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What is brand: Definition and 68 Discussions

  1. Jessica Miller

    Iso Table Runners / Table Cloths / Displays for Craft Shows

    I am in search of Table Cloth's and or Table Runners and/or Displays PC branded with the newer logo please. I have several team members that set up at local craft events and we need more items. We currently have two of the teal table cloths and would love at least 3 more if at all possible! Any...
  2. P

    Brand New Pampered Chef Marketing Items - $75+Shipping!

    I have cleaned out my office and do not see myself using these items moving forward. Most of them are in good condition and would be beneficial to active consultants.I would rather not "piece meal" the items with multiple trips to the post office. Therefore, if one person would like to take...
  3. M

    Who is the Newest Consultant on the Team?

    Hi, My name is Marianne and I'm brand new here and a brand new consultant. I look forward to learning as much as possible and working with all of you.
  4. laberlin

    2872 Roasting Pan With Rack Brand New

    Selling my 2872 brand new never used roasting pan with rack. Selling for $130.00 + shipping. No box but in original plastic with paper. It has been sitting in storage and brand new.
  5. Elizabeth Q

    Ready to Party? Join Me as I Embark on My Pampered Chef Journey!

    Hello friends,I am a new Pampered Chef consultant; just got my starter kit yesterday.I have never done direct sales before, but have been using, and loving, Pampered Chef products for 20 years.I live in Michigan, with my one and only husband and our 12-year old son.I would like to do both...
  6. JenBlissCriswell

    Ready to join the TPC consulting team in Atlanta?

    Just started with TPC last week. I had my kick-off party and had a blast. I'm consulting in Atlanta, GA.
  7. C

    Brand New Garden Tote - $25 + Shipping

    For sale brand new garden tote. Never used except to take to shows to show it. Asking $25 plus shipping. .
  8. Debbie W

    Ready to Become a Successful Consultant? Learn the Tricks of the Trade!

    Hi. My name is Debbie and I'm brand new to PC. I am trying to learn as much as I can to be the most successful with my business. I LOVE the products and I love interacting with people but I have SO much to learn. I can't wait to get started.
  9. Intrepid_Chef

    Prevent Cracks with the Brand New Rockcrok for Your Next Cooking Show!

    So I have a big show coming up. Yesterday I decided to test the recipe in the RockCrok I have used exactly 3 times, at a friend's house where she has an electric stove.I am so glad I did because it cracked mid-recipe! It made both smoke detectors go off, and burned the bottom of the unit!I am...
  10. W

    Brand New Microwave Grips - Set of Two!

    Microwave Grips These are NOT in the package and have been used once. They look brand new though! These compact, heat-resistant silicone grips easily slip onto your fingers. Raised ridges and bumps give you a secure, comfortable hold. Set of two. Dishwasher-safe. *Will combine shipping if...
  11. F

    Brand New Director Style Navy Blue Chair

    I have a brand new Director Style folding chair for sale. Never used. Took out of box just to take pictures. Comes with carrying bag and shoulder strap. PC logo on back. Both arms have cup holders and also little mesh bag on side arm to store things. $45 includes shipping.
  12. P

    Brand New Logo Pens - Assorted Colors $5 + Shipping

    Logo pens in assorted colors, never used, $5 each plus shipping. Paypal only please.
  13. K

    Need Ideas for Getting Bookings in a Brand New Area?

    Hi All, My name is Key and I'm a BRAND NEW consultant in a BRAND SPANKIN NEW area due to a recent move as we are military. I'm looking for ideas on how to get bookings in my area such as places I should advertise or post flyers (are there some good flyers for that purpose here?) which flyers...
  14. P

    Brand New Aprons for Sale - $15 & Free Shipping!

    I have three aprons for sale....none have been worn but are out of package. 1. Patriotic 2. Denim 3. Pink & Black Paisley $15 each.....FREE shipping.
  15. Kristin Radunz

    Brand New Pampered Chef Bracelet - 6 Charms - $50 Shipped

    Pampered Chef Bracelet. Never worn. Includes the following charms: spice turn about, quick stir pitcher, deep covered baker, stainless mixing bowls, food chopper, and apple wedger. Asking $50 for all - includes shipping.
  16. T

    What's the Deal with This $35 Pampered Chef Item?

    sold $35 plus shipping new in plastic
  17. M

    Brand New Kitchen Items - Unused - Great Deals!

    I am currently debating on wether to hang up my apron or not. In the meantime I have a few Items in stock that I will not need or use. They are all brand new still packaged. Salad/berry spinner- $40 Large cutting board with juice wells-$25 cutting board (item 1012) -$12 Classic batter...
  18. A

    Brand New Fall Products for Sale Discounted

    Im selling a few of the new fall products at a 40% discount simply because I dont want/wont use them. If you are interested in seeing a list let me know :)
  19. T

    Brand New Items No Room to Store

    Please PM or e-mail for a list of current itemsI have Fall Winter 2012/2013 items for sale PM for the list!Consultant Items NEW Patriotic Apron New in package $15.00 Large Envelope $10.00No Longer Available Items NEW in box or bagsChizanne Rectangular platter $20.00 Oval Cutting Board $7.00 x6...
  20. 1PamperedMommy

    Training a Brand New Consultant

    I've found myself in a strange predicament...I have just recruited my first team member (and therefore I am training my first team member). Which is awesome! However, the problem is this...I have to train her on a system I can't access. How can I teach her how to use the "new" Pampered Chef...
  21. P

    Director Name Your Team: How to Brand Your Squad?

    Does your team have a name? I would like to Brand my team with a name, logo, colour, etc.... I asked my team for their input (at our meeting and in email) and only got ONE response back. Do you think a team name is silly and maybe they don't want it?. or do you think it's that it's not a...
  22. P

    Brand New Black Rolling Tote - $45 + Shipping

    1/24/12- STILL FOR SALE!!! Brand new black large rolling tote, never used, loads of pockets and storage. Nothing wrong with it, I just received it before I figured out how I wanted to transport my items. Paid $90, asking $45 plus shipping, if not local to me.
  23. P

    Brand New Sling Bag: $30 + Shipping | PayPal/Check/Money Order

    I have the sling bag, brand new, unopened, for sale. $30 plus shipping. I will take paypal or check/money order.
  24. A

    Fs: Xl & Xxl Brand New Logowear

    I have had a terrible time trying to order shirts from Merrill. I am not an odd shape or size.....but I now have TWO BRAND NEW shirts that don't fit right....I called to see about exchanging them and because they are "while supplies last" neither can be exchanged :( The first shirt is an XL...
  25. alabama pc cons.

    Brand New $25 Prepaid Card + Free Shipping!

    I received it yesterday... Haven't taken it out of package.... $25 prepaid... FREE SHIPPING..... First one to email me at [email protected] gets it...
  26. frozenchef

    Brand New (With Tags) Dooney & Bourke Handbag

    Received this bag (Dooney & Bourke Calf Classic Satchel - black) from the October recruiting promotion and I'm carrying around a diaper bag now, so it has not even been opened. These normally run for $195, but I'm willing to sell it for $150 (free shipping) to help pay for renewing my passport...
  27. KayPT

    Brand New Glassware Tote - Never Used!

    I have a glassware tote for sale. It is brand new, never used, just taken out of the package to look at.
  28. RMDave

    What are the Best Food Brands at Safeway Markets?

    Not sure if the brand is available nationwide. Its produced for (and by) Safeway markets (which also includes Vons, Pavilions, Skaggs, Krogers) and others in the corporate family.Eating Right™ products come in everything to family entrees, individual servings, breakfast cereals, and kid friendly...
  29. hope.reasoner

    Are You Ready to Pamper Your Kitchen with Pampered Chef?

    HI all!! My name is Hope R. I live in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia! Im a Navy Wife who is also a Stay At Home Mom! My son is 11 months old and his name is Noah and my husband is Josh! They are the reason why I decided to become a Pampered Chef Consultant! I love the fact that i can be a...
  30. suzipooh

    Brand New UGG Boots: Too Big for Me, Perfect for You!

    I'm heart broken :( I got my UGG boots for Christmas and they are too big :cry: They are brand new, size 7, grey " Classic Cardy" UGG boots. You can wear them tall, short or scrunched. Now, they say size 7, but appearantly you should get a size smaller than what you normally wear... The...