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What is thanks: Definition and 86 Discussions

  1. Andrea Gavin

    Are You Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Family with Andrea?

    Hi, My name is Andrea and I’ve just became an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef in April. I’m in the midst of my launch party now and found this site when I had a question. I have a full time position as a nurse in the Quality Improvement/Education/Informatics team and started with...
  2. Tammy Renee Cleary

    Is the Pampered Chef for Me? Discover More Tonight!

    I didn’t even know about this till tonight so I’m new here and not sure if I’m doing this right!!
  3. Xchoi Hunt

    Who is the New Consultant for Pampered Chef?

    My name Xchoi (So She) Hunt and I'm a newbie with Pampered Chef (4 months). I joined to find some ideas, information, and community. I hail from the Mitten state (Michigan) and am trying everything I can to get my business going. I look forward to being a part of the community. Thanks again for...
  4. Dorothy curry

    Who is Dorothy and what brings her to our community?

    Hello, I am excited to be a part of this community. I live in Montana with husband of just 3 months shy of 40 years, our 2 grandchildren and daughter.
  5. LoriL

    Want to Connect with a New Pampered Chef Consultant in Georgia?

    Hello! My name is Lori Lavalle and I am a new Pampered Chef consultant. Actually, this is my second time around as I was a consultant for a short stint in the late 90s. I live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia but am lived most of my life in Ohio. I am glad to have another place to share ideas...
  6. kaylateer

    Are You Ready to Host a Pampered Chef Party?

    Hello Everyone. I just signed up at the end of April 2015. I closed my first party yesterday. Im excited to be part of the Pampered Chef Team! Im from Southeastern Indiana!
  7. sara

    Thanks for the Sale: Show Appreciation with Gift Ideas for Realtors

    I'm learning but have not mastered, does anyone have a nice photo I can use to send out to realtors about sending thank you gifts to customers that they've recently sold to??
  8. K

    Ready to Share Ideas as a New Consultant?

    Thanks for adding me. I'm a new consultant and looking to get and share ideas!!!
  9. W

    Searching for an August OOF - Thanks to All the Fabulous Creators!

    Is there an August OOF out there somewhere? I've been searching around but can't find one here. Thanks to all the fabulous people who create these! :)
  10. JanisF

    Thanks Chef Success and Members!

    My one-year silver subscription to Chef Success expired recently. I am a "hobby" PC seller in Canada. I became a consultant to have the social atmosphere, and because I love the products. I know that I do not have an outgoing personality, so making sales (and bookings) is challenging and...
  11. ChefPeg

    Proofread: Spot Errors & Say Thanks!

    Let me know if you spot any errors. thanks!
  12. C

    Can I Get Some Likes? Thanks!!

    A personal favor to ask, please go like my newly created fan page for my business, thank you so much!! https://www.facebook.com/LoriLovesToCookForYou
  13. C

    Thanks to Kam & Everyone: Jan. Host Letter Appreciation

    Was there a Jan. host letter made? Kam does SUCH a great job. I really appreciate her and everyone else who works hard to make these great tools for us here. :D
  14. T

    Team Leader: I'm Living My Dream Thanks to My Downline!

    :chef: I'm so proud of my downline!!! I promoted to Team Leader today!!!! I'm so much further in this than I could have ever dreamed when I signed on in July!!!
  15. raebates

    Maximizing Business Opportunities: The Power of Prompt Communication

    I would just like to thank all of those consultants in my area who don't return calls and/or emails. You see, just last night I got my third customer in the past year who said some version of, "Thank you for getting back with me. I called and emailed two other consultants, but they never got...
  16. P

    Thanks to My Car Pampered Chef Decal I Just May Have a New Consultant!

    So I was at Walmart the other day and as I was walking back to my car a lady stopped me and asked, "So do you make good money selling PC?" And thus the conversation began. I gave her a dvd, the only thing I had in my sling (which she absolutely loved and when I told her I earned it for free...
  17. Chefgirl2

    My Business Is Incredible - Thanks to Tough Love

    I've been the eternal director for about 10 years until last summer when I promoted to AD. In December I was an AD but got paid as a TL...I didn't notice until mid February on a snowy day when I slowed down to look at my stats. I was horrified, especially since I had been working with HO and...
  18. N

    Family Trip to Maui: 14 of Us Going Thanks to In-Laws!

    My in-laws came over on Saturday and told us they are going to take the whole family to Maui at the end of March!! There will be 14 of us going and they are going to pay for the whole trip for everyone!! Since I am way to far from the Maui trip through PC I am super excited!!!
  19. L

    Please Recommend a Free Conference Call Service Thanks!

    I used to use whistle tree conference call but it is no longer available. I have a skype account but have never used it for conference calls- any input? Any other free conference call accounts you love? thanks for any and all input! :)
  20. Sheila

    Promoted to Director: Thanks to My Team!

    My team rocks! Because of them and their achievements, I promoted to director! :D I haven't gotten the phone call yet, but I did receive a beautiful arrangement tonight at the cluster meeting. My AD is up on mainland Japan & couldn't be there in person, but she was definitely there in...
  21. R

    Say Thanks: Incentives & Recognition for $1000 Show Hosts

    Do any of you offer any extra incentives or recognition to your $1000 show hosts? I would love to come up with something to encourage them and to recognize them when they achieve it? I know that PC offers them quite a bit but I would just like to really come up with a way to acknowledge the...
  22. pamperedalf

    Thanks Greg - Show Appreciation with a 'Thank You' Button

    Hey Greg, Thanks for all you do!! I was wondering if it would be possible to have a thank you/ like button we could hit. I know for me personally sometimes I'm reading through & would like to hit a thank you button. Have a great weekend!!!
  23. PampChefJoy

    Exciting Tt Forum Launch: Partnership with Greg & Deb | Tasty Tidbits Newsletter

    Thank you to Greg and Deb for this partnership! I am very excited to roll this out! Basically this new forum goes along with my upcoming website changes. As many of you know, I was forced to make some changes earlier this year to comply with Home Office's requests that there is nothing...
  24. J

    Successful Surgery: Thanks to Prayers & Dr. Rector!

    Thanks to everyone who was praying for me for my hip resurfacing surgery. I'm out of the hospital but not home yet. Tomorrow we drive home. The worst part for me was the spinal injection when they put you under and finding a pain med that I don't get sick on. We finally settled on 1...
  25. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Still Testing, This Is Only a Test. Please Ignore This Thread. Thanks.

    Meditabar aliquid enotabamque, ut, si manus vacuas, plenas tamen ceras reportarem. Cx rpnz fo Grbnxtz zwp Rmqty vp nrt 72 Non est quod contemnas hoc studendi genus. Mirum est ut animus agitatione motuque corporis excitetut. Iam undique silvae et solitudo ipsumque illud silentium quod...
  26. J

    Thanks for the Support - A Note of Appreciation

    There may be a better place for this, but... Just a quick note of thanks. I haven't been here long, but as I was just telling my DH, I honestly feel that my last show was better just because of some of the things I have learned here. I feel like my next shows are going to be even better. I...
  27. I

    Sorry, but I Need to Get This Out. if Anyone Reads Thanks for Taking

    Sorry, but I need to get this out. If anyone reads thanks for taking the time. I have been working my butt of the last few months to keep my team motivated and staying on track, I take the time to touch base with the ones who want to work the business each week and the others once every two...
  28. S

    Unexpected Room Change at Hilton - No Thanks!

    I booked a room with the Hilton for 2 beds/2 baths (that was one of the choices when I booked the room). I called last week to add one of the roommates names on . . and it was all good. Today, I called to add our 3rd person and the reservation person told me I couldn't do it because the room...
  29. A

    Successful Outlet Newsletter Launch - Thanks to Joy!

    Joy, I want to thank you for your quick response to my email question yesterday. I signed up for the service yesterday. Today I send out the outlet newsletter and I already received my first order from it! I cannot believe it. So thank you! For anyone out there who has not signed up yet...
  30. Jean DeVries

    Thanks All Y'all for Not Being B****Es :)

    I don't know if I can even use that word in a title :) I just wanted to let my CS buddies know how much I appreciate the niceness that occurs on this forum. I'm on a different forum that's very clique-y, and when people disagree with you, they're just plain mean. They stop debating the...