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What is needing: Definition and 35 Discussions

  1. P

    Needing Spring Mini Catalogs! Help!

    Does anyone have any extra Spring/Summer 2015 Mini Catalogs I can buy from them?? My director just quit and now I do not have a local upline to call on (my upline is someone in Chicago -not sure who..otherwise I would contact them) AND to make matters worse... I recently had a hostess not pay...
  2. Shelbi

    Needing Help/ Advice. I Am so Lost.

    Hey, So sorry if this comes off whiney or anything. I have been a consultant since early Sept 2013, however, I have only help a handful of actual shows. I seem to be having an extremely hard time getting bookings and I have been trying everything. Offering free shows, ill buy all the...
  3. P

    Needing: Simple Additions Square Plates

    I have a customer looking for the old Simple Additions square plates
  4. K

    2 Potential Recruits. I'm Still a "Newbie" Needing Help!

    I have 2 potential consultants that I am meeting with tomorrow. Never done this before and am a little nervous. ALOT nervous. Anybody have any advice? I began Pampered Chef in October and still feel a little "newer" than I probably should. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. B

    Perfect Example Needing to Do the Oob Calls

    Hi all.. I've been out of the loop for a while and hope to share some exciting news with you in the next couple of weeks. I can tell you that I'm in the running to be a contestant on a reality tv show, but that is all I can say at this point. Keep your fingers crossed!?! That said, my...
  6. Dina Atnip

    Help!!! Needing to Find Info on Germany Pampered Chefers

    I am looking for info on Germany pcers I have a friend who wants to sign up so I am trying to learn everything I can before I sign her up TIA
  7. M

    Needing Some Support and Encouragement

    I am so glad I have found this forum, I have been searching and trying to figure out what is best for me to do to keep my business going. I signed up with Pampered Chef in March. The girl who recruited me seemed to be helpful and I believed she genuinely wanted me to be apart of her team...
  8. sherri lynn

    Unused Glassware Tote Bag, Drink Charms, and Wine Screw for Sale - Great Deals!

    Hi. I have a glassware tote bag that I won at a cluster meeting and never used. It does have very, very tiny dots of like mud in a couple of places. I'm sure these could be washed out. I also have the four drink charms still in original packaging, never used. The last item I have that I do...
  9. R

    Customer Needing Protector for Old Pizza Cutter

    Hello all ~ I'm new to the forum & fairly new to Pampered Chef. (just past my 90 days) I have a customer who bought an old PC pizza cutter from a yard sale & she is wanting to purchase the protector for it. Is there a way to find one since PC no longer sells that pizza cutter or is she out of luck?
  10. C

    Needing Encouragement: Struggles of a Consultant

    I need a little encouragement today. I am bummed about my business. I have been a Consultant since October 29 of last year and things are not going well. December was my best month with about $ 1200 in sales, and things have not been the same since. I have not been able to get anyone to book a...
  11. S

    Struggling to Leave: Overcoming Addiction and Moving On for My Daughter's Sake

    Just trying to mak it though the weekend living with the father of my 2yr old! It 4 in the morning & only got 3 hours of sleep yet again! The only reason still sticking around is that I have 3 parties to close out b4 the third of sept. When my first 30 days ends! Her father was in a car...
  12. L

    How can I effectively use bridal show registries to increase my business?

    Okay, I jumped into this part of my business blinded by the possibilities! And am now trying to stay afloat aka out of the negative. I paid an embarrassing sum of money to do two bridal shows and am now trying to make enough business materialize to break even! I did sign some registries. No...
  13. babywings76

    Host Needing Receipt for Pickup Tomorrow

    A guest gave the host her grill basket that she doesn't want anymore. She's disappointed with it and wants a Food chopper instead. I just got off the phone with HO. We've handled processing the adjustment. The only thing I just realized was that the host has to box up the grill basket and...
  14. cindy2276

    Where Can I Find Training Resources for PC Fundraisers?

    Hi all, My name is Cindy from Ga. I am getting excited about all the wonderful things I hear about PC. I have not signed-up yet. I am going to. I just need to work on lead a week or so first. Anyway, I was wondering where do you go for all the training resources. My Consultant says...
  15. P

    Needing: F/W 08 Catalogs & Mini Catalogs

    Does anyone have some F/W 08 Catalogs and Mini Catalogs for sale??
  16. P

    Started My New Year With Bumps, Bruises, and Maybe Needing a New Car!

    This is not a rant, but I will start by saying I'm blaming the whole thing on my boss!!:D I have been on vacation since the Monday before Christmas, but this does not change the fact that it's end of month and end of year (I'm in the finance department of our company), so there is still work...
  17. J

    Starting Out in the World of Performing: Tips and Advice for the First 30 Days

    I pretty much just started.. I hit my 30 day mark yesterday! I've done 4 shows and I guess they were alright. I am really loving it so far and its a lot of fun. I am just SO darn nervous! Any advise would help a whole lot??
  18. C

    How Can I Increase Bookings as a New Consultant?

    OK I am going on my third month as a consultant. My 1st month was Awesome at least I think. I had $1895 in sales and 4 shows. Then I had my second month which I only had 1 show at $372. I am so frustrated!!!! I want more shows so bad. I do my calls to all the phone #s I know, and still nothing...
  19. K

    New Here & Needing Password Help - Kristy

    So I am new to this website & I just submitted my info today and just got my consultant #. One problem, it did not give me a password. Do I have to wait for this, will it be emailed to me? When I try to log back in on the PC website it just keeps bringing up my "Indep Cons Agreement...
  20. pchefjodie

    Inactive and Needing a Changeover Kit? Here's What to Do.

    Question. You still get changeover kits while you are inactive still right? I have been inactive before and got them fine. I do the cheating method and go through the product adjustment and nothing is listed there for a changover kit being shipped to me.
  21. A

    Needing Fourth Booking to Qualify - Will Catalog Show Count?

    I am having trouble getting my forth booking to qualify! :eek: I have some future bookings, but need one more to qualify by March 30. I have one person thinking of doing a catalog show, and am wondering if this would count for my forth booking? Thanks! Amy
  22. A

    How to Create a Digital Invitation for an Online Fundraiser?

    I have booked a fundraiser for a gymnastics group and they are wanting a simple/stress free show. We will be primarily be utilizing my website to collect orders. There will be no show. (I'm in Mississippi, the gym is in Washington where I just moved from). I'm looking for a...
  23. C

    Needing Opinions From Directors

    Once a Director, how hard is it to maintain the minimum amount of sales needed to stay a Director. Is it possible while working another full time job? I feel like I will need more than just 5 recruits. Only one out of the three recruits that I have does more than one show a month. Thanks in...
  24. M

    Needing Healthy & Kid Friendly Recipes

    :chef: I am teaching a class at the kids' elementary school for a special after school program...obviously it is "Kids in the Kitchen". They have asked that I keep the recipe fairly healthy...darn, they all can't be desserts:angel: ! Anyway, I've scrolled through the files and found some...
  25. kaseydee

    Needing Another Pampered Chef Bag - Help

    I am wanting to get another PC bag for carrying my product. My question is do I want the Show to go Carryall Tote or another Consultant Tote? I would consider a Rolling Case but I can't picture how that can hold items for you. So with that said if anyone could post a pic of the inside of...
  26. P

    I Am Needing a Gift Certificate

    I have a open house on saturday and I am doing a drawing for $25 off there total order of PC products. i need help making one. Thank you in advance. Nichole
  27. StacieB

    Will My Last Host Close and Help Me Reach $4000 in Sales?

    I am needing some good vibes sent my way for my last host to finish closing her show for the month. I will have over $4000 in sales if she closes by tomorrow. I have everything from her but payment. Keeping fingers crossed. This will be my best month so far if I can get a hold of her!!
  28. N

    Boost Your Direct Sales Business with Effective Advertising Strategies

    I guess I'm just down a bit. I only have one booking left for June and one for July and then nothing much til September! I have no leads, people I thought would definitely book (people I've known for many many years!) haven't even acknowledged that I'm selling TPC, one even blocked half her...
  29. N

    Boost Bookings Now: Creative Ideas for New Party Hosts!

    I'm new, my 30 days are up tomorrow and I've had 4 shows. Yay me! I've gotten a number of bookings, but they are all for Aug/Sept! One lady is a caterer and has like 18 weddings this summer so Sept is best for her, another lady is doing a reno on her kitchen and has a family reunion she's...
  30. etteluap70PC

    Struggling with a Sick Toddler and Needing Advice

    Ok So I have been up half the night with my 2yr old. He started vomiting arround 10pm last night and has continued to done so off and on. The last time was arround 8:30 this morning. It's more like dry heaves now. I called the nurse line and have ben waiting 1 1/2 hrs for them to call me back...