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What is stickers: Definition and 86 Discussions

  1. Jules711

    More Stuff! Stickers, Magnets, Jewelry, Shirt, Cds

    MORE stuff! I went through a filing cabinet and a bin and found some more items. Summer is my only time to reorganize and I’m trying to make some room. Help! Prices do not include shipping. Make an offer for multiple items if you'd like…happy to deal or if you don’t want everything in a...
  2. Ember Lewis

    Business Supplies, Awards, Hwc Items, for Sale

    Add shipping to all items... Table Runner $10 PasleyApron (never used) $10 Paisley fold up bag (never used) $5 HWC coupon book, towel, HWC cake and cupcake stencil, & HWC pins ( all items never used) $10 paisley picnic cooler bag (never used) $10 stickers, labels, & envelopes $5 Career club...
  3. P

    Nancy's Artwork Clear Logo Stickers #668

    I have 10 sheets of logo stickers great for hostess packets 40 stickers total make me an offer
  4. S

    Where Can I Find Nancy's Artwork Stickers?

    Looking for stickers with the aprons, attendance, etc.
  5. A

    Stickers for Sale - Nancy's Artworks/Directly From the Heart/Booster

    You get: 48 thank you stickers 104 Host Coaching 140 mini labels 20 recruiting labels310+ labels. $7.00 includes shipping to US. Paypal to [email protected]. I have four sets available. This is closeup of mini labels. There are 70 on a sheet. This is a picture of a REPRESENTATION of the...
  6. D

    Former Consultant ... Selling Lots of Things

    I just recently got out of Psmpered Chef after 12 years. I have lots of items to sell including soft brief case bag, turn about bag, older style simple additions bag, and stoneware bag. I also have post card invites, lots & lots of different stickers etc. would sell all together for $50. If...
  7. pjpamchef

    I Use to Purchase Stickers From Nancey's Artwork That Said

    I use to purchase stickers from Nancey's artwork that said "Bring a friend or an outside order, get a gift". They were small bright and colorful! I loved putting them on my invitations and I felt they worked. Is there anywhere else these can be purchased?
  8. wadesgirl

    Find High-Quality Pampered Chef Logo for Stickers

    We use to be able to download a regular PC logo (not the new one with Independent Consultant under it). The only ones I can find are very bad quality, just wondering if anyone has one they can upload for me so I can make some stickers.
  9. wadesgirl

    Searching for Merrill Logo Stickers - Do You Have Extras?

    I'm still on the search for the small round logo stickers Merrill use to sell. I'm also looking for large clear logo stickers that would go on front of folders. Do you have any sitting in your office you aren't using any more? Let me know!
  10. K

    Director I'm Confused About Stickers for Catalog

    I thought I read in a email from Jean Jonus that we were to get stickers to cover the mistakes about the BBQ sauce that was missing the ingredients for soy and wheat and stickers to put over the incorrect pkg. that contained cookbook recipe cards instead of a cookbook. I've been calling P.C...
  11. quiverfull7

    Director New Catalog Stickers: Spring/Summer Collection Update

    I'm sorry to ask because I know I'm supposed to know this but Jean's email this afternoon reminded me... just WHAT are we supposed to be stickering in the S/S Catalogs?
  12. C

    Pampered Chef Supplies Blowout Sale: Prints, Stickers, Aprons & More!

    I am Selling most of my PC Stuff I have lots to go through but not enough time! Here is a start. Shipping is included in the price! I could only post a few pictures so leave your email and I will send the rest! Thanks 31 Fall / Winter Catalogs $17 2012 Consultant Planner $7 Denim PC...
  13. wadesgirl

    Shop Merrill's Small Round Stickers | Perfect for Envelope Sealing!

    I was looking at Merrill's new items and happened upon the sticker page. I'm really sad that they no longer have the small round stickers :( I used these to seal my envelopes for my invites instead of licking (or moistening) all the envelopes. Does anybody have any laying around their office...
  14. lt1jane

    Fw 2011 Affordable Quality Stickers

    FINALLY!! HO has posted the Catalog Product Lists! Attached are my Affordable Quality stickers for anyone who uses them.
  15. P

    Looking for Stickers to Spice Up Your Party Invites?

    I bought these thinking I was going to start sending invites for my hosts but it just hasn't worked out. "Pick a Date Pick a Prize" 1 sheet (70) $1.99 "Enjoy a Girls Night Out" 10 sheets (70 each) $1.99 each "You're invited to a Party!" 8 sheets (70 each) $1.99 each "Are You Ready to...
  16. C

    Looking for Logo Stickers - 100 Postcard-sized, Black Logo on Clear Background

    Hello, I let myself run low on the Logo Stickers I like to use for my host packets. I don't want to get the ones Merrill sells because they are not all the same size, they are random sizes and I want a pack of the same size stickers. What I am looking for is a roll of 100 stickers that have...
  17. C

    Where to Get "Bring a Friend... " Stickers?

    I tried searching for this and came up with nothing. Where do you get these stickers? I have been making my own but I am tired of buying ink. thanks!
  18. M

    Finding Quality Pampered Chef & Stoneware Stickers & Warranties

    I just became a consultant and I'm wondering where to get the clean PC stickers. Also, I'm looking for the 3 year warrantry on stoneware stickers and any other suggesstions on stickers would be helpful :chef:
  19. J

    Did You Know?? Catalog Stickers??? Help!!

    Ok, not sure where to post this, but I was almost positive that I found Did you know labels for bookings and other PChef info on here...I know that I have printed them before and when I went into my files there was nothing!! I love those stickers, great addition to the catalog.....does anyone...
  20. wadesgirl

    Looking for Iso Koozies and Stickers - Anyone Have Them?

    My aunt was wanting the red koozies that were sold through Merrill. They were just on there last month and are not on there now. Anyone have any they want to part with? Also looking for the Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It stickers. These were from a while ago and came 8 on a little page...
  21. winklermom

    What Is the Product Number for Gotta Have It Stickers for DCB?

    Can someone tell me what the product # is for the "Gotta Have It" stickers for the DCB? I know I've seen it but I can't find it now and I need to make a supply order. TIA!!!
  22. K

    Order Custom Stickers, Magnets and More!

    Does anyone use a website to order stickers, magnets, etc besides Merrill? I know there is "Sticking to Business," but it seems like I remember more.
  23. B

    Business Items for Sale, Shirt, Stickers

    removed no longer available for sale.
  24. S

    Are Host Only Stickers Available Today? Need to Order ASAP!

    I thought these were suppose to be available today. Anyone else trying to order them? I NEED to send a supply order ASAP and keep updating, but no KA95 number is accepted yet. Ugh. I sure don't want to pay shipping if I have to wait until tomorrow again on something that is free!! Sandi
  25. C

    Order 'Not Available' Stickers for Spring/Summer Catalogs - No Charge!

    "There is no charge for the stickers, but please order only what you need for spring/summer catalogs" I noticed the above note in the News Wire this week. Do you think that is because they hope to have it resolved by September or something has changed in the new catalog?
  26. B

    Nancy's Artwork Stickers: Rare Finds!

    I am cleaning out my office...it is your lucky day :) I purchased these stickers from Nancy's Artwork about five years ago. They were the logo merchandiser before Merrill Corporation came along. But, now Nancy's Artwork is gone forever and these stickers are hard to find. I can honestly say...
  27. kristina16marie

    Where Can I Find More Gotta Have It Stickers and Flags for Catalog Marking?

    Anyone know where I can get more of the stickers/flags that guests can use to mark up their catalogs. The stickers say "Gotta Have It", "Love It", "Need It", etc. I thought they were on Merrill, but I can't find them! Anyone have some they'd like to sell?
  28. C

    Need Some Help With Catalog Stickers

    I'd like to put a simple sticker on the front (or back) of my catalogs that let the guest/host know that they are welcome to keep the catalog, order from it, even clip the recipes from it, but when they are done with it, please pass it to another Pampered Chef fan. And if their friend/family...
  29. wadesgirl

    Get High-Quality Round Logo Stickers from Merrill - Limited Stock Available!

    I need some more of the small round logo stickers from Merrill. But for once I cannot find anything else to order to make it worth placing an order! Does anyone have any that they would love for me to take off their hands?
  30. C

    Roll of Logo Stickers Wanted - Needed for Host Packet Folder

    I would like a roll like we used to have on the Supply Form. Merrill used to sell some, but they only had multiple sizes. I just want larger ones to put on a host packet folder. I like the clear logo stickers. I bought a ton of rolls when we had them that way and just recently ran out :(...