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  1. P

    Mini Catalogs

    Does anyone have an insert that they put in there Mini Catalogs?
  2. D

    Mini cinnamon rolls + ??

    For a party coming up the hostess asked for the Mini-cinnamon rolls, which I'm glad to make as it highlights the mini-baker (which is the guest special). However, I am concerned that it dosen't use very many tools. I don't want to insist the host buy groceries for another recipe just to show...
  3. P

    Mini Catalogs

    How many products to the mini catalogs have in them? What would they be good for ?
  4. P

    Mini brochure Flyer insert

    I created these two flyers to use in the mini brochure going out to past guests who ordered the 9x13 rectangle baker and the Family Size skillet. I needed to limit to these two groups otherwise I would have been sending out way more than I could follow up on. Use 'em, alter 'em, edit 'em to...
  5. Cindycooks

    Mini Muffins - or mini quiches

    Read above about my radio show Im doing in "increasing sales" anyway - does anyone have a quickie mini-muffin recipe I can do - as people come into the station, I want them to get a little muffin! (I dont have the regular size muffin pan). I could do the cookie/hersheys kiss recipe but it...
  6. B

    Where are the mini catalogs?!?

    Hello again my PC friends...I was wondering where I could order mini catalogs and how much they are. I assumed that I would get a couple with my starter kit but there weren't any. Thanks for the help. Stephanie
  7. kimcooks4u

    What's the best way you have found to use the mini catalogs

    I want to make the most out of the mini catalogs. Any suggestions? Is it in the follow up if I just send them out? What have you found to be the most successful with this form of advertisement? thanks!
  8. A

    Mini Catalogs

    I'm wanting to send out the mini catalog to shows that cancelled, customers that said maybe or yes to dong a show but I have not been able to schedule a show with them. I having trouble with the words. Does anyone have a flyer or the words to say that has worked for you.
  9. cla519

    Mini Catalogue

    Could anyone tell me about how the mini catalogue is set up. It say's it's a mini version or the big one. Is there pictures of all the products or just the new ones? Cheryl Winnipeg MB
  10. C

    Has anyone tryed to make a cake in the mini oval baker that comes in the starter kit?

    I keep reading about the 10-12 minute cake made in the fluted pan and want to try it, but don't have the pan yet! I have been thinking about trying it out on my mini oval pan as I have not used it yet. Has anyone tryed this? Does anyone have any good recipe suggestions for this pan as well...
  11. N

    Mini Loaf Pan

    I was lucky enough to earn the stoneware plus bonus, so now I have a mini loaf pan! I was wondering- when making a recipe that's usually for one loaf of bread, how do I adjust for this pan?
  12. DebPC

    Mini Loaf Pan Idea

    Besides making wonderful individual gift bread loaves for the holidays, the 4-welled Mini Loaf Pan is GREAT for a single person (or give as a GIFT) to make themselves a complete meal. Mini-meatloaf (of course) in one well, a baked potato in another well, roasted carrots (Spritz with oil and add...
  13. DebPC

    Mini Fluted Pan Ideas!

    Pampered Chef Mini Fluted Pan Ideas! *Make Banana Bread in the pan. Have guests fill the center with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and prepare the Banana's Foster Stir Fry recipe for them to scoop a little over their ice cream. (Idea shared by Linda Hamman) *Have Kid's parties: individual...
  14. C

    Too mini whippers?

    My wife was putting the clean dishes away and when she got to the mini whipper she said, "Ken, we have two mini whippers?". I said, "noooo, we don't have too many whippers". Then she said, "Yes we do, we have two mini whippers". Then I said, "No. we only have two". We had a good laugh.
  15. DebPC

    Mini Loaf Pan Recipes

    Peanut Butter Mini Bread Loaves 3/4 cup chunky or creamy peanut butter 1/4 cup softened margarine 2 cups flour 1/2 cup sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 egg 1 1/4 cup milk 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup mini chocolate chips Preheat oven to 375. Beat peanut butter and margarine until light...