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What is cutter: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Need a Recipe for Sugar Cookies Using a Rolling Cookie Cutter?

    Please help! I need the recipe that comes with the Rolling Cookie Cutter.I'm away from home. I can't currently access the PC website. A pic would be fine. Please and thank you!
  2. babywings76

    Urgent Pizza Cutter Cover Question for a Customer

    I'm submitting a show tonight and a customer has the old style of pizza cutter. Does the replacement part we carry work with this old style? I don't want her to get it and be disappointed. My upline thinks it works, but I'm hoping someone knows for sure. TIA!
  3. babywings76

    Iso Old Crinkle Cutter Protective Cover?

    Does anyone happen to have a protective cover for the old style crinkle cutter? I'm helping a friend try to track down 6 of them.
  4. byrd1956

    Looking for a French Fry Cutter - Anyone Have an Extra to Sell?

    A customer has contacted me wanting to get a French Fry Cutter; she is disappointed she can't find it in the catalog. I don't want to get rid of mine and personally I wish they would have kept it in the catalog but come up with a way to keep the protective piece on. (I use a rubber band around...
  5. DebPC

    French Fry Cutter for Watermelon Sticks

  6. Admin Greg

    Discover the Best Fruit and Cheese Cutter: Tips, Reviews, and More!

    Please discuss the Fruit and Cheese Cutter. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  7. C

    Iso Star Creative Cutter, Sm Scoop

    Hi all! My star cutter got caught in the garbage disposal! Anyone willing to sell one?
  8. A

    New Unopened Kernal Cutter Needed - Today Delivery Possible?

    Im looking for a new unopened kernal cutter for a customer. Needs to get mailed out today if possible! Anyone have one available?
  9. L

    Baking Time/Temp for French Fry Cutter??

    Ok, I've used my FF cutter and never kept track and have had successes and FAILURES with this and cooking times and temps and am wondering, what is the right cooking time/temp for doing regular French Fries?? I can't find anything listed on the Product Information Guide.
  10. S

    Director My French Fry Cutter Broke Using First Time!

    UGh. I do not want to be negative but I was so excited to get this. It arrived today and I decided to try it for dinner. After the 4th potato one of the metal pieces bent up. :( I will be getting another one in my free for all package. Can I return this one? I just used regular potatoes...
  11. lt1jane

    My Safe Cutter Vs All-Purpose Spreader

    I own both, and keep the MSC to show it to people, but HATE it and don't recommend it. My 4½ year old son uses the APS all the time. It's got a nice wide blade for spreading and a small serrated blade for cutting. I don't know what you can cut with the MSC, but the APs is used all the...
  12. R

    Customer Needing Protector for Old Pizza Cutter

    Hello all ~ I'm new to the forum & fairly new to Pampered Chef. (just past my 90 days) I have a customer who bought an old PC pizza cutter from a yard sale & she is wanting to purchase the protector for it. Is there a way to find one since PC no longer sells that pizza cutter or is she out of luck?
  13. deanna_g

    Have You Tried the Kernel Cutter for Corn and Pineapple?

    I just put up a couple bushels of corn and I'm in love with my Kernel Cutter tonight. Made the job fast and easy....and not much of a mess. Ahhh.
  14. Tropicalburstqt2

    Kernel Cutter: The Latest Office Gossip?

    One of the girls at work has been telling everyone how horrible the kernel cutter is, but I have not tried it before & am half tempted to buy one to see what all the griping is about. What are everyone else's thoughts or suggestion?
  15. S

    Did Pampered Chef Ever Sell a Zyliss Pizza Cutter?

    Did Pampered Chef ever sell a pizza cutter that had the Zyliss name on it? A customer swears she bought a pizza cutter from PC that had the name Zyliss along with the PC chef hat logo on it. She said it was smaller than ours currently in the catalog. I've been in PC for 4 years so I need a...
  16. leslieprichett

    Sharpening a Pizza Cutter: Help Needed!

    Hi everyone, I have a customer who ordered a pizza cutter from me this past summer. She said it is pretty dull now and wants to know if there is a way to sharpen it. Can anyone help?
  17. T

    Have you tried the Pastry Cutter for your baking needs?

    Is anyone familiar with the Pastry Cutter? What is the quality like? Does it cut fondant? Tara
  18. wadesgirl

    Crinkle Cutter Blade Cover Replacement

    I have a host who lost her cover for the straight edge crinkle cutter. P3 has two different options: 106B Crinkle Cutter Protective Cover $2.50 108L Crinkle Cutter Cover $2.75 Does anyone know which would she would need to order?
  19. erinyourpclady

    What is the price for shipping a Crinkle Cutter Nip to 28546?

    I have a customer looking for one......shipping to 28546 TIA!!
  20. byrd1956

    The Kernel Cutter: Does it Really Work?

    Hey all, you may have seen this, but I got it from my director and thought I would share. The kernel cutter, does it work?? http://www.wtol. com/global/ story.asp? s=10963046
  21. M

    Find the Perfect Cover for Your Pizza Cutter | Replacement Parts Sheet

    Does the cover for the pizza cutter, on the replacement parts sheet, fit on the old pizza cutter?
  22. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Does Corn Cutter Strip in Strips or Kernels?

    Hello all, Had a show on Saturday, and one of my guests wanted to know if it stripped the corn off the husk in strips or individual kernels. Anyone try out the cutter and know the answer? Appreciate any and all help!
  23. wadesgirl

    Success with a Pastry Cutter: Making Cinnamon Chips

    I was making the cinnamon chips from the All the Best cookbook. It suggests using the pizza cutter to cut into wedges. Mine was dirty so I dug through my drawers trying to find something to use. I noticed the pastry cutter and figured it had to work. It worked perfect! That little baby is...
  24. Mel92504

    Eureka! Pizza Cutter Saves Time in the Kitchen

    I know this is so simple...but I just had to share! So I made French Toast for breakfast on Sunday morning, having a 3 yo & a 9 mo I'm always cutting food into the tiniest pieces. It's so tedious....so I got thinking...duh...use the pizza cutter!!!!!!!! My husband looked at me like I was...
  25. jenniwest04

    Sharpening Pizza and Crinkle Cutter????

    I have a customer who wants to know if her pizza cutter and crinkle cutter can be sharpened...she's had both over 10 years! I can't see how the crinkle cutter COULD be sharpened. She IS planning on hosting a show and could earn those free, but, she was curious and despite my logic of "no" I...
  26. Kodeysmom

    Grip-ex Melon/Pineapple Cutter from ABC Distributing

    Just got my ABC Distributing catalog in the mail an there is a " Grip-ex Melon/Pineapple Cutter" in it for $12.95. It resembles ours but I am so glad ours is not like theirs. All theirs is, is an oversized apple wedger. It shows them cutting a pineapple and a cantaloupe. It leaves the rind on...
  27. P

    I Only Ordered 1 Pizza Cutter: Host Wanted 2 - Now What?

    I only ordered 1 pizza cutter and my host wanted 2! Her order just arrived today... what do I do?
  28. PampChefJoy

    Want to Trade - Pizza Cutter for a Subscription!

    Don't ask me why I can't find any of my pizza cutters... I've come across THREE can openers, though... I'll trade a 6 month Tasty Tidbits subscription for a pizza cutter - old style is fine. New or used demo only, please. I don't really need anything else right now and I've been...
  29. redsoxgirl

    New Pizza Cutter Cover on Old Pizza Cutter?

    Will the new pizza cutter cover fit on the old pizza cutter? I'm guessing it will, but I wanted to check here. DH put the old cover on the toaster oven a few years ago and then turned the oven on (men!) so we've been sans cover for a while. I was wanting to buy the cover on the replacement...