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    Shipping Status

    I am waiting on my fundraier order. I checked the shipping status and the 5 boxes are all in differ areas. Some of them have been delived to residental on the west coast, and some have been unable to be delivered due to no one at home. I called home office, and they are gone for the day. I...
  2. G

    Shipping orders to comsultant and not host?

    I have heard many people mention that they have some or all of their orders shipped to themselves and not the hosts. I have a couple questions about that. 1. How do you get pampered partner to do that without changing the host's address information (is their a way)? If I change the information...
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    I just rec'd a call from HO. My special shipping orders did not go

    I just rec'd a call from HO. My special shipping orders did not go thru. They told me to download PP13.1. I rec'd my fall paperwork/disc. I downloaded it and then did the updates. I still have 13.0. How do I get the 13.1 download???? My disc just downloads 13.0, and after the updates it tells...
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    Shipping address

    Is it possible to have a show's order shipped to me rather than the hostess? I did a mystery host show where they "won" the hostess benefits and I dont want to have to bother her with packing up the orders. Thanks
  5. A

    Shipping to countries??

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I was just over in Denmark for a week, and managed to run into someone who is dying to purchase PC products as she left hers behind when she moved. Does anyone know if we ship to Denmark and what the cost would be? Or should I ask home office? Thanks...
  6. K

    Shipping time

    I was wondering how long everyone's shows have taken to be delivered. So far, most of my shows have arrived in about a week give or take a day or two. Is this normal?? That seems pretty quick!! The reason I am asking, is I am submitting my biggest show yet ( :D $800 in commissionable sales...
  7. D

    Shipping charges

    I am just getting started and will do my first host show this weekend to get my kit for 50.00. I am all out of order forms in order to get some prices together can someone send me the exact shipping amount on the order forms. Thanks, Donna