk gift buying at your late fall shows. When going around for intros if someone says they love a product suggest they buy one as a gift for someone. I always point out the gift sets in our catalogs. I always mention how our flat stones are...
  19. DebPC

    Holiday Gift Tag Sayings

    Pampered Chef Holiday Gift Tag Greetings Knives...Hope your Holiday Season is on the "cutting edge" Deluxe Cheese Grater...You're a "grate" friend! All-Purpose Spreader... Spreading Cheer through-out the year thankful Measuring Tools...You "measure up" to a great friend or Wishing you...