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What is roll: Definition and 54 Discussions

  1. Alicia Messenger

    How can a new consultant balance motherhood and a thriving business?

    Hi all! My name is Alicia Messenger, and I am a new consultant from Rochester, Ny! I have a 4 year old and am due with baby #2 in August, and I just began my Pampered Chef business as I am trying to exit from 11 years of teaching in urban schools. My aim is to contribute to family finances...
  2. DebPC

    Have you tried making Cheesecake Crescent Roll Bars with stoneware?

    I've been making these for 30 years. The stoneware makes a huge difference! When PC came out with the Stoneware Rectangular Baker I made these in there and if I hadn't have made them myself, I would have sworn they were a different recipe. All the layers were flaky and no overdone on the outside...
  3. Sheila

    Director Things That Make You Roll Your Eyes ...

    I get to give the "Welcome to Pampered Chef, now here's a lesson about being professional" speech ... a new recruit's e-mail address that she's actually using is: texas_hottie....@..... :rolleyes:
  4. C

    Delicious ISO Cinnamon Roll Recipe from Pizza Crust and Roll Mix

    Does anyone have the Cinnamon Roll recipe from the old Pizza Crust and Roll mix? I have a customer who wants it. Thanks!
  5. Kjurich

    On a Roll: Qualifying for my Goals with Two Shows!

    Ok I closed my first show last week and it was a $620 show, which put my half way to qualifiying. I have another show tomorrow night which I am hoping will be as good as my first one to qualify me. Then I have another one next friday and a catalog show out. I am really hoping to be on a roll...
  6. Hunter Mom

    "New" Recipe - Tex-Mex Tortilla Roll Ups

    They were in the SBRC a few summers back. Anyhow, I did this at a show last night and it was a HUGE hit! Used the MFP for peppers, coarse grater for cheese and everyone loved it. Had two people buy everything (but the cookware) to make it. I think they'd be good done on the grill, too.
  7. wadesgirl

    Tortilla Roll Up with Deli Meat: Unlock the Recipe!

    There was a recipe in an older Season's Best that was a deli meat tortilla roll up. Anybody know the recipe?
  8. aried

    Calling Pizza Crust & Roll Mix Customers

    Made calls last night. Got three orders, enough to add to some other orders I had to get my 2 shows in for the month. Beware there are two product numbers for the pizza crust and roll mix for you older consultants so when you do your report in P3 just need to look for both numbers.
  9. L

    Need Recipe for Ham & Cheese Omelet Roll

    Need Recipe For Ham & Cheese Omelet Roll
  10. K

    Have Roll Cart to Spare? Let Me Know!

    I am looking for the roll cart. If anyone has one, let me know. Thank you
  11. A

    Iso: Breakfast/Brunch Pizza With Crescent Roll Crust?

    My Grandmother makes this fabulous breakfast pizza recipe with a crescent roll crust that she swears came out of a pampered chef cookbook YEARS ago. I can't seem to find it anywhere yet I have a host that wants me to make it. Anyone out there remember it?
  12. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Searching for the Perfect Pumpkin Roll Recipe

    Hi, Had a guest ask what cookbook has the "pumpkin roll" Recipe. I could not find it in the Recipes on CC nor in a Files Search. Anyone know? Thanks!
  13. C

    Roll of Logo Stickers Wanted - Needed for Host Packet Folder

    I would like a roll like we used to have on the Supply Form. Merrill used to sell some, but they only had multiple sizes. I just want larger ones to put on a host packet folder. I like the clear logo stickers. I bought a ton of rolls when we had them that way and just recently ran out :(...
  14. P

    Help Needed for Sunday Show: Favorite Crescent Roll Recipes

    I've got all my cookbooks packed for a show .. so need your help! I have a host who wants a recipe using crescent rolls for her show on Sunday. What are your favs? All I can think of right off the top of my head are the braids ...
  15. L

    Iso Nut Roll, Apricot Roll, and Poppy Seed Roll Recipes

    Hi all, I'm helping a friend with a non profit's bake sales throughout the holidays and she's asking if I can make these and I said I"m sure I can, but I don't have a TNT recipe for any of them. So does anyone out there have some TNT recipes for these?? I'm trying to help her out and...
  16. kam

    Pumpkin Roll Recipe: Is Wax Paper Necessary?

    I am finally going to try my very first Pumpkin Roll. I figured I would use the recipe from the Libby's Pumpkin site. BUT - the instructions say: Grease 15 x 10-inch jelly-roll pan; line with wax paper. Grease and flour paper. I can't imagine cooking with WAX paper. It is not a typo - the...
  17. B

    Delicious Crescent Roll Recipe with Apple & Cream Cheese

    Someone ask for a recipe with crescent rolls with can of apple filling and cream cheese. Does anyone know this recipe? If so, please share. Thanks:)
  18. pamperedalf

    Pizza Crust Mix Cinnamon Roll Recipe

    I'm looking for this recipe that used to be on the pizza crust box so I can make for ds's bakesale & I can't find it. TIA for your help.
  19. janetupnorth

    Making & Freezing Homemade Bread Rolls

    From another forum... I use my 2 pound bread maker. (You could do it without a bread maker. Knead dough until elastic 7- 10 minutes, cover and let dough rise until double, punch down, rise again, then make rolls.) yields 18 small fist sized rolls 12 ounces warm milk (I warm it 60 seconds...
  20. K

    Pumpkin Roll Troubleshooting: Tips for Unrolling & Re-Rolling

    I want to make a Pumpkin Roll and when I've made it in the past, I seem to have trouble. My cake usually doesn't 'unroll' and 're-roll' very well. Does anyone have any tips??? I wonder if I'm doing something wrong!! Can I use the Large Bar Pan instead of a Jelly roll pan? Any help is...
  21. P

    Delicious Ham and Cheese Omelet Roll Recipe - Perfect for Visiting Family!

    HELP...I am visiting my sister and we need this recipe. Can't find it on CC. Thank you
  22. rennea

    Delicious Ham & Cheese Omelet Roll Recipe for Feeding a Crowd

    Just found this recipe in the Main Dishes book and was wondering if anybody has ever made it? And did you have trouble rolling up the eggs? Lookes yummy and an easy way to feed 8 people.
  23. L

    Ham, Cheese, Crescent Roll Turnover Thingies

    What you see in the title is the description I have of a recipe a customer is looking for. Does this ring a bell with anyone? (I've only been in the business since Nov '06, so I'm pretty sure this was a featured recipe before then.)
  24. quiverfull7

    Missing Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

    I have misplaced my recipe and instructions for the Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree. I have a consultant who wants it to use in a different shape. Can anyone post it? TIA
  25. C

    Rolling Out Tootsie Rolls - A How-To Guide

    Okay saw this mentioned in another post and would love to know how to do it. Do you just roll out the tootsie roll and then roll it back up?
  26. KimoMakano

    Have you tried making Pillsbury crescent rolls from scratch?

    I am curious if anyone has tried to make the crescent rolls from scratch. I would like to make my own for testing out recipes since they are kinda expensive in Hawaii (yes, even something as simple as these have a Paradise price). :) Mahalo
  27. L

    Does Anyone Have a Recipe for a Banana Roll??

    Hi all, I was just getting my nails done today and Gracie said the one thing she really wanted for Christmas was a Banana Roll, to which I said, what's that?? She was, well it's very similar to pumpkin roll, but it's banana cake and similar filling. Do does any cheffer out there have an...
  28. Kitchen2u

    Who's Attending Leadership 2008? ROLL CALL!

    As some of you know, I've been on the fence for Leadership because of my husband's recent surgery ~ didn't know if I was going to get to go. The other day one of my cluster Directors called me regarding Leadership registration and Robert (DH) asked me, "Babe, did you register?" I told him no...
  29. L

    Pumpkin Roll Trifle......my Creation for a Show....yummo!!

    Hi all, I was talking with a past hostess and we were trying to come up with a trifle that was "different" than the normal ones and I said to her, well I'd love to make a Pumpkin Roll one, but my pumpkin roll filling it WAY to thick. She said, well my filling isn't, it's really light...
  30. pchefjaime

    Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree Recipe

    does anyone have this rec?