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What is potential: Definition and 155 Discussions

  1. M

    Fundraiser Kick-Off for Church/School: $1,276.50 & Potential Recruit!

    I had a fundraiser kick-off this morning for a church/school for their senior youth to go to a meeting this summer. We have $1,276.50 in orders right now and they are collecting orders for another two weeks!!! On top of that, I have a potential recruit who is very excited about the opportunity...
  2. O

    Need Canadian Consultant for Potential Recruit

    Canadian Consultant wanted, ideally from the Eastern part of the Greater Ontario area. I'm assisting a potential recruit in finding a strong recruiter with solid FB show experience, and ability and willingness to coach/mentor for success. I don't know her personally but she's sharp enough to...
  3. T

    Advice Needed on a Potential Recruit/Host: What to Do?

    I'm not sure if this is the place for this thread but I need some advice. I have a potential recruit (she wants to sell in the summer) and a future host. She does buy a lot from me. Sounds perfect right? Would be except she's obnoxious. She came to a show of mine and totally dominated...
  4. babywings76

    Spring Launch Theme & Potential New Product Ideas

    I know there's a thread already about what the new stoneware piece is going to be that will be given out at Spring Launch, but I thought it would be fun to start guessing what other new products are going to be. Did you notice the theme they are going with? Today's e-mail used words like...
  5. J

    Potential New Consultant Advice

    Hi Everybody I am considering becoming a Pampered Chef consultant again. I was a consultant for a few months about 6 years ago. I had a horrible time with it back then, I didn't put in enough effort and my show sales were tiny. I was lucky to hit 150 at a show. I really want this to work...
  6. ChefPeg

    Can I Recruit Someone Out-Of-Town Without Meeting Them In Person?

    I come from a small remote town in Alaska (but now live in Anchorage) and I'm pretty sure there are no PC consultants there. I heard it through the grapevine that a resident wants to sign up. I sent her a message and am waiting to hear back from her. The only way to get to that town is to fly...
  7. babywings76

    Awaiting a Response: Working with a Potential Recruit with Family Issues

    I have a potential recruit who contacted me in reply to my last newsletter saying, "i haven't forgotting u at all i have been dealing with family issues." She had approached me when I was at Walmart one day. She said she had gone to a fair and met a consultant and the consultant never...
  8. C

    Recipes to Give to Potential Hosts or Businesses

    I am looking to restart my business. I would love ideas on small inexpensive recipes that I could possibly hand out to people I meet or bring to businesses for PAB. I would like to attach my business card and a monthly specials flyer so people know who I am . Is this a good idea or does anyone...
  9. K

    2 Potential Recruits. I'm Still a "Newbie" Needing Help!

    I have 2 potential consultants that I am meeting with tomorrow. Never done this before and am a little nervous. ALOT nervous. Anybody have any advice? I began Pampered Chef in October and still feel a little "newer" than I probably should. Any advice is appreciated!
  10. B

    This Potential Fundraiser Has Me "Skeered"

    Ok, so a local judge (who also goes to my church, so we're friends) is running for re-election and out of the blue I asked if she wanted me to do a fundraiser for her campaign. She is VERY interested! The two fundraisers I have ever done have been for the most part, big flops so I'm obviously...
  11. C

    Maximizing Potential at a Fair Booth: Tips & Ideas

    This isn't till August, but I've never done a fair,booth, or anything, but my upline is supplying all the products, what would you recommend i bring? we aren't allowed to sell. Just get the peoples info...any ideas on what to do with that?
  12. P

    Director Top Tips for Developing Leaders: Unlock Your Potential

    Sorry if I'm asking for something you've done before....I didn't see anything so here goes nothing... What are your top 3 (5?) tips for Developing Leaders? I have BIG goals this year and need to do everything I can to develop more Directors and Team Leaders...would love to hear your thoughts.
  13. vhadley

    Need a Letter for a Potential Host?

    Is there a certain letter you send out for people that may want to host a show? I met a lady that told me she may want to, and I followed up with her via the phone. But I also wanted to send her an email so she can visibly see the great host benefits for this month!
  14. H

    Need advice on hosting a Pampered Chef party for a shy individual?

    I placed an individual order for a customer and later she sent me the following message (names, etc... changed) and I'm not sure how to respond. "I would love to host a party sometime, on behalf of (daughter in law), my daughter in law and who is stationed away with our son and their new...
  15. P

    Potential Recruit H.o. Call Tonight

    I'm wondering if anyone had potential recruits call into the H.O. call last week. I have two potentials I'm supposed to call in with tonight and hoping for a heads up on what to expect.
  16. C

    Potential Recruit Bad Exp. W/Mary Kay

    Hi I am on my way to getting my first recruit. One hangup is that she used to sell Mary Kay. She says when it came down to tax time she ended up not making any money. So she feels that if she did not make tons of money with PC that this would happen again. What is a good way to respond...
  17. Bwildered

    Recruiting for the First Time: What Should I Say to Potential Consultants?

    Hi everyone! I did a booth tonight and had three people ask about being a consultant! WOO HOO! But I've never recruited before! :-( Give me your best advice of what to tell them, send them, etc! I want to nail it! Thanks!
  18. G

    1St Potential Recruit.. Idk What to Give Her, Etc

    My host for my upcomihng saturday show told me last night that she wants to join! This will be my first recruit. Yesterday I was excited... today I'm anxious bc I don't know what to do. What do I give her? Do I give her the green thick getting started book? I thought one of those comes with...
  19. cookingwithlove

    Director Losing a Potential New DT Consultant: What Happened?

    Did I just lose a potential new consultant to Discovery Toys? She and her friend were already to sign last week. Another friend was having a DT party and I think she went to it. I left several messages and she finally just got back to me and told me she was not going to sign up, but did not...
  20. babywings76

    Potential Husband & Wife Team?

    I have a potential recruit that I need some advice with. She works with my husband and has spoken with him about things, but I haven't chatted with her yet about details. We are trying to make arrangements to meet up. She is engaged and both she and her fiance really want to pursue this. From...
  21. F

    Unlock Your Team's Potential: Incentive Plan for March Mtg

    Curious what you are offering as an incentive for the action plan @ the March Mtg. Beat last months sales/recruits/# shows = get ___________________? Planner suggest chocolate, not sure that's going to motivate my team. What's a reasonable amount of calls/time frame/number shows...
  22. babywings76

    Vm Message to Leave for Potential Recruit-Been a While

    I have a past host/potential recruit whose show was in 2/09. I've tried calling her every now and then over these past couple years with zero luck. I always get her voice mail, so it's been forever since we've actually spoken in person/on the phone. I thought I'd try to call her again...
  23. M

    What to Send My Potential Recruit?

    Hi everyone, My first recruit was easy to sign up because I knew her already and she was already set on joining the business. My potential 2nd recruit will be trickier. She lives a distance away, so I will be mailing her some info, a dvd, etc. She is interested, but I had recommended she...
  24. ShelbyMichalek

    Potential Recruit Who Just Wants Products for Herself?

    I did a small annoucement to a few potentials with the news that accidentally leaked yesterday (I didn't know it was still confidential!) I have one that wants to take advantage of it, however she doesn't want to work the business. Basically she wants to buy the mini kit, submit one show...
  25. B

    Just Moved- Potential Bookings in Complex?

    So I have been thinking that since I moved, it may be a great way to find potential bookings! The complex is pretty big, but I don't have access to any other building but my own, (mailboxes are not in reach either) What are some ways I can reach out to the residents to get my name out there...
  26. babywings76

    Potential Recruit Has Never Been to a Pampered Chef Party Before

    I met someone at a fair booth who wanted to book a party. We set a date. I came home and realized that she marked down that she was interested in the business. We talked tonight about lots of things, her show, the business, etc. I found out that she's in fact never been to a show. So she'd...
  27. B

    Unlock the Potential of Your Mix N Masher!

    I have one Mix N Masher that I was going to give away as a Thank You. I bought it a few years ago and it's still in the bag. I thought about taking it out of the bag putting a ribbon on it and little cards with ideas on what you can use it for. In the catalog, it looks like it's for Mashed...
  28. emiscookin

    My Potential Recruit's Questions

    I hope some of you remember me talking about my potential new recruit who has 6 kids and wants to get started with the business, but he's not sure if he will make enough to support a family. Their budget is VERY tight! When I met with him he told me his (and his wife's) concern about not...
  29. C

    Potential Host Wants Party on a Date I Can't Do

    I just got a message from someone who had initially booked a party in June (from an April party). I had left her a number of messages but never heard back from her. The past host that she booked from told me she had moved, so I stopped leaving messages, assuming that she was just too busy to...
  30. K

    Should My Potential Recruit Get Her Kit Before or After Attending Conference?

    I have a potential recruit who wants to sign soon, she's also interested about going to conference. should she get her kit before or after conference? Also, she wants to get her shows on her calendar before she gets her kit. How do i encourage her to get it before? Thanks!