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What is logo: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. scottcooks

    Find a Logo Light for Your Facebook LIVE's!

    I would appreciate putting the logo light to use when I go online and do my Facebook LIVE's. Does anyone have one?
  2. R

    Logo Merchandise: Attract Attention When You Leave the House

    Where do I find logo items to garner some attention when I can finally leave this house? I'm new. Thank you
  3. Suzanne Johnson

    Retired Products, Aprons, Totes, Logo Tops, Etc.

    I have a lot of items still available (nothing that came after about 2006 and no tablecloths). I have photos of everything on the Facebook group ISO/Buy/Sell Pampered Chef Products-Not an official site (https://www.facebook.com/groups/404648589876813/) and because I have so much I created 10...
  4. kcnancy

    Shop Affordable Logo Wear: Silver Stud Long Sleeve, Pink Cardigan, & More!

    Long sleeve Silver Stud logo size 2X - this top looks a little washed out in the pictures it is a nice solid black. $7.00 + shipping from 66214. Pink Cardigan, Size XL $10 + shipping from 66214. Black with pink stud logo size L. The color in the close up pic is a more accurate reflection of...
  5. kcnancy

    New Passport Travel Wallet w/ Chef's Hat Logo - 66214

    Passport travel wallet with Chef's hat logo on the front. Never used. $10 + shipping from 66214 Nylon turn-about tote, used in good shape $3 + shipping from 66214. Padded tote for DCB, used but in excellent condition $5 + shipping from 66214. Blank receipts, one package is English, one...
  6. kcnancy

    Shop Logo Tops in Size L & XL - Affordable Prices and Fast Shipping!

    1. Red 3/4 sleeve crossover top. Size XL $5.00 + shipping from 66214. 2. Black LS with silver logo. Size XL $4.00 + shipping. 3. White SS with pink logo. Size XL $3.00 + shipping 4. Black 3/4 sleeve with pink logo. Size L $4.00 + shipping.
  7. Jaimice

    Iso Pampered Chef Logo Tablecloth

    Prefer rectangle tablecloth but will consider any, or table runners or banners for vendor events
  8. K

    Pampered Chef Logo Tablecloth Wanted

    Looking to buy a PC logo tablecloth or runner.
  9. M

    Where Can I Find Tablecloths or Runners with the Pampered Chef Logo?

    I'm in search of either tablecloth or runner with the PC logo for vendor events. Thank you!
  10. Suzanne Johnson

    Business Supplies, Logo Items, Retired Products for Sale

  11. F

    Looking for More Details on the Blue Cardigan Logo Sweater for Sale?

    Selling this sweater for $25 plus shipping (estimate around $6). Prefer VENMO for payment.Its a pretty cornflower blue. Buttons all the way up with light rufflle down middle seam. Wore maybe twice. XL, but runs small. Logo is embroidered. Hat Logo on right sleeve. From smoke free...
  12. Heather8345

    Knife Bag With the Chef Hat Logo

    This is no longer available.
  13. W

    Iso Blue Can Opener and Tablecloth-Old Logo

    ISO BLUE Can Opener and tablecloth-Old Logo, preferably in Wisconsin, but will pay for shipping from any US location.
  14. P

    Nancy's Artwork Clear Logo Stickers #668

    I have 10 sheets of logo stickers great for hostess packets 40 stickers total make me an offer
  15. lt1jane

    Can I Alter My Logo for Mailing Labels?

    With the new logo, I had to update my mailing labels that I print out. I had to alter the logo slightly to look decent on the labels (their format would result in a tiny logo you couldn't see). All I did was put the logo on the left and the "Independent Consultant" on the right. I know they...
  16. K

    Making Contact Labels in Word with the Spoon Logo

    Has anyone made new contact labels in Word with the spoon logo. I'm computer challenged!
  17. kcnancy

    Fs Size Xl Logo Wear Light Blue/White Top

    Light Blue/White Logo wear top. Size XLSize XL Logo Wear Light Blue/white top by kcnancy posted Jul 6, 2015 at 11:44 AM$10 plus shipping from 66214
  18. SherryLynn

    Rumor: Change in Hospitality Logo?

    My hospitality director posted that we might not want to buy any logowear from Merrill until fall as there "may" be a new logo. Has anyone else heard that rumor? I wonder what they might change it to....
  19. A

    Looking for Plus Size Iso Logo Wear - Any Suggestions?

    I hate ordering from merril. It takes for ever and the shipping is insane. Lol. Does anyone have shirts (long sleeve or short) or a jacket for sale. If it is merril or it runs small then it would need to be 4x. If it is stretchy then 2 or 3x is good. Ty. Email pics if that is easier...
  20. byrd1956

    Shop High-Quality Sling Bags: Leather & Material Options | Free Shipping"

    I have two logo sling bags for sale. One is leather like with not pockets inside, one pocket on the back and a pocket under the flap on the front with a zip pocket above. (8x10 1/2x3") ($15 plus shipping)(2 pictures below) The other is a material sling bag with a zip pocket inside. (12x10")...
  21. jpanzenhagen

    Looking for a Stylish Fabric Bag? Check Out This Quilted Logo Design!

    Quilted logo fabric bag. Black with pink inside. Outside is in good condition the inside has a couple of stains in the bottom. $5 plus shipping.
  22. jpanzenhagen

    Is a Messenger/Laptop Bag for Sale at $20 + Shipping a Good Deal?

    Logo Messenger/Laptop bag for sale $20 plus shipping OBO. Good condition, little wear.
  23. etteluap70PC

    Price Reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker

    Price reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker size 3X pullover windbreaker NEVER WORN! Purchased at National Conference for $45. List Date: 9/11/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Price reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker...
  24. etteluap70PC

    Price Reduced... New + Size Hwc Logo Wear, Zip up Flece

    Price reduced... NEW + size HWC Logo Wear, Zip up Flece Size 2X zip fleece Jacket with Help Whip Cancer Logo. NEVER WORN! Purchased at National Conference for $45. I am a former consultant. If you need references there are many here who still know me Via Facebook and from meeting at National...
  25. mspibb

    Where Can I Find Plus Size Logo Wear for Sale?

    Plus size Logo wear for sale Lost weight, too baggy. All have been worn but clean and in excellent shape. New Merrill stuff seems to run smaller than the old logo wear, thus the 4X on the black!Red shirt CJ Banks shirt I had monogrammed. 3X $12 Blue SS button down type 3X $17 Light blue 3/4...
  26. K

    Consultant Logo Laptop/Messenger Bag - Sold

    Consultant logo laptop/messenger bag Adjustable strap, has minimal wear. I've hung up my apron and just need to get rid of stuff. List Date: 8/14/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Consultant logo laptop/messenger bag --------------------------------------...
  27. S

    What items were sold on 7/21/2014 in the listing for logo items for sale?

    Logo items for sale 5 aprons 1 vinyl table cloth 1 black and white table runner 1 large bag List Date: 7/21/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Logo items for sale -------------------------------------- Item Has Been Sold...
  28. jbondr

    Pampered Chef Logo Shirt - No Longer Available

    PC Logo Shirt Pampered Chef Logo Shirt Brown with Lavender logo stitching and trim on neckline. Jockey brand size Large. $12.00 includes shipping cost. List Date: 6/27/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: PC Logo Shirt --------------------------------------...
  29. jbondr

    Pampered Chef Logo Insulated Lunch Bag - No Longer Available

    PC Logo Insulated Lunch Bag For Sale - PC Logo Insulated Lunch Bag. Lightly Used. $7.50 includes shipping cost. Accept PayPal List Date: 6/23/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: PC Logo Insulated Lunch Bag -------------------------------------- This item is no...
  30. kcnancy

    Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size Xl

    Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size XL Light blue and white size XL never worn logo top. List Date: 6/4/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size XL -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $20.78 + $6...