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What is spanish: Definition and 78 Discussions

  1. jbondr

    Looking for a Home: Spanish Catalogs from 2013 Fall/Winter?

    Ordered 2013 Fall/Winter Spanish catalogs by mistake :( If interested in 80 or any number please let me know. PM or email me directly [email protected]
  2. M

    Guest Special Flyers in Spanish?

    I have a fundraiser coming up in a couple of weeks and expect it to be about half Spanish speakers. I am providing Spanish order forms but wondered if the Guest Special flyers are available in Spanish as well. It seems like they should be but I'm not finding them on the website. Thanks for any...
  3. B

    Want to Buy $40 Worth of Spanish Catalogs by Mistake?

    One of my fellow consultants ordered $40 of spanish catalogs by mistake. Is there anyone here willing to purchase them from her? I just don't understand why HO won't take them back and exchange them. :confused:
  4. naekelsey

    Spanish Translation: Need a Janoof? Let Us Help!

    Does anyone have a Jan oof in Spanish? and can someone make this from English to Spanish? Thank you...
  5. DebbieJ

    Interested in Spanish Season's Best and Recipe Cards?

    I have 22 Spanish Season's Best available (otherwise known as Una Muestra). Pampered Chef no longer publishes these in Spanish. I also have one set of recipe cards in Spanish. $10 for all, shipping is extra. Please email me jenningsdeb at gmail dot com if you are interested as I don't...
  6. S

    Spanish Speaking Host and Guests

    I have a show next month where the host and most of her guests are Spanish speaking. The friend the host booked the show from will be there at the show to help out-as I speak very little Spanish. Do any of you have any host coaching letters or any information for hosts in Spanish? Thanks in...
  7. D

    Anyone interested in purchasing 200 Spanish Catalogs?

    I am posting for someone on my team. She accidently purchased 200 Spanish Catalogs. She would like to try to sell them. No reasonable offer refused. She is also willing to break them up as needed. Can anyone help her? Thanks
  8. K

    100 Spanish Catalogs - Spring/Summer 2011

    I accidentally ordered 100 Spanish Catalogs, and cannot exchange them with home office. If you use them and are interested, please let me know. I will sell them for $40 and pay the shipping to get them to you. They are completely wrapped in plastic, haven't been touched. I live in Southern...
  9. lisaterwilliger

    forSale: Spanish Mini Catalogs S/S 2011

    I accidently ordered some SPANISH Mini catalogs for the new S/S season and opened them up and started passing them out before I even looked at them...so I've got 1 pack that is missing just 1 mini in it that I want to sell cheap! I don't know what else to do with them...not a big spanish...
  10. ilovpc

    Can You Make a Spanish Mini Catty Flyer for Jan/Feb?

    Hi Kathleen, Would it be possible for you to create a mini catty flyer in spanish? I need one to put inside spanish mini catalogs for a show either this month or in February. Please? :) I know that on CC we have the flyers in Spanish, so if you don't have time to do this, I can always use...
  11. N

    How Do I Recruit a Spanish Lady?

    OK- any thought on HOW I can recruit this Spanish speaking consultant? I have spanish catalogs, and come join us booklet. Last night we had a conversation via a "translator" Any other thoughts? Does HO have support for this? what if she does sign - I cannot help her very well. any...
  12. I

    Fs Fall/Winter Catalogs in Spanish

    I accidently ordered 100 Spanish Catalogs. One of the packages is open but not used....I will sell to interested party for $25.00...you pay shipping and handling. Let me know if you are interested and I will get back to you. Lisa
  13. T

    Need Help With Doing Taco Ring in Spanish...

    Hola - are there any Spanish speaking consultants out there who could help me with the Taco Ring recipe? I'm pretty fluent in Spanish, but I'm not as familiar with the cooking terminology in Spanish.... Any help would be much appreciated! Gracias!
  14. AmyDare

    Spanish Language Recruiting Brochure?

    I was hoping to find the "Amazing Things Will Happen" brochure in Spanish, but it isn't there. Does anyone have a Spanish Language recruiting flyer?
  15. N

    Spanish Catalogs!!! Urgh.........

    I hate the HO policy of NO returns on shipments. I made a mistake and ordered 50e/& 50 spanish spring catalogs. URGH...its listed SO stupidly on P3 anyone need spanish???? any suggestions
  16. babywings76

    Delicious Spanish Rice Recipe & Side Dish Ideas for South of the Border Meatloaf

    I'm making South of the Border Meatloaf tonight for our dinner. I'm trying to figure out what else to serve with it. Any ideas? I was also wondering if anyone has ever made a homemade Spanish rice in the microcooker or something? I'd love to come up with something other than a salad or...
  17. P

    Unused Spanish Catalogs - Free Shipping Included!

    I have 50 spanish catalogs that I can not use. Anyone interested please let me know... I will pay the shipping for you!
  18. P

    Too Many Spanish Catalogs: What to Do?

    OK... I got a booth to do next week that is a week long event. I ordered 100 catalogs last week and they sent me 50 english and 50 spanish. I didnt want that. Is that how it comes when you order 100 catalogs? What do I do with the spanish ones?
  19. D

    Is 'No hablo español' the correct way to say I don't speak Spanish on a label?

    I have some mini-catalogs in Spanish that I want to bring to my son's daycare in a very Spanish speaking town. However, on my label I would like to put the phrase "No hablo español". would that be the right way to say I don't speak Spanish? Thanks!
  20. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Need Help! Potential Recruit - Spanish Speaker

    Hi guys, I have a potential recruit, who is a spanish speaker. Does anyone have spanish recruiting material? So don't want to try and translate all I have!:yuck: Thanks!
  21. raebates

    Need Spanish to English Translation

    I have a customer who recently purchased the Easy Read Measuring Cups. There is a soup recipe in English and French, but it looks like the Spanish recipe is completely different. She was wondering if I could get an English version. Anyone? Anyone? TIA!
  22. C

    Borrowing Spanish Flyers: A Creative Jumpstart!

    does anyone have any flyers in Spanish that I may "borrow"? I am fluent in Spanish and English, I just want a starting point!!! Just something that I could adjust to suit my needs! (I'm not very creative!!! :( I can adjust stuff as long as someone else starts it!) thanks!!!
  23. Jules711

    Catalog Cover...love Spanish Cover...

    Do NOT love the English version! It's out of focus and I have issues with wet meat in pictures :yuck:. I love the Spanish version. It looks like Spring and SHOWS the new products. The English version could be the Medium Bamboo Bowl that we've had. Shows nothing exciting and new. I'm just...
  24. amy07

    Spanish Market Kit: Updates on the Spanish Consultant Kit and Changes to Expect

    Does anyone know if the the Spanish Consultant kit is going to change? I noticed that it has the Large Round Stone, so I'm assuming that it'll be replaced with the one with handles. Any other changes from those in the know?
  25. A

    Spanish Opportunity Phone Line: Is it Available?

    Does anyone know if there is a Spanish opportunity phone line? Like what we have the (630)? I'm making of recruiting business cards, where one side is English and on the back is Spanish (there is a lot in my area). I saw on CC under "Hispanic Market Activities & Events" there is a Chef...
  26. I

    Looking for Old Spanish Catalogs and Recipes? Check out Iso!

    Especially old catalogs and Season's Best. Invites, recipes cards anything!
  27. P

    Easy and Delicious Spanish Dessert Recipe for Paella Night | TIA

    I'm going to a girlfriend's house for Paella. We were asked to bring a Spanish dessert. Anyone have a good and easy recipe? TIA
  28. N

    Late Catalogs Ordered - Can I Get Replacement SPANISH Catalogs?

    I ordered 100 catalogs a while ago and got them late last week. I just had the chance to get them out and start stamping them. They are all SPANISH catalogs!!!! I can't use any spanish catalogs. Will they replace them????
  29. lockhartkitchen

    Looking for Spanish Catalogs for Upcoming Party?

    Does anyone have the current Sp/Summer Spanish catalogs that they want to part with? I'm having a show in 2 weeks and the host expects many Spanish guests.