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  1. A

    Never Pre-Judge a Potential Customer

    This recently happened to one of my hosts and I will use it as an example in future host-coaching. A few days after my Host had her Kitchen Show her husband was chatting with one of his co-workers in a logging mill. They live in an area where logging, hunting and fishing are the way of life...
  2. Morvin

    What Do I Tell the Customer!!!

    I had a booth at the Co. fair last week and it went great!! However I had a lot of people come up to me with questions on their product warrenty and with problems with other consultants and I really want to help but I don't know how!! One customer bought the mini serving spatula about a year...
  3. A

    Ship Direct to Customer?

    Does anyone know how much it is to ship direct to a customer? If it's in a party, do they only have to pay the 3.25, or do they have to pay the direct ship rate? (Sorry, all my paperwork is at home and I need to tell someone)
  4. A

    Questions About Customer Payment

    As I said before I'm not signed up yet, but will after my move. My question is when the customer pays you how is payment taken? By check? By credit card? by cash? And, if it's by check who does the check get made out to PC or you? Also, if they do pay by check, what happens if their check...
  5. G

    Customer Questions

    I have several questions that customers have asked me and I don't know the answers. 1. Why are the knives handwash only- what will happen if we put them in the dishwasher? 2. is the stoneware safe to use in a microwave / convection oven? Thanks is advance for any answers.
  6. C

    Customer Discounts

    Hello all, What are the company policies as far as giving discounts to customers? Can you give coupons like "book a show with me today and get 10% off your order of $50 or more"? Do discounts cut into your commission too much? Or if you offer a specific product at a discount like this "dollar...
  7. P

    Did P.c. Ever Sell an Ice Cube Try? I Had a Customer Ask Me This.

    Did P.C. ever sell an ice cube try? I had a customer ask me this. :confused:
  8. B

    Customer Care Calls

    I've just set up weekly phone appointments with my director, this Monday will be our second. Her challenge to me has been to contact 20 people by phone every week. Not just make calls and leave some messages, but to talk to a real live person! *gasp!* So far it's been going pretty well...
  9. C

    Question From Customer on Knife/Case Set

    Does anyone know if the knife/case sets, do the knives come out easy or do they stick. are they guranteed not to stick??
  10. P

    Potential Customer in Western Canada

    I have had a lady from western Canada contact me from one of my e-mail lists because she cannot find a way to buy PC products where she lives. I am not sure how to approach this as I live in the US. I figured if nothing else perhaps I could find someone closer to her from this forum to help...
  11. DebPC

    I Read Once That It's a Great Idea to Keep All the Customer Survey

    I read once that it's a great idea to keep all the customer survey slips with any notes on them plus of course maybes, in the future etc. If you are making customer contact calls and the survey slips are older say something like this; I am tidying up my office and was going thru some survey...
  12. DebPC

    Customer Care

    Pampered Chef Customer Care Somewhere I heard it's a good idea to get the full name address and tele number for all the outside orders you get from a show. Many consultants recommend calling each one before the show closes to thank them for their order and chat a short bit. they say they often...