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What is discontinued products: Definition and 61 Discussions

  1. S

    What Products Are Discontinued After August 2019 and Their Price Changes?

    Anyone have the list of items that are being discontinued 8/31/2019 and the price increase information?
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    Price of 2 Discontinued Products

    Does anybody have an original price on the following discontinued items:* Barbecue Pizza Pan (the metal one) * Mega LifterThanks in advance, they were both used just once and I'm giving them away
  3. Dena

    Where Can I Find Indian Mild Curry Rub?

    Thank you in advance Dena . Baylor @ Yahoo . ComPlease just put "spice" in subject line so I don't accidentally delete it as spam. Thank you.
  4. Niki Kate

    Discontinued Items Pages - Catalog Updates and Availability Information

    I've been putting 'D's near the discontinued items in my catalogs, and decided it would probably help people if I put the page numbers here so we're not all scouring the catalog looking for the same things. I didn't do things that were just being renumbered, because they're going to be...
  5. higoobs

    Which Products Were Discontinued in 2015? Find Out Here!

    Is there a list with the discontinued products out there? Last year there was a huge change!
  6. Intrepid_Chef

    The Discontinued Items We Didn't See Coming

    I won't spoil it for those who have not watched Doris' video, but I will say that only one thing surprised me. 2 or 3 kind of surprised me. The rest of them ... I'm kind of surprised they're still there. And I'm glad they're telling us about the discontinued items before conference so those...
  7. kristenlee

    Looking for a List of Discontinued Avon Products? Can Anyone Help?

    I cannot find a list of the discontinued products. Does anyone have one? I just reactivated myself so I have not received my change over kit yet. Kristen
  8. Dina Atnip

    Discontinued Products Spring 2013

    hi all since all the great changes in cf I can't find the flyer someone made with the discontinued products please help thanks in advance
  9. esavvymom

    Sending Notice for Discontinued Products: Need Help!

    So I currently only use the PC Newsletter. I can't remember, but will they have a template for the soon-to-be discontinued products that we can send to our customers? If not, I'm trying to figure out how I can send out notice through my regular emails, preferably hoping to avoid having to...
  10. Susan M

    Looking for Discontinued Products

    I have two customers who are in search of our some discontinued products. One is in search of our White Square Plates - her husband broke one so she would like to buy one or a set to complete her set again. I have another one looking for the lid to the old style round chillzanne platter. She...
  11. J

    Do You Have a Flyer for Discontinued Products After August 31?

    Does anyone have a flyer printed up to show all of the items that will no longer sell after August 31? Thanks!:)
  12. F

    Find the List of Discontinued Products for This Fall | Uncover Now

    Where am I missing the list of discontinued products for this fall?
  13. M

    Wish List and Discontinued Products

    Knowing that there are going to be discontinued products that people have placed on their wish list, I checked out what had been submitted by me. I found that the large white Simple Additions is being discontinued and had a host that had placed it on her wish list. SO, I emailed her tonight to...
  14. kam

    My Changeover Kit: New Products, Price Increases & Discontinued Products

    I just got my changeover kit!! It did not have a Special Edition Spring CN, but it did have 2 other things instead. 1. Your Spring Product Guide 2. Your Spring Marketing Guide I don't know about anyone else, but I liked this better. All the info (New Products, Price Increases &...
  15. S

    Want Pampered Chef Discontinued Products at Low Prices?

    Reversible Placemat Set, Tiles/Purple (Set of 2) (3) 6.00 for the set Glitter Napkins Set w/beaded napkin rings 5.00 Patriotic Basket Liner 7.50 Hot Pad/Trivet (2 Sea Green color) 4.00 Slotted Spoon 4.00 Chillzanne Rectangle Server 15.00 Chef's Tool Pasta Fork 4.00 Bar Board & Quikut Paring...
  16. R

    Fall/Winter Catalog Discontinued Products: Get the Inside Scoop from Attendees!

    Hi everyone - I know that this topic has been part of the New Products thread, but figured maybe if we split the threads it would be easier for everyone to find... Any info on what's been discontinued in the new fall/winter catalog? Thanks so much for any information that can be provided by...
  17. T

    Spring/Summer Catalog Price Changes & Discontinued Products

    Does anyone have a list of the price increases and the discountinued products for the spring/summer catalog?? I have a show tomorrow and might have to use a few old catalogs. Please help:)
  18. frozenchef

    Logo Wear, Totes and Discontinued Products

    I'm cleaning out my office to make room for new products and just straighten things up all around :)The first price listed is the price I bought it for or the value - the second price in bold is what I'm asking for it - usually 50% off! :) I have pictures of everything - PM or e-mail me to...
  19. PampChefJoy

    Discontinued Products - Going Going Gone

    Discontinued Products... not many but I thought I'd put this together in case anyone wants it.
  20. kdangel518

    Going, Going, Gone Flyer for Newly Discontinued Products?

    Anyone have one yet they'd be willing to share? TIA!:D
  21. DebPC

    Director Promoting Discontinued Products

    Any plans to encourage sales before they're gone?
  22. M

    Anyone Want to Guess the Discontinued Products?

    A spin-off from the guess the new products thread. :D I was flipping through the catalog today trying to guess what's going to be discontinued. And I couldn't find too many items. My guesses are: the outdoor tumblers Drink Charms Those are the only two items I could find...
  23. P

    Fs: Supplies & Discontinued Products

    I have the following for sale. Please EMAIL me at [email protected] if interested. Prefer paypal or money order. Prices do NOT include s&h. Please email me with any questions. Count Description Price 1 Here's What's Cookin' Postcard from Nancy's FREE 3 Check Your Calendar...
  24. PChefPEI

    Discontinued Products (Cdn Prices)

    I want to send out an email to my customers about the discontinued products and was wondering if anyone has something they have made up already, with the CDN prices. TIA! :)
  25. BettieC

    Which products are being discontinued by our director?

    I just got this from my director. PRODUCTS BEING DISCONTINUED Available thru Feb 28 - while supplies last Plate Art and Stencil Set #1536 Ice Cream Sandwich Maker #2485 Holiday Appetizer Plates #2808 Holiday Serving Plate #2807 Dessert Plates #1996 Season's Best #1903 Delightful...
  26. M

    Discontinued Products - Any Ideas

    I am watching what I buy this month cause of the discontinuing of products. Any Guesses? Holiday plates is one Woven collection- which I love but they have been dropping pieces recently. D
  27. janetupnorth

    Cleaning Out Some More Stuff - Discontinued Products

    Some discontinued stuff for sale - all new in package. Linens: 2 Fall Placemat Sets of 2 (Stripes) 1 Fall Table Runner (Stripes) (grouping of all above for $25.00) SHIPPED 1 Tiles Placemat Set of 2 ($10.00) 1 Fall Burgundy/Green Leaf set with 4 napkins, 4 placemats ($20.00 or offer - very...
  28. husbandwifepcteam

    Discontinued Products for Sale + Pampered Chef Shirt & Tote

    :chef:Hello everyone I am cleaning out my inventory and found somethings I need to part with ... 4 Star Form/Inserts - $1 each or all for $3 +SH 1Halloween Cookie Cutter Sets - $3 +SH 1 Set of Accessory Forks - $1 +SH SOLD! 1 Slice/Serve Old Style Handle - $5 SOLD 1 Two Quart...
  29. babywings76

    Ordering Discontinued Products: What You Need to Know

    Am I able to submit an order of discontinued products?