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What is launch: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. D

    Are you ready for a September launch with Debbie Hermanns?

    Hi! My name I’d Debbie Hermanns I’m planning on starting my business in September!
  2. C

    What are your thoughts on the new Spring Launch 2017 products?

    I will be watching the spring launch on my own tonight and thought it might be fun to have a discussion on here about the new products. What are you hoping to see?
  3. Tonni Callan

    Personal Need Launch Party Email Help? Any Tips from Successful Consultants?

    Hi! Working on my Launch Party. I am having trouble with writing the email to send out. Anyone that had a good launch have any suggestions? Thanks
  4. esavvymom

    What's the scoop on PC's Spring Launch this year?

    I know that as soon as I post this, the info will come out, but I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of PCs plans for spring launch this year (2015)? I know it's been end of January/early February for years...so kind of odd to not hear anything.I'm suspecting it will be "director led"...
  5. P

    Fall Launch Is This Weekend for Some of Us!

    REALLY!!!! I am suppose to see the new products this Saturday and the pictures are already posted here. Very disappointed in the individual who did it. Why should I waste my time driving three hours one way and spending a beautiful Saturday inside? Thank you for spoiling it! :thumbdown: I...
  6. PamperedchefDaly

    Has Hartford Launch Refunds Been Issued Yet?

    Has anybody gotten a refund yet for the cancelled Hartford Spring Launch? Or did I misunderstand?
  7. L

    Any One From the Hartford Launch Get Tote Yet?

    I received an email on 2/13 saying it was shipped and would arrive today but everytime I try to track it, it is listed only as shipment initiated and still says estimated to arrive today. Did anyone get theirs yet? I'm excited to see what I won.
  8. naekelsey

    New Host Envelopes: Did Anyone Else See Them at Spring Launch?

    At Spring Launch I thought I saw them show a New Host Envelope, yet I can't seem to find it. Did anyone else see this? If so, do you know how to order them?
  9. DebPC

    Who is Megan and What is Her Goal? Gooooooo Megan!

    My consultant Megan's goal! Gooooooooo Megan! http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3658/megansm.jpg
  10. KateInTheKitchen

    Spring Launch Swag Haul: Share What You Got!

    Who went home with extra swag from Spring Launch? Let's hear about what you got and what you think of it!
  11. chesse

    Winner at Spring Launch - What Did I Get?

    Hi. Our Feast was to be in Hartford CT.:cry: I won Giveaway #3! Can anyone out there tell me what I won? TIA Char:chef:
  12. sailorsarah

    Join Me in San Antonio for the Launch: Coffee or Lunch Meetup?

    Hey everyone, I'm going to head down to San Antonio for the launch. I'll be there tonight through Sunday and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for coffee or lunch sometime while I'm there.
  13. N

    Ct Spring Launch Is Officially Cancelled

    Officially Cancelled due to the upcoming blizzard....they are refunding money and mailing out the goodie bags....check email to all that registered
  14. Sheila

    Arlington Feast (Spring Launch) Seat Available

    So who wants to play me in Arlington tomorrow? In-laws are sick & cancelled on me. No sitter and no luck finding a last minute replacement. Looking to sell my seat for $30.
  15. Admin Greg

    Spring Launch Product Discussion

    WARNING: This thread contains discussion and media about the Spring Launch. If you prefer to be surprised during your Wave or prefer to learn about the new items after the Wave please go back now!Dear Cheffers you may use this thread to discuss all things Spring Launch. Please feel free to...
  16. DebPC

    Important- Poll for Spoiler Thread for Spring Launch!

    In the past we have always asked our members to wait until the last Launch or Wave to start posting about new products/policies etc. This year Greg and I are contemplating allowing this after the first Launch this spring because it's so close to March 1st. Posts would only be allowed in a...
  17. 3

    Team Mate Needs Ride to Stl Launch From Pana, Il

    I have a team mate that needs a ride from the Pana, IL area on February 2 for the launch in St. Louis....If anyone is going, please, please let me know. She is a wonderful person. Thanks! Text me is ok: 618-225-7500 or mess me on here.
  18. DebPC

    Who's Going to a Spring Launch?

    Who's going to a Spring Launch (Feast) and which location?
  19. DebPC

    Director Ready, Set, Launch: What's Everyone Else Doing? 2/2 & 2/19

    Our Launch is 2/2. We have set our meeting date for 2/19. What's everyone else doing?
  20. P

    No Launch for Fall/Winter Product Reveal - NewsWire Update

    Did everyone see the NewsWire today? New Fall/Winter product will be shown by our upline....not at a launch. Very sad ;(
  21. babywings76

    Who Is Coming to the Baltimore Spring Launch?

    I'll be there with my director and other team members. Who else is coming? It's always nice to try to meet up with fellow cheffers! :D
  22. B

    Exciting Predictions for Spring Launch: New Website Updates & Product Hunches!

    So! Does anyone any ideas of what will happen at Spring Launch in February?!?!? I'm hoping they have a solid update on the new website AND I hope they're bringing back the Bridal Registry!:love::love::love: Also, what are your predictions for the new products? I'd still like to...
  23. C

    Choosing Between Spring Launch & Baconfest on My Son's 7th Birthday

    Ok, so Spring Launch is in my hometown this year. (des moines) It's literally 15 minutes away, BUT it's on my son's 7th birthday...What should i do? also, still not sure where it's being held, BUT baconfest is same day at the events center. looking at like 10k people to show up to that...i...
  24. babywings76

    Spring Launch Theme & Potential New Product Ideas

    I know there's a thread already about what the new stoneware piece is going to be that will be given out at Spring Launch, but I thought it would be fun to start guessing what other new products are going to be. Did you notice the theme they are going with? Today's e-mail used words like...
  25. K

    Discover 2013 Spring Launch Details: A Guide for CC Users

    Does anyone have details on the 2013 spring launches? My sister director said they were announced in a weekly bites but I missed the announcement and can't find anything on cc. Thanks!
  26. darlinclem

    Shop Eco-Friendly Iso Bags from Launch - Queen of Reusable Shopping Bags

    I would love to get a bag or two from Launch. If you didn't like yours, would you consider selling it to me cheap? I am a queen of reusable shopping bags LOL
  27. thehaleykitchen

    Where Will the 2013 Spring Launch Take Place?

    Did anyone happen to catch the locations for the 2013 Spring Launch? They showed them so quickly, I missed it! Thanks, Karen
  28. S

    What Do I Get for Submitting 2 Shows in July? Fall Launch Recap

    I did not go to Fall launch but I did submit 2 shows last month. For those who went, What do we get for submitting 2 July shows? TIA
  29. Bren706

    Quotes by Olympians (From Fall Launch)

    Did anyone happen to jot down the quotes that were on screen? I tried taking photos, but was too slow.
  30. P

    Director Was There a New Cons Promo Announced at Launch?

    not seeing anything on CC yet???