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What is customer: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. babywings76

    Urgent Pizza Cutter Cover Question for a Customer

    I'm submitting a show tonight and a customer has the old style of pizza cutter. Does the replacement part we carry work with this old style? I don't want her to get it and be disappointed. My upline thinks it works, but I'm hoping someone knows for sure. TIA!
  2. Mary

    Customer Complaint: Too Many Emails From Pampered Chef

    I have been getting complaints from several of my customers because they are getting too many automatic emails from PC. So, I quit sending the monthly e-newsletter. But they still get at least 2 automatic emails from PC each week! I agree that's too much! They don't want to unsubscribe, just...
  3. C

    Sending Customer Emails from Consultant Corner: PC eNewsletter Usage

    How do you send customer emails from Consultant Corner? Does anyone us the eNewsletter that PC sends out?
  4. BeachBabyMom

    Blank Customer Information Form

    Good morning, all. I'm relatively new to PC and completed almost all of my online training on CC. During the training (or at some time during my travels around CC to get familiar) I was sure I saw a blank customer/guest information sheet to write down their contact information, shows the...
  5. DebPC

    Customer Service Success: Show Delivered in Record Time!

    I sent in a show early Monday morning 6/1. Thought there might be a big backlog due to the end of May and top Performance etc. Getting my show delivered today. Yay!
  6. R

    Iso Simple Additions Large Square Bowl for a Customer

    Hi everybody!!! I am on a mission to find a replacement for a customer.. she broke her sons bowl :( Looking for the Large Square Simple Additions Bowl.. I attached a picture of the one I am after.. will take new preferably or gently used!! Thanks so much Becky!!
  7. Bren706

    Improve Customer Care with Personalized Email Communication

    Do you have an email letter you send to your customers for customer care? (That you would mind sharing here). Whether it be a BIG MAC (MAE) or a month or so later, I am looking to send my customers an email as a follow up to my customer care call (especially if I only get their voicemail) or if...
  8. firediv

    Send Request for Payment to Customer New Beta

    I have a customer who placed a order but did not complete the check out. How do I send her a request for payment, like a link to bring her back to her order? I told her to sign in and it should be there. She says it's say she doesn't exist. Should I just have her cancel and start over or can...
  9. Bren706

    Beta Website - Incorrect Customer Credit Card Charged

    Just curious to know if this has happened to anyone else: I entered a show in the Beta website last night. I have been on beta since the release to Team Leaders. The host used her card to pay for her order, plus 4 others. There were about 20 orders for the show. She called me this morning...
  10. Kandi2candy

    Iso Retired Cherry/Olive Pitter for a Good Customer!

    Hi! I am ISO of one retired cherry/olive pitter for a good customer of mine :). I can pay by paypal. TIA!
  11. esavvymom

    Getting a Customer to Call You Back.....

    I hate the phone. Period. But I had to share something one of MY past hosts did to me.....she got ME to call her back. She called me last week and left a vague message. "Hi Bobbi...this is Karen. I had a question for you. Just call me when you get a chance at....". It took me a few...
  12. DebPC

    I've Been on Hold for 3 Hrs for Customer Service

    No offer tonight to get a call back. I have a customer from 7/1 who wants to cancel her order because she is going on vacation on Saturday. My status shows it's still just RECEIVED. Plus her order was for $100 worth of current products-no outlet.:grumpy:
  13. C

    Are Customer Connection Emails Worth Sending to Boost Sales?

    Hi everyone! I'm a fairly new consultant and still discovering the different tools available to us. I recently received the email about boosting May sales by sending out the Mother's Day Customer Connection Email (CCE). The link in the email didn't take me anywhere related to the CCEs so...
  14. L

    Question About Nonstick From a Customer

    I just got this e-mail through 'contact me' on my website - I think the cookware is safe to use until she notices anything peeling off... but I'd like some additional opinions before I let her know: "I have a question for you. YEARS ago (10 or 12?) I got a large PC frying pan as a gift...
  15. R

    Iso Old Style Pastry Blender for Customer~ New Please!

    Hi everybody I am ISO the Old Style Pastry Blender for a Customer.... It was all Stainless with a long Handle
  16. DebPC

    Director Troubleshooting Adding Shows to Customer Connection and PP3: Tips and Tricks

    When I add a show to customer connection I always check the box to add the show to my PP3. It never shows up there. Am I missing a step? Since the consenus is we're not going to a web based software this spring- I thought I'd ask.
  17. DebPC

    Customer Returns Address Change

    When I called and did a product adjustment, the return address they told me is: 141 N. Meadow Road in Addison not 180 like before. Did I miss this announcement somewhere? How long ago did this change?
  18. M

    Possible New Customer - Question

    I got a call today from a Mary Kay representative that has recently moved to my area. Since I already have a MK rep. and they have what sounds like a non-competition clause (she cannot actively try to take my business from my original consultant), I am unable to help her with that. I did mention...
  19. C

    Need Consultant for Florida Customer

    I have a customer living in Florida who would like to have a cooking show for her friends. She lives in Murdock, Charlotte, FL area. I live in NJ....that is out of my driving area (LOL)! . Email me at [email protected] if you can help her out:) Thanks! :love:
  20. T

    What Should I Do If My Customer Receives a Broken Item?

    I have a customer who just received her order from a show and the cool and serve tray is broken. Do I just have her contact the home office?
  21. Bren706

    How Many Customer Care Call Voicemails to Leave?

    For customer care calls to those that are not necessarily booking leads (they did not express interest at the show, and checked no on DPDS), how many times do you call and leave a voicemail? Do you call more than twice?
  22. frozenchef

    Customer Appreciation/300Th Show

    So I have my 300th show coming up on June 8th and I already set the recipe (Grilled Chicken, Ham & Swiss Wraps - Dinner in a Dash with MockBerry Mojitos). I want to do something special for the guests of the shows. Something using my business cards since I'll be ordering new ones when I earn...
  23. K

    Director How Has Hosting and Guest Management Changed on the New Web Platform?

    I have a couple questions for those of you who have set up shows on the new web. I've always gave instructions on my invite on how to place an order under the host's show. "go to website, choose option 1, enter hosts name" How has this changed and suggestions from anyone on new "wording"...
  24. H

    Ho Is Being Really Rude to a Customer of Mine. What to Do?

    A customer of mine bought her mother a set of our cookware for Christmas 7 years ago (or thereabouts). She gave her mother the receipt when she gifted the set. Her mother is now having issues with sticking (never been put in the dishwasher or mistreated she says). She called HO and they asked...
  25. naekelsey

    Customer Doesnt Have Miney Know/ What to Do????

    My host from last week was disappointed because she couldnt get everything she wanted. She had mentioned that she would have had the money next week, meAning today. So, i offered to pay for it know as long as she was going to pay me todAy. Now shes telling me that she cant pay for it until next...
  26. chefliz

    Customer Direct Shipping Rates vs. Supplier Rates: A Relief!

    :sing: I thought that our shipping rates were going to be the same as the customers' direct shipping rates (like these) Direct Ship Rates 48 Contiguous States, APO/FPO and AK & HI Smartpost. Order Value Base Rate up to $19.99 $ 6.75 $20 to $29.99 7.50 $30 to $39.99 8.50 $40 to $49.99 9.75 $50 to...
  27. P

    Customer Looking for "Color Dots"

    I have a customer who is sick that the "color" dots are gone :(. She recently got engaged and wants to complete her set. She is looking for one set of the Small Round Bowls and two sets of the Pasta Bowls. Anyone have them they want to sell. I am in the 43537 zip code (NW Ohio).
  28. T

    How Should I Distribute Host Rewards at My Customer Appreciation Party?

    So my one year anniversary is coming up with PC. I am having a customer appreciation party at my house. Basically it is a show where I am going to give away all the host rewards (like a mystery host). I also have some duplicate new products that I will likely give away as well. So my...
  29. naekelsey

    Optimizing Customer Care: Effective Have You Used Your Items Call Timing

    How long does everyone wait to make the "have you opened &/or used your items" calls??
  30. naekelsey

    Customer Care Calls Done by the Way the Customers Choose?

    This question is for those of you that ask if people want to be contacted by email, text, Facebook and etc. Do you make your customer care calls by the way they choose or do you always make those by phone?