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What is cleaning: Definition and 143 Discussions

  1. R

    How to Clean an Old Style Knife Sharpener with a Sheath/Case?

    Cannot find any information for this.Old style kitchen knife (Cutco style) with Sharpener Sheath/Case (circa 2006). Is there a way to clean this? The inside is dirty, plus I am sure all of the metal filings have accumulated over the years. There is a screw, but it is it does not want to come...
  2. P

    Pampered Chef Items for Sell, Cleaning Out

    Items listed were used in vendor shows or demo events. All items have been sold. Thank you for your interest!
  3. H

    Iso Turkey Baster & Cleaning Brush Set, Item 1665

    Looking to purchase 1 or 2 Turkey Baster & Cleaning Brush Sets.
  4. 5

    Reviving Your Quick Cooker Pot: Tips for Removing Stubborn Residue

    My Quick Cooker pot has food residue "baked" onto the surface. Maybe I didn't use enough oil when searing meat? It give the pot a rusted look. Soaking in soapy water did nothing. Anybody?
  5. C

    Do you have any Pampered Chef cookbooks for sale?

    12" Steamer, used a couple times- $65.00 Cookbooks- Seasons Best Collection (19), $1 each or $15 for all. Most are good used condition, some are like new. S/S 2000 F/W 2004 F/W & S/S 2005 F/W & S/S 2006 S/S 2008 F/W & S/S 2010 F/W & S/S 2011 2- F/W 2012 F/W & S/S 2013 F/W & S/S 2014 F/W &...
  6. M

    Cleaning Out Pampered Chef Items, Many Are Discontinued.

    Large simple additions square bowl, demo item Herb keeper, new in box #1787 Manual food processor, new in box #2581 Torte pan set, new in box #1706 Decorator bottle set, new in box #1585
  7. Andrea coppola

    Looking to Sell Your Unused PC Tote Whipped Cream Maker Catalogs and More?

    Selling pc tote whipped cream maker catalogs and some additional items. No longer can do pc.
  8. K

    Cleaning Out My Pampered Chef Closet

    I have several items for sale. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested. 2016 Spring/Summer catalogs $10 for pk of 25 PC invitations .25 a pk 2-ply order sheets for $5 ea Join Us Brochure $1 2016 Spring/Summer Season's Best cookbooks $5 a pk Customer Info Card .25...
  9. Traci loves tocook

    Get Organized with Affordable Bulk Pricing on Party Supplies and More!"

    I have several invitations, recipe cards, party idea notebook, 2 banners, seasons best recipe books, 2 carry all totes, purses, catalog bags, other miscellaneous items. bulk pricing plus shipping. message me for pics and prices
  10. Admin Greg

    Decanter/ Bottle Cleaning Brush

    Please discuss the Decanter/ Bottle Cleaning Brush. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  11. DebPC

    Effortless Cleaning: Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide for Sparkling Sheet Pans

    Has anyone tried this? How to clean your cookie sheets--Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner! You put about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste. Then you rub it on the offending dirt/stain/grease...whatever! You can use a sponge or...
  12. L

    Cleaning the Decorator Bottle Set

    Hi, I had my first party tonight (YEAH!) & was asked how to clean the decorator bottle set. I had several ladies there that are/were cake decorators & said it seemed it would be hard to clean. Any of you have an issue with this? Thanks Lindsay
  13. T

    Cleaning Covered Roaster: Tips and Tricks for Removing White Film

    Ok so I have used my covered roaster twice now. The first time I used the kitchen spritzer with olive oil first then I made butternut squash in it. When I was cleaning it (by hand in warm soapy water), it seemed to have developed a white film on it. I used it last night and when I went to...
  14. ChefPeg

    Cleaning Glazed Part of Glazed Stoneware

    How do you clean the glazed part? The Use & Care guide just has the generic guide for all stoneware, doesn't mention if the glazed part is cleanable with something other than water. I bought a DCB and the glazed portion of the lid got grease on it. Hot water wasn't getting it off so when...
  15. J

    How to Restore Lustre to New Grill Pans: Tips and Products for Cleaning

    I've used the BBQ Roasting Pan twice, the Vegetable Rack once, and the BBQ Pizza Pan once, and all are lookin' kinda rough already. I know the Use and Care says that the lustre would not be restored by washing after initial use, but I wondered if anyone knew of a product (CLR or one of those...
  16. C

    Old Garlic Press Cleaning Tool Not Available

    Well I guess the cleaning tool for the old garlic press is not available after all. So does anyone have one I can buy from you? Thanks!
  17. babywings76

    Can I Save My Padded Envelope After My Cat Peed On It?

    Okay, this is a very gross and embarrassing situation, but I have to ask. My cat peed on my small padded envelope that I had my DCB stored in and had sitting in my clean, small washtub bin in my dining room. I didn't discover this until I pulled my DCB out of the padded envelope at my last...
  18. M

    Cleaning Out Pampered Chef I Don't Use ..Stuff 4 Sale

    I am cleaning out my Pampered Chef I don't need or use most is new or very lightly used will tell which beside product for sale ****PLEASE email me at [email protected] about any of these items ___HWC glasses *new in box $25 plus shipping ____HWC sever with zebra heel gently...
  19. aried

    Soft-Tip Cleaning Brush Price Difference

    I didn't take my lap top to an open house yesterday like I usually do. As I was putting orders in P3 this morning, there is a $2.00 price diffence for the soft-tip cleaning brush. Says $6.50 in catalog and $8.50 in P3. Wait time for solution center is an hour and need to go for an appt in...
  20. K

    Tips for Cleaning Stuck-on Chicken from Raw Cast Iron

    Anyone have any tips? Mine routinely gets chicken stuck to it and I can't seem to really get it off. I have the scraper and it doesn't work that well. It's raw cast iron, so I don't want to damage it. Let me know what you do.
  21. E

    Cleaning Executive Cookware for a Very Upset Customer

    A guest for one of my consultants unintentionally burned a brown sugar/butter mixture in one of her Executive Saucepans. She was told by a different consultant that the Executive cookware could be used on "high" setting. We need to find a way to get that out of the saucepan without damaging...
  22. C

    Need Pampered Chef "Recipe" for Cleaning Outside of Pans

    Hi- A guest is requesting some PC old recipe for a cleaner possibly containing ammonia and dish soap. This is so she can clean the outside of her non-stick pans. I guess the old non-stick pans were not coated on the outside. She had gotten the recipe from a PC consultant many years ago. Of...
  23. gailz2

    Cleaning Food Chopper Blades: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How do you all clean between the blades on your food choppers?
  24. christinaspc

    Director Declutter Your Closets and Save with Our Affordable Prices - S&H Not Included

    I am clearing some things out it is amazing how you collect it so fast. These prices do not include S&H - I always try to fit items in the smallest box/envelope possible and use Flat Rate boxes if items fit.
  25. M

    Cleaning Tips for Food Chopper Blades

    I have a couple of items that I have a hard time cleaning sometimes. So, I thought I'd get some tips here. It's hard for me to get down to the bottom of the blades on the Food Chopper. I'm afraid I'll cut myself.
  26. K

    Kim's Guide to Cleaning Stoneware Without Soap

    Hi everyone, I'm a new consultant and I'm having trouble describing the use & care of our Stoneware. I know that you're not supposed to use soap to clean it - but how do you explain this to customers without it sounding gross? I can't even convince my own mother that's how you're supposed...
  27. P

    Need help organizing your office? Let us show you how!

    I am usually a pretty organized person until change-over happens...then my office looks like a tornado hit it! So yesterday I took it on. Went through my closet that stores all the "overflow" products, cleaned out files etc. I have a large shred pile for sure. Actually looked at things and...
  28. N

    Can I Deduct Cleaning, Dry Cleaning & Haircuts?

    I have someone come clean my house every other week. If I purposely schedule them to come the day I am having a show at my house would that be deductible or is that bending the rules? Also, what about dry cleaning expenses and things like haircuts since we are in front of people and it is...
  29. NooraK

    A Baby Bottle Brush to the Rescue for Easy Cleaning!

    I've always had a bit of a frustrating time with this one. I always feel like I'm trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with the Easy Clean Kitchen Brush (well, I kind of am). Since it's non-stick, it's not that bad, just a frustration.Tonight, I was washing it, and saw the baby bottle...
  30. L

    Effective Cleaning Tips for Sticky Stone Pans | Expert Advice from Lisa

    I was out of town for a while and my large bar pan went in the dishwasher twice.. it now has a sticky funk on it. I tried baking soda paste and cressant rolls and still not clean, do you have any ideas on what to do next? thanks. Lisa