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What is ordered: Definition and 58 Discussions

  1. kam

    Items That Can Be Ordered on a Show?

    I know that Replacement parts can now be ordered by guests on a show - but did that ever change to include Outlet items? Or are those still separate? I can't recall if that was ever part of the plan?
  2. DebPC

    Effortless Christmas Shopping with Chef Success Link

    Just did a ton of Christmas Shopping on Amazon and used the Chef Success link. Easy way to help out Cs.
  3. byrd1956

    Help!! Host Special "Not' Ordered???

    I am using p3 and never had this happen before. I have put in the Manual Food Processor for the host special, but I am still getting the yellow explanation point saying "An eligible FREE Host Bonus/Special has not been ordered". It says this no matter which host special choice I put in. I...
  4. jcsmilez

    6 Years in This Business and I Finally Ordered From Vistaprint!

    Here are my little creations. I am uber excited and just wish they would get here already!!
  5. C

    Update on HWC Back Ordered Items & Scrubby Sink Brushes | Learn More Here!

    I know we got an email explaining the back order situation with some of the HWC items, but my laptop crashed before I got to read it in its entirety. Can someone tell me what's up and what's the deal with the scrubby sink brushes please? Thanks in advance!
  6. DebPC

    Ordered Catalogs, Boxes Look Like War Zone!

    Got my paperwork yesterday! Nice and quick! However, all 3 of my boxes look like they've been thru a war. All the paperwork was ok. i ordered 200 catalogs- so they're quite heavy. But the boxes seemed kind of flimsy. I wonder if PC is going with cheaper boxes or if this is an isolated incident.
  7. kam

    Back Ordered Item Shipping: Who Receives It - Host or Guest?

    I guess I never thought about this before... But, if an item is back ordered and ships after the show...does it go to the host or to the guest? I have a guest on a show that ordered a backordered item and I am thinking it may come quite a bit later than the show. I am wondering if the host...
  8. Intrepid_Chef

    Guest Ordered but Not From Pws!

    It's official. Even if you: • Send the invitations yourself • Clearly post your PWS on your invitations and detailed instructions on how to order. • Provide clear ordering instructions to your host • Use the same labels you use on your catalog as return address labels There will STILL...
  9. P

    I Currently Have a Catalog Party Going. One of the Guests Ordered

    I currently have a catalog party going. One of the guests ordered online from my website and put in the hostess' name and placed her order. I got an email today that said I had online activity and I saw that it was this guests order. When I went to my PWS, and clicked on the catalog show...
  10. T

    Guest Ordered at Show Now Wants It Taken off a Registry

    I think the title says it all. I have a guest who ordered through one of my shows. She now is asking if I can take the order off of someone's wedding registry. I didn't set up the registry. Is there a way to find the consultant who did so that they can update the registry? I know it is too...
  11. babywings76

    Can a Pumpkin Dish Still Get Ordered W/ an October Show?

    My SIL is doing an October show and wants to know if she can still get a pumpkin dish. Are they still allowed to be on a show dated for October.
  12. K

    Warranty Questions: Replacing a Bar Pan Ordered Under Hostess Name

    I haven't done many returns so I wanted to see if anyone knew this before I call HO. I ordered a large bar pan for my SIL under the hostesses name to complete an order for 1/2 price items. Now this bar pan has broken. Do I explain the whole thing or just use the hostesses name to get the...
  13. kam

    Oops! I Thought Samples Could Be Ordered TODAY!

    I thought TODAY was the day we could start ordering Samples!!!! I know it did not start until MONDAY Aug 2nd...but for some reason I thought that was today! I can't believe I thought that ALL weekend long - that I was going to be able to order samples today. Aw geez...I am going to have...
  14. S

    Anyone "Not" Received Ordered Items From Fellow Pampered Chef'er

    I have noticed that I haven't received items that were posted on this site for sale by other consultants or by one that said she was leaving the business. Anyone have this happen to them? I feel like waiting twelve days on a Priority shipment is kind of long....
  15. C

    How Will the Back Order of DCBs Affect Your Monthly Game Plan?

    That will definately change my game plan for the month..... What changes will you all be making due to this inconvience?
  16. L

    Wahoooooooooojust Ordered a Personal Order and Found Out I Got 22%

    Wahoooooooooo Just ordered a personal order and found out I got 22% off, that means I finally hit my $15,000 career sales. There's hope yet! thank you for all your wonderful ideas Laurie Have a Blessed Day
  17. K

    Customer Ordered Wrong Item - What to Do?

    I had a customer from my 1st party contact me, indicating that she received the pie crust sheild, instead of the pie gate. It was from an outside order, and I checked the order form - she did order the pie crust sheild, but I guess she meant to order the gate. How will HO handle this? I...
  18. A

    2 Customers Ordered Wrong Items & Want to Return

    My wife April is a Consultant & I help her with the back office stuff... Issue: We have voicemail that a customer from a recent show, and her friend customer# 2, both ordered one each the #2225 Measure-All Cup @ $10.00 but thought they ordered the #2175 Easy Read Measuring Cups @ $23.00. The...
  19. susanr613

    Ok so I Broke Down and Ordered the Shaker....and Would Like to Use It

    OK so I broke down and ordered the shaker....and would like to use it at home with DS as well as to show at shows. We are already planning a Harry Potter-thon New Years Eve and I want to make it as memorable as possible. Does anyone have any non-alcoholic martini/shaker type recipes they...
  20. byrd1956

    Limit to # of Products Ordered??

    The other day I demod the pineapple corer at my weight watchers meeting and gave everyone a small cup of the juicy fruit. I did admit to having a alterior motive.......needing to send in a show so the 'pampered police' would not be after me. Anyway a number of people want to order the corer...
  21. pc_jessica

    I Just Got My Business Cards Ordered!!!! and I Made an Order for

    I just got my business cards ordered!!!! and I made an order for Christmas postcards with a discount for my guests!!!! and i only paid shipping!!! because i got an email that buisness cards and postcards FREE!!!! im excited can you tell!!!!
  22. ChefPaulaB

    Can Exchange if Ordered the Wrong Size?

    My sister recently hosted a show and she just got her stuff and she realized that she ordered the wrong size bamboo bowl, she thought that she was ordering the size that I had at her show (which was the large) and she ordered the medium, can she exchange it with no questions or charges (except...
  23. krzymomof4

    Help! My Guest Ordered from My Site, but No Email or Show

    I have a host who says a guest ordered from my website on her show. I have not gotten an email and it is not on any of my other shows. Does anyone have any idea as to what I should do? She even got the email that tells her that her cc will not be processed until the show is entered.
  24. dannyzmom

    Hoqw Do I Pull up All the Ppl Who Ordered a Particular Item?

    I am still trying to get used to P3 - how do I run a report to show me all of the people who ordered a particular item? I want to find everyone who ordered a Cutting Board w/Measuring Cups so I can tell them about the new Collapsible Strainer insert.
  25. ChefMary412

    Ordered off of Wrong Consultant

    So, for my last show two people must have ordered off the wrong consultant. They said they did it from me and through my directions, but I never got the order, so I am assuming they did not... how will they get their products... they claimed to have clicked on "ship to host"... would that have...
  26. P

    I Only Ordered 1 Pizza Cutter: Host Wanted 2 - Now What?

    I only ordered 1 pizza cutter and my host wanted 2! Her order just arrived today... what do I do?
  27. Jessamary

    Holiday Catalogs Can Be Ordered at Noon

    Just got off the phone with tech support. The product list was not entered in over the weekend (duh) and will be available at noon today.
  28. P

    I Am Putting Together Some Gift Bags for an Expo and When I Ordered My

    I am putting together some gift bags for an expo and when I ordered my supplies (mini cattys) I am being charged S&H and Tax. I thought we got free S&H??
  29. N

    Late Catalogs Ordered - Can I Get Replacement SPANISH Catalogs?

    I ordered 100 catalogs a while ago and got them late last week. I just had the chance to get them out and start stamping them. They are all SPANISH catalogs!!!! I can't use any spanish catalogs. Will they replace them????
  30. P

    Oh No! Accidentally Ordered 100 French Catalogs!

    I accidentally ordered 100 French catalogs!!! No where in Pampered Partner does it say FRENCH!!! It's just spelled Catalogues instead of Catalogs....although a LOT of people spell it Catalogues whether they're French or English. I really really really hope they'll exchange 'em for me.