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  1. P

    Garden Ranch Pizza

    Can someone post the recipe for the Garden Ranch Pizza? Thanks
  2. D

    Taffy Apple Pizza

    I have a show coming up next week and the host would like to do this recipe. It looks simple enough--I just wondered if anyone has done it and what the responses were? My only concern is that it doesn't seem to use too many of the products. Should I do a second recipe? (I normally don't like to...
  3. janel kelly

    I Can't Find the Brownie Pizza Recipe!

    I have a host that wants to do the Brownie Pizza for her show on Saturday and for the life of me I cannot find the recipe for it. I can find the banana split brownie pizza and peanutty brownie pizza but I can't find the recipe for the regular brownie pizza. Does anyone have it and are willing to...
  4. I

    Peanutty Brownie Pizza Tips Needed

    I just made the Peanutty Brownie Pizza - - it looked beautiful before I cut it... but it would not cut neatly. I even refrigerated it a bit but the toppings stuck to the knife, pizza cutter... you name it, it stuck. It tastes decadent, but isn't as gorgious as it was uncut (we even drizzled...
  5. S

    Can't Get the Pizza Dough to Roll Out!

    :confused: Help! My first show is 4 days away. I am making the Garden Ranch Pizza and I have practiced it twice. My problem is getting the dough to roll out to the edges of the stone. It just acts like a big ball of gum and retracts back to its original log shape unless I get all muscular...
  6. K

    Pizza Lovers Gift Set Retiring?

    Does anyone know if the Pizza Lovers Gift Set will be retiring, or whether the old cookbook will be replaced with the new? I assume if the cookbook is replaced the price will go up? I haven't seen anything about this on either the retiring products list or the new products list. Thanks...
  7. B

    I Need a Recipe for Stuffed Mushroom-Sausage Pizza

    I'm doing an Italy Theme show and my host wants the stuffed mushroom-sausage pizza. I have only been a consultant since 11/04 and I am now trying theme shows. I thought I had a recipe for everything but apparently not. I would appreciate some help. This site has really helped me a lot and keeps...
  8. N

    Need Cool Veggie Pizza Recipe Plz

    I Really Need The Cool Veggie Pizza Recipe Tonight!!! Along With The Cookbook It Is From! Thank You Ladies
  9. Q

    Peanutty Brownie Pizza?????

    Can anyone help me with this?? Do I take the wax paper off of the bottom of the brownie before I start putting the ingred. on top, or do I leave it on. But how do I cut the brownie when I am done with the paper still on. This might be a dumb question, but I'm not sure. Thanks
  10. P

    Penutty Brownie Pizza..

    I just moved and can't find my cookbook, can someone please email or Paste the recipe here? Thanks
  11. P

    Garden Ranch Pizza???

    I am going to make a Garden Ranch Pizza tonight to take to work tomorrow. I am still working on getting my stone seasoned - should I treat it with EVOO per the norm, and then sprinkle flour on it? Or just skip the flour? Thanks in advance. Paula in TN
  12. K

    Pizza Ring

    I have a host that wants a pizza ring does anyone have a recipe. :confused:
  13. L

    Anyone Ever Made the Banana Toffee Pizza??

    I have a Mom & Me theme show coming up this month and since it is my SS month I don't have alot of products. I was going to try the Banana Toffee Pizza since the host really wants it kid oriented. Has anyone made this recipe?? I'm going to try it this weekend, but I wanted some feedback since...
  14. S

    Dessert Pizza Recipe Needed

    Does anyone have the dessert pizza recipe out of the Pampered Chef classics cookbook? I have a show Sunday and the hostess has requested this for her show. I went onto PC consultants page and the only information it gives it is it on page 46.......if anyone can help me with this I would really...