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What is food: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. princezz2

    Delicious Homemade Italian Meatballs: No Bread Crumbs Needed!

    Just made some Italian Meatballs...recipe called for italian bread crumbs. I didn't have any, so i took cheesey garlic croutons and my Manual Food Processor and voila... Bread crumbs. Thank you. Thank you very much! Drops the mic
  2. CrescentChefCA

    Discover Delicious Recipes for Your Manual Food Processor - Get Yours Today!

    Looking for a recipe booklet for our Manual Food Processor! I thought I had at least 2 versions, now they are gone!
  3. Admin Greg

    Manual Food Processor Storage Lid

    Please discuss the Manual Food Processor Storage Lid. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  4. C

    Carrots in the Manual Food Processor?

    Has anyone tried to chop carrots in the Manual Food Processor?
  5. byrd1956

    Mom's Question: Should Bamboo Mixing Bowls Be Used to Store Food in the Fridge?

    I have a customer that says her mom wants to store food in the bamboo mixing bowls in the fridge. What does everyone say? I don't have these and wondered if they should actually store things in them. Especially things like fruit in juices. My customer is afraid there will be leaching or even...
  6. kam

    Food Chopper Clear Collar Question

    I have a customer who is asking about a replacement clear collar for the food chopper. I know that there was an older version once... For the life of me I can't remember anything about the older version - what do I ask my customer to distinguish between the 2? How long ago was the new one...
  7. K

    Food Holidays & National Food Months

    I found this really neat list of national food holidays, along with a list of food days. Today, September 23rd is national White Chocolate Day. This would be a great way to make the candy corn fudge on Show Talk, since it uses white chocolate. National Chili week is the first week of...
  8. Sheila

    50 Guests, No Food Allowed. How Would You Do the Show?

    2 heads think better than 1. 100 heads definitely think better than one! LOL The venue doesn't want ANY food in the room. How would you entertain 50 guests? I know I could do a "walk through the catalog" and highlight some of our most popular products. But I'm looking for outside the box...
  9. DebPC

    Can you make delicious salsa with just a manual food processor?

    So simple and so easy!
  10. DebPC

    Manual Food Processor for Baby Food

    http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/3218/babyfoodn.jpg I copied this from a thread from a couple years ago by Erica, to go with this post. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know thread has been up a while, but I just came across it. I...
  11. J

    F/S Charm Bracelet, Food Chopper and Dcb Charms

    Bracelet and Food Chopper and Deep Covered Baker Charms. Selling for $35, including postage.
  12. C

    Save Big on Groceries with Our Easy-to-Use Coupon System | Food Store

    OMG!! I feel like I'm going crazy! I know I saw a coupon file in here somewhere where you can rip off a little coupon on the bottom??? Am I going crazy??
  13. Y

    Recipe or Food Samples at a Booth?

    I am fairly new to PC and have signed up for a couple booths this fall. I looked through all the photos on this board! Great resource! For some reason, I assumed I would pick and easy recipe like a salsa and make a big batch of it up and give out samples and have some there to demo the...
  14. chefsteph07

    Fifty Shades Meets FOOD: Planning a Theme Party

    I recently went to a Pure Romance party and the consultant did a Fifty Shades theme...It got me to thinking...could we do the same thing with a FOOD theme? For anyone who read the book, Christian Grey is obsessed w/ food! I think I could get a few hits for shows with something like this, so I...
  15. C

    Rusty Blades? Tips for Removing Rust from Food Chopper

    I just spoke with a woman who is not very happy with PC right now. She told me that her sister bought a food chopper 2 years ago, & the blades are rusting at the top. I told her to get in touch with her original consultant to get the info so she can deal with HO. In the meantime, are there any...
  16. thehaleykitchen

    How can I effectively clean a sticky rubber bottom on my food chopper?

    I just had a costumer email me about her food chopper rubber bottom being all sticky and gross ~ any ideas on how to clean it? Thanks, Karen
  17. L

    Host a Delicious and Healthy Raw Food Party with a PC Consultant

    I'm a brand new, PC Consultant and of course, I get the winners. I have a potential host that wants a "raw food" party. I'm thinking some sort of salad and maybe confetti salsa but that really doesn't show much. Any ideas???? :cry:
  18. EmilyStraw

    Whole Food Recipes Featuring Pampered Chef Products

    I am working on a compilation of whole food recipes that feature Pampered Chef products. I personally am on a pretty strict diet of no processed grains or sugars, and I am really tired of PC's definition of "healthy food" including things like canned biscuits, pasta, and brown sugar. I would...
  19. S

    What Food Bar Ideas Can I Use for My Next Quarter Madness Event?

    I set up at a Quarter Madness event last night. I had a vendor booth there and put 4 items into an auction and the attendees were able to place quarter bids on each item. My auction items did very well each item was auctioned off and made its value if not more!!! Plus I sold a few cash and...
  20. wadesgirl

    Food Vendor Requirements for Events: A Cautionary Tale

    Just a tip for those in the future who are doing their own vendor event or for those who do food at their event (someone had mentioned on here about making PC samples and selling them - check to see if food vendors are required to hold a state license. My sister and I are doing a little event...
  21. esavvymom

    Valentine's Day Food Plans: What's on Your Menu?

    We are a bunch of "foodies" here, so I was curious what Valentine plans you had? Going out, making something at home? JUST the food plans .... ;) We are doing fondue tonight! My kids said "fun what??". Beef broth, oil, and chocolate. And after checking websites, they all...
  22. T

    Replacement Parts for Food Chopper

    I have a customer who bought the food chopper a long time ago and needs to replace the clear plastic ring that the cap installs on. Where do I find where I can order replacement parts?
  23. S

    What Are the Best Comfort Food Recipes for a January Party?

    I'm doing a January party and offered Comfort Food thinking I had lots of ideas -- but I don't -- hahahha. Just the Loaded Potato Chowder. Do you have any suggestions that are also good demo recipes? Thanks! Sandi
  24. scottcooks

    Where Can You Find a Food Chopper in Disney's Family Fun December Issue?

    Disney "Family Fun" December issue Sweet Gifts to Make and Bake - blonde girl in light blue with pigtails chomping gingerbread man's head on conver. page 28 "Let's Cook" French Bread casserole shows Food Chopper :)
  25. W

    Baby Shower Gift Ideas: MFP + Baby Food Recipes

    I am going to a cousin's baby shower. My mom and I thought a MFP would be a nice gift. But I wanted to give her some recipes to go with it. Any ideas for baby food recipes?? Thanks for your help.:thumbup:
  26. vanscootin

    Dish Network Using the Food Chopper!

    So my hubby was watching tv and I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen and he yells for me to come in... he asks me if I've seen the Dish Network commercial with the Pampered Chef stuff in it.... uh no. So he rewinds it and sure as $h*t there is our food chopper being advertised as a slap chop! I...
  27. P

    Urgent Church Shopping Bazaar - Need Ideas for Food!

    I have been invited to a church shopping bazaar happening this Saturday. The lady who called me has no idea how many people to expect, and she doesn't want to be the host. She wants "some" food there - "doesn't have to be a lot" are the directions I received. SO...I'm thinking a mystery...
  28. P

    Manual Food Processor Salsa Fresca

    I'm looking for the Salsa Fresca recipe that comes in the MFP but I can't find it anywhere! Does anyone have it handy?
  29. D

    Replacement Parts for Food Chopper - Help Needed!

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can get replacement parts for the Food Chopper? Thank you, Dana D