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What is list: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. B

    Spring Summer 21 Alphabetical List

    Hello! I am in need of the current season 2021 alphabetical product list. Not the one that starts September 1. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I may have posted this thread as a duplicate but I couldn’t find the first one. Thank you.
  2. DianaDuch

    Discover the Complete SS20 Alphabetical Product List for Canada | Download Now

    Hi,Would anyone happen to have the Canadian version for SS20 Alphabetical Product List? Looking for the PDF file, I thought I downloaded before the new season and forgot!
  3. Roadtripray

    I Cannot See My Customer's Wish List

    I have a customer who is hosting a party that closes today. She has created a wishlist and added items to her list. I can see that she created a wishlist, but it comes up empty. I was able to edit the wishlist and attach it to her show, but still no luck. I was even able to edit her wishlist...
  4. D

    List of Free Product Fall 2018 Levels

    I’m looking for a list of products my selling levels
  5. byrd1956

    The 10 Wish List Challenge: A Unique Way to Connect & Share!

    Has anyone heard of the 10 wish list challenge? They talked about it at our most recent meeting, but we never got any details on what to post. We were to try to get 10 people to sign up and create a wish list then send us names of who to share the list with. Someone said they would put...
  6. esavvymom

    Updated "Well Stocked Kitchen" List??

    Does anyone have an updated "Well Stocked Kitchen List" by chance? Last one I have is from 2012, and I can't locate an updated one on the PC Website.I'll keep looking, or try to create an updated version, but thought I'd ask before reinventing the wheel. :)(It's kind of scary, but I'm...
  7. chefjeanine

    Discontinued Product List Fall/Winter 2016

    https://scontent.ford1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15966298_10207630018938037_9189250203176338484_n.jpg?oh=2e963262535e1a47496a19034580a82c&oe=59160A5BA friend just posted this on Facebook -- don't know how she got her hands on it. Note that some items are discontinued and some restyled.
  8. raebates

    Well-Stocked Kitchen List Ss 2015

    Does anyone have an updated well-stocked kitchen list? I'd like to be able to offer one to prospective shower hosts & brides.Thanks in advance.
  9. straitfan

    Bridal Shower Wish List Ideas: Creative Ways to Display the Bride's Wishlist

    Okay... it's been a LONG time since I did a bridal shower, but I have one coming up. How is everyone displaying the bride's wish list these days? There used to be files with pictures/descriptions/prices in label format. Can't find anything current. Share what you're doing please!
  10. DebPC

    Get Ready for Fall: Check Out Our New Product List!

    Greg will be posting individual threads for each product next week.
  11. L

    Please Help!!!!! Spring/Summer 2014 Wish List With Pictures

    help!!!!!! does anyone have a wish list with pictures made with the s/s 2014 products... my first show is this weekend and its a bridal shower!!! I am soooo freakin out!!! thank you!!!
  12. L

    Spring and Summer 2014 Wish List With Pictures

    does anyone have anything made up of product wish list with pictures? my very first show is a bridal shower and im trying to make cards for her registery thanks ;)
  13. firediv

    Product List for Spring/Summer 2014

    Spring/Summer 2014 Product Lists Wish List Alphabetical Order Item Number Price I know we have downloadable pdf for the lists but it's hard for me to read. I was wondering if there was a doc or xls file available so i could change font sizes? Thank You Doug
  14. T

    No 1099 for 2013? Do I Have to List Earnings on My Taxes?

    I have this on my 2013 W2: Because your total earnings is below $600.00, you will not receive a 1099 for 2013...does this mean I don't have to list it on my taxes?
  15. pampchef.angel

    Alphabetical Catalog Index for Host Packet - PDF Available!

    I am wanting to add an index to my host packet. Has anyone already done a .pdf of the catalog in alphabetical order? Don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to :)
  16. W

    Help! Bridal Shower Wish List??

    I'm looking for something to give to a bride to create her wish list. Does anyone have either a checklist or a form that has all products listed? Something like the wish list that used to be included with the triplicate sheets that Pampered Chef used to provide.... I hope this makes sense...
  17. byrd1956

    Does Anyone Have Old/New Product List?

    I have way too many old catalogs and want to give them out at events. Does anyone have a list (word doc) of all the new products I can print and put in the catalog? Also, does anyone have a list of the recently discontinued products?? I would like to X them out in the old catalogs. Thank you!!
  18. S

    Have you tried using a recipe/product list notebook for show prep?

    In an effort to be more efficient at prepping for a show, a director suggested I put together a recipe/product list notebook. Use a 3 ring binder with sheet protectors. One side would have a copy of the recipe. The back side would be a list of the products needed to make the recipe. Does...
  19. frozenchef

    Bridal Wish List Pictures Fall/Winter 2013

    I did these on the Business Card template this time - Avery 8371. Much easier to just print them on business card paper and pull them apart instead of cutting out each one. Let me know if I missed any products or if something is incorrect. There are 53 pages in all.
  20. B

    Where Can I Find the 2013 Wish List on CC?

    I've been looking for the 2013 wish list on CC but the link is invalid. Does anyone happen to have a copy saved that they could post or email me? [email protected]
  21. J

    Retirement Sale! Added Items! Updated List!

    Retirement Sale! Updated list! Updated 4/16/ 11:20 Here is an updated list of the items I have for sale. My husband has retired from farming and just finished his airplane and it's time to start traveling. All prices are plus shipping (most economical way). I only accept PayPal. Please email...
  22. J

    Retirement Sale! Updated List!

    Retirement Sale! Updated list! 8/12/13UPDATED One More Time - AUGUST 15, 2013 We're moving and I found a few other things - if you want more than one item, make me an offer: 30 Spring Summer '12, + 1 Spring Summer '13 Season's Best - $3 Be Amazing Wahoooooo - Button - That is what Jean...
  23. A

    Price Change Products List: Where to Find It?

    I have hunted everywhere for the list of products with Price Changes.... anyone have one or know where I can find it?
  24. C

    Where Can I Find a Bridal Product List for Fall 2012 with Pictures?

    Has anyone seen or made a product list (with picture) for a bridal wish list Fall 2012? I could make my own, but where do I find pictures of the products? thanks in advance.
  25. A

    New Consultant to Do First List

    Just wondering if anyone has a "recent" checklist in detail of the things for a New Consultant to do? I have a new consultant who is having a hard time grasping ALL that she needs to do... I want to create a what to do first type list for her to follow that gives detail on where to go... what to...
  26. N

    What Pampered Chef items are available for sale?

    Here's the list I'm selling: potentially spoken for/sold |available 5 DVD's: Your Season of Success Fall/Winter 2007 Spring into Success! Spring/Summer 2008 Your Season of Success Fall/winter 2008 Spring Into Success! Spring/Summer 2009 Cooking Shows In Action Show and Sell...
  27. Sheila

    Director Quick Start Box Inventory List?

    I guess I'm blind today. I'm trying to find the list of what comes in the Quick Start Box on Consultant's Corner and can't seem to find it today! Anyone have the link saved? I did before the laptop crashed ...ETA: Disregard! Melissa helped! I was looking under "Quick Start Boxes", "New...
  28. S

    Is there a comprehensive list of allergen-free pantry items available?

    Has anyone out there received from HO or written up their own list of which Pantry products are allergen-free? I'v had customers looking out for various allergens, including gluten, soy, dairy, nut, and egg, as well as several who'd like salt-free seasoning. I'm trying to put together a list...
  29. T

    Grill and Broil $4.00"Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Items for Sale - Consultant List

    Please PM or e-mail for a list of current items I have Fall Winter 2012/2013 items for sale PM for the list! Consultant Items NEW Patriotic Apron New in package $15.00 Large Envelope $10.00 No Longer Available Items NEW in box or bags Oval Cutting Board $7.00 x6 Reversible Tiles...
  30. T

    Searching for Price Increase List: Need Help Fast!

    Does anyone know where on cc the price increase list is, moving my daughter to college and 2 day care babies are sick, I've looked 3 times and can't find it..... I read somewhere it was online but not sure exactly where!! Don't have time to cross check every product in the catalogs Thanks!