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What is parts: Definition and 76 Discussions

  1. C

    Order Replacement Parts: Shipping and Site Issues

    Just an FYI - if you do an order for replacement parts on the new site, the shipping does not come up as $3.00. I called HO and they said not everything is working right yet so they had to process the order over the phone for me in order to get the correct shipping. Makes one wonder how many...
  2. DebPC

    Find Parts Replacement Form on Our Website | Get Pricing Information

    I swear I looked in every nook and crany of the website and can't find it. Can someone direct me to it? I want to check on pricing for a part. Thanks!
  3. T

    Replacement Parts for Food Chopper

    I have a customer who bought the food chopper a long time ago and needs to replace the clear plastic ring that the cap installs on. Where do I find where I can order replacement parts?
  4. chesse

    How Do We Order Replacement Parts Now?

    Hi, Printed out a RP order form that is no longer an order form! How do we order them now? Asked Solution Center but now response. TIA Char
  5. D

    Replacement Parts for Food Chopper - Help Needed!

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can get replacement parts for the Food Chopper? Thank you, Dana D
  6. pcsharon1

    I Missed It...........when Did They Change Replacement Parts?

    When did they change the replacement parts order form? Used to be I could print it out and give it to a customer and they could mail it in whenever they were ready. Now it clearly states that all replacement parts orders must be done through P3. Missed that. And just got off the phone with...
  7. B

    How Should Guests Order Replacement Parts?

    If I don't order replacement parts for my guests, can they order them themselves online? I do have a website. Thanks.
  8. chefkathy

    Director Where can I find the replacement for the Spoon Rest stoneware saucer?

    There is FINALLY a replacement for the Spoon Rest stoneware saucer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/images/cc/us/pdf/replacement_parts_list.pdf
  9. lt1jane

    How Do I Get Repair Parts for My Rolling Tote?

    I have a rolling tote that has a broken handle. (The collapsible luggage one.) I cannot find a manufacturer of the tote and don't know how to purchase a replacement handle. Any ideas?
  10. G

    Shipping for Replacement Parts??

    Does anyone know if you pay for shipping for replacement parts? I am in p3 right now trying to place an order but the s&h isnt coming up? did i do something wrong or is that right?? thanks in advance :chef:
  11. mspibb

    Give Away for Parts Old Style Cookie Press

    I still use my "gun" type cookie press but it started slipping. My brother gave me back the one I gave him (he loves peanut butter cookies so I thought he might make his own!) that he never used. So I have an extra set of disks, barrel and connector ring I will give to someone, just pay shipping!
  12. L

    Can Somebody Please Post a Current Replacement Parts Form?

    I can't hook a printer up to my computer with PP on it, and I really need a replacement parts form ASAP. I appreciate your anticipated help! :love:
  13. H

    Ordering Replacement Parts in P3: A Guide

    Can we place order replacement parts in P3 or do we have to mail in order form? If we can use P3, how/where? Thanks!
  14. ChefCKHall

    No Replacement Parts for Coolnserve

    Well, my first show offering the Cool & Serve...someone walked by, bumped one of the inside plastic trays off the table onto a tile floor and CRACK! We all sang taps.... Called HO today to share my sadness:cry: and she said there are no replacement parts available for the CoolnServe...
  15. K

    Is the 2010 Spring/Summer replacement parts order form on consultant's corner?

    I am looking for the new Spring/Summer 2010 replacement parts order form on consultant's corner and I can't find it. Does anyone know if it is on there?
  16. C

    Replacement Parts Mystery: Can't Find Carafe Insert? Am I Crazy?

    I would be willing to swear that I ordered the glass insert off of the replacement parts for the carafe for a customer a year or two ago. Now ours broke and I can't find it on the replacement parts form. Am I crazy? It will stink if we have to buy a new one, it is $64!
  17. turtle15

    Old Easy Accent Decorator Replacement Parts

    Do you think if someone ordered the clear tube replacement part for the easy accent decorator, that it would fit on the old decorator trigger part?
  18. L

    Pie-Making Tips & EAD Replacement Parts: Help Laurie Out!

    I had a fundraiser yesterday and i had two questions i couldn't answer, so here i am! one lady said she makes alot of pies and bought the pie pan but some other lady said, oh no, don't use that, the crust on the bottom doesn't get done and is doughy, so she didn't want to try it because she is...
  19. B

    Where can I order replacement parts for the decorator bottle set?

    I have a customer who needs to order a replacement part for the decorator bottle set (product number 1585). The collar and writing tip were accidentally ground up in the garbage disposal (oops!) How do I go about ordering these replacement parts for her?
  20. elizabethfox

    Is the Inner Ring the Right Replacement for Your Rice Cooker?

    Had a booth at a festival on sat, and a lady stopped by saying she needed the rubber ring that goes inside her rice cooker. I looked on the replacement parts list on P3 and there are only two things for the rice cooker. Is the one called the "inner ring" the part I am looking for? Thanks
  21. ChefJoyJ

    Why Is There No Shipping and Handling Fee for Replacement Parts?

    I am ordering a replacement clear collar for a customer. When I put it as shipping to me, it had no S&H, so then I changed it and had it as shipping to her...but still no S&H. :confused: Is that normal? Is there really no S&H on replacement parts??? That just doesn't sound right to me...
  22. pcsharon1

    Food Holder for the Um on the Replacement Parts

    Does anyone know if the item on the replacement parts order form listed as Food Holder for the Ultimate Mandolin is the entire piece or just the round piece with the prongs? I have a customer who has lost the entire piece and needs a replacement but I don't want to offer that to her if it is...
  23. loreo

    Ordering Replacement Parts for Customers | P3 Total Calculator

    I am trying to order replacement parts for a customer. After putting in all of her info and the items ordered, P3 totaled it. It figured in the tax but not the shipping. Do they not have to pay shipping on replacement parts? Thanks!
  24. B

    How Can I Order Replacement Parts for Kitchen Gadgets?

    I have a guest that is need of the Food Chopper Collar and I guess the sleeve of the Measure all Cup. I found the FC Collar on the replacement form but I could not find the Sleeve to the Measure ALL Cup. Is there a replacement for this item, or does she have to order a new one? She used to be...
  25. sk8rgrrl99

    Order Replacement Parts for Out-of-Warranty Items

    I have a customer that needs 2 replacement parts for items she has. She's not looking to get them for free because they are out of warranty - can they be ordered?
  26. turtle15

    Ordering Parts for Show: No Shipping Required

    If a host wants to order to bump up her show, do they have to pay shipping on that part of the order? I can't figure out a way to make the host order count toward the show (no discount) in P3.
  27. kam

    Why Do Some Replacement Parts Take Longer to Ship?

    How do replacement parts ship? It appears to be a longer tracking number than FedEx. Results for 9102185456XXXXXXXXXXXX Carrier ID: 02185456XXXXXXXXXXXX Manifest ID: XXXXXXX Status: Sortation Center Departure Date Time Description Location November 25, 2008 7:27 AM Sortation Center...
  28. wadesgirl

    Ac/P/S Replacement Parts: Protect Your Surfaces with Rubber Pads

    I had a guest ask about the "padded" things that keep the clamp from scratching the surface it's attached to. Is this the rubber pad on the replacement form? I've never actually seen one in person!
  29. redsoxgirl

    Can We Order Replacement Parts on P3?

    Just curious if I have to mail the form in or if I can do it on P3?