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What is price: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Allison

    Original Price of the Original Deep Dish Baker?

    Im trying to find out the original price of the original deep dish baker . Anyone?
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    Price of 2 Discontinued Products

    Does anybody have an original price on the following discontinued items:* Barbecue Pizza Pan (the metal one) * Mega LifterThanks in advance, they were both used just once and I'm giving them away
  3. L

    What Price Should Outlet Items Be When Sold at a Vendor Event

    I am hosting a vendor event and stocked up on some items to sell. Some of my inventory came from the outlet. Do I sell those items for the outlet price?
  4. S

    What's Included in this Incredible Pampered Chef Bundle?

    Pampered Chef Banner, laptop bag, sling purse, recipe collection binder filled with pampered chef recipes, pineapple wedger, 8x8 pan, extra easy accent tips, stone heart mold, pampered chef bag filled with invitations, bridal invites and birthday cards. Three stoneware racks. Would like to have...
  5. A

    Can Hostesses Use Free Product for 1/2 Price Items?

    Is the hostess allowed to use her free product towards her 1/2 price items?
  6. Intrepid_Chef

    Smaller Item to Get at Half Price

    I am one of those long-time consultants who pretty much owns the whole catalog. Food chopper, manual food processor, cutlery, scrapers, bamboo spoons, executive and stainless cookware ... and now the Rock Crock. I also have a large stash of cash and carry, which I dip into for gifts and...
  7. TrudysOwn

    White Scissors Wanted - Please Contact With Price

    Does anyone have a pair of white scissors we used to carry? I have the black ones we currently carry but would like another pair of the white ones. If you do, please let me know the price you want.Thanks.
  8. etteluap70PC

    Price Reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker

    Price reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker size 3X pullover windbreaker NEVER WORN! Purchased at National Conference for $45. List Date: 9/11/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Price reduced! New + Size Logo Wear Navy Windbreaker...
  9. etteluap70PC

    Price Reduced... New + Size Hwc Logo Wear, Zip up Flece

    Price reduced... NEW + size HWC Logo Wear, Zip up Flece Size 2X zip fleece Jacket with Help Whip Cancer Logo. NEVER WORN! Purchased at National Conference for $45. I am a former consultant. If you need references there are many here who still know me Via Facebook and from meeting at National...
  10. kam

    Are Garden Tools Worth the Price? Investigating Strength & Quality

    For those that have the garden tools...are they worth the price? Are they really that much better/stronger than ones you can find at retail? Just curious! I am thinking that the pruning shears might be worth it since the good ones in stores are pretty pricey, too. But the other items...
  11. byrd1956

    Product Price Increase Not Showing

    I am still using p3. I have a March for a show order via my website. When I put it in p3 all the products with price increases still shows the last season price. I have updated p3 and when that didn't work I went to the website and did a manual update. The Guest Special says it is not...
  12. esavvymom

    "How Do I Work With the Price Objection?" Tip From Tammy Stanley

    Saw this tip on Tammy Stanley's website today: So for OUR shows, we could say "Ladies, it's not the price of anything that makes it expensive; it's how many times you use it."
  13. H

    Affordable Prices on Pampered Chef Products: Shop $10 and Under!

    I feel like i have searched all over, not just on this site but the Pampered Chef site and google! I just want some sort of organized price point flyer... Like $10 and under and $20 and under... I was going to copy and paste the items online but it doesn't paste well(format gets all messy) and i...
  14. P

    What is the Price of the Retired Carafe?

    I've got a brand new carafe (the silver one) that I'm wanting to sell. I can't remember what it sold for in the catalog. Can anyone remember? Thanks!
  15. A

    Where to Find the Price of a Yearly Website Subscription?

    How much is one year of the website? I can't find it anywhere.
  16. A

    Price Change Products List: Where to Find It?

    I have hunted everywhere for the list of products with Price Changes.... anyone have one or know where I can find it?
  17. kam

    Saving Money: Use Price Matching & Price Guarantee

    It takes a little bit of effort...but many stores now will price match competitor's prices. It is worth the effort to be prepared! Also, save your receipts as many stores offer 30-day price guarantees. If they (or someone else) offers the same product from 30-days when purchased, they will...
  18. R

    Saving Money ... Use Coupons and Price Match for the Best Deals!!

    Oh, and one last thing .. go grocery shopping on your own .. I have found that when I take my kids or my husband .. the bill gets bigger!!
  19. A

    Director New Year, New Subscription Price!

    DCS is going on a year long sale for 50% off it's membership fee. Now you can subscribe for only $4.98/yr! Times are tough and we want to help! Fees go towards server/software leasing which costs around $200/m (DCS/CS). A similar sale will also be posted at CS. I will refund the difference...
  20. T

    Searching for Price Increase List: Need Help Fast!

    Does anyone know where on cc the price increase list is, moving my daughter to college and 2 day care babies are sick, I've looked 3 times and can't find it..... I read somewhere it was online but not sure exactly where!! Don't have time to cross check every product in the catalogs Thanks!
  21. lt1jane

    Fall/Winter 2012 Price Changes: See the Latest Updates Now!"

    OK, here at last are the price changes (and there were A LOT of them!!)
  22. Tracie

    Discover Eye-Catching Price Change Flyers - Get Inspired Now!

    Has anyone seen or created a price change flyer? I would love to see it. :D Thank you in advance!
  23. cwinter474

    Is Commission Earned on Half Price and 60% off Items?

    Do we earn commission on these? I am thinking no
  24. maldvs

    ISO: Tote Bag - Reasonable Price, Paypal Ready

    ISO Catalog Tote for a reasonable price. I have paypal and will pay immediately if your price is right!
  25. ivykeep

    Price Differences Between June and July?

    Since there is some overlap in host special items for 60% off in June and July, anyone know why the prices on the flyers are different if they are 60% off each month?The bowls are $25.80 in June and $28 in JulyThe Cool and Serve is $19.60 in June and $19.20 in July.
  26. byrd1956

    Bbq Basting Brush Price Changing!

    ok, so why when I put the BBQ Basting Brush in P3 is the cost only $15 and not $16, like when the customer placed their online order? I just did an update and it still is wrong..... any advice?
  27. C

    Get a Price Quote for FL Shipping - Note2Lori.com

    let me know your price, and shipping to Florida, thanks =)please email me at lori at note2lori.com as I don't get here as often, thanks
  28. A

    Director Have you discovered the secret to saving on shipping costs for supply orders?

    I noticed on the back of the sample package order form that if you order prior to March 1st shipping is $4.75 and if you order after that you pay the "Consultant Shipping price" which was the direct shipping rate... I am guessing this is going to be the norm on the supply orders as well.. Did...
  29. lt1jane

    Catalog Price Changes: SA Dots Dishes and Ice Cream Scoop

    I've gotten through the catalog and now have the price change list. I have included in my price changes (and indicated there are differences) the SA Dots dishes and the ice cream scoop. Hope you find it helpful
  30. Kjurich

    Get Half Price Kit Rebate: Qualify Now & Save on Christmas Shopping!

    Any else just qualify? I signed up during the half price kit in october and I qualified in my first 30 days and I was just trying to find out if anyone else that has done this has gotten thier rebate yet? or knows when we will get it? The money would be nice for more christmas shopping.