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What is apron: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Margaret Raitt

    Garden Flags, Aprons, Banner, Charms, Cards & More

    I sold PC for 12 years and have a lot of items that current consultants might want. Aprons Garden flags T-shirts with logo Vinyl banner for events More... Please inquire and I will take pictures. Need to know interest first.
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    ifYou Are Thinking of Hanging up Your Apron

    Be advised that:* You can no longer log into Consultant's Corner, not even to see your show records. * You will no longer be able to get your 1099 without calling financial services * You will not be able to see, or edit, your income and expenses. * You will have to search your emails (if you...
  3. C

    Do you have any Pampered Chef cookbooks for sale?

    12" Steamer, used a couple times- $65.00 Cookbooks- Seasons Best Collection (19), $1 each or $15 for all. Most are good used condition, some are like new. S/S 2000 F/W 2004 F/W & S/S 2005 F/W & S/S 2006 S/S 2008 F/W & S/S 2010 F/W & S/S 2011 2- F/W 2012 F/W & S/S 2013 F/W & S/S 2014 F/W &...
  4. Ember Lewis

    Business Supplies, Awards, Hwc Items, for Sale

    Add shipping to all items... Table Runner $10 PasleyApron (never used) $10 Paisley fold up bag (never used) $5 HWC coupon book, towel, HWC cake and cupcake stencil, & HWC pins ( all items never used) $10 paisley picnic cooler bag (never used) $10 stickers, labels, & envelopes $5 Career club...
  5. toobze

    Hanging up My Apron and I Have Lots to Sell!!

    After nearly 9 great years with The Pampered Chef, the time has come for me to hang up the apron. I have quite a bit of inventory in the stockroom and I'd like to move as much as possible. All prices are negotiable and do not include shipping! If you have questions please don't hesitate to...
  6. P

    Hanging up My Apron After 20 Years

    What's everyone looking for? Trying to clean out my supplies. Let me know if there is something I may have that you are looking to buy
  7. C

    forSale: Green Snow Man Table Cloth and Apron

    This is for the green Christmas snow man tablecloth and apron. I'm asking $12 for each plus shipping.
  8. stephaniekocala

    Apron, New Catalogs, Cell Phone Case Available

    Hello all,As I exclusively run my PC business via social media and friends/family, I don't have a need for the new catalogs or my PC (women's) apron. I also have the Jan consultants' gift (cell phone case) for Iphone 5 available:25 New Catalogs: $12 Apron: $8 Cell Phone Case (I can email you a...
  9. J

    Hanging up My Apron - Bags for Sale!

    I am hanging up my apron after 8 years in business -- many trips, lots of fun and a nice little income, but now it's time to move on. I have the set of Paisley Consultant Bags that have only been used once or twice -- they are all like new and come from a pet-free, smoke-free home. Prices do not...
  10. jpanzenhagen

    Find Your Perfect Wedding Shower Apron for Sale - Shop Now!

    Does anyone have any wedding shower aprons that they would like to sell?
  11. A

    Hanging up My Apron. Items for Sale!

    Scraper - $2 Cut N' Seal - $3 2 Simple Additions bowls with holder - $20 Large bar pan - $15 Large round stone with handles - $15 9 reusable shopping totes - $5 2 aprons - $5/each Laptop bag - $5 Tote bag with multiple compartments - $10 Large tote bag - $15 Deep covered baker in taupe...
  12. J

    2013 Consultant Apron for Sale!

    I have the 2013 New Consultant apron, still in the package, for sale! $10 + $2 to ship. Please email me at [email protected] if you would like it!
  13. S

    New 2013 Consultant Apron & Tote (Women's)

    For Sale - Women's new consultant apron and large tote - brand new, still in bag (was just delivered this week). I don't do pink or pokadots :) so I am going to be buying the Men's consultant apron and tote. Please message me for details, I will sell together for $35 or apron for $10 and tote...
  14. P

    Pampered Chef Logo Wear - Hanging up My Apron!

    For sale: black logo shirt size L - crossbody style - this was my favorite to wear to shows - dress it up or dress it down for errands $10 plus shipping light green quilted lightweight logo jacket size Med- perfect for spring and fall - $10 plus shipping black vest w/logo and chef's...
  15. S

    Does Pampered Chef have men's aprons with their logo?

    Hello all. My wife is a brand new consultant and my goal is to help her in any way that I can. I am a decent cook and would like to wear an apron during cooking shows but polka dots are just a little out of my comfort zone. Does anyone know if TPC has men's aprons? I have plenty of my own...
  16. C

    Should I keep or sell my Sept bag and bonus apron?

    I just got my Sept bag and I don't think I will use it - $20 + shipping. I also got the bonus apron. I will sell that for $15.
  17. ritabenson

    August/September Bonus Apron for Sale

    The apron we got for submitting 2 shows in each month.Brand New in package $20 to include shippingemail me at chefrita2010 @ gmail . com Minus the spaces :)
  18. S

    Silver Apron With Gold Paisley Apron - New in Package!

    I have the silver apron with gold paisley apron - New In Package! Includes plain silver ribbon or silver ribbon with "Pampered Chef" logo !!! Asking $20 including s/h OR make offer! Please send email to [email protected] Paypal only! Thanks! Sarah
  19. 1PamperedMommy

    Hanging up My Apron (At Least for Now) - Items for Sale!

    At this time in my life, I've decided to take a break from TPC. So I have some items for sale that you might be interested in :) Shipping is payed by the buyer on all items. PLEASE email me because I do not check Chef Success that often. [email protected] ITEMS SOLD!
  20. C

    Iso. Picnic Blanket and Last Years Hwc Apron

    Looking for the picnic blanket from this year and the apron from last year that is the same patterns as the lunch bags. Thanks!
  21. S

    Hung up Apron... Misc Items for Sale

    HWC purse/bag like item Good used condition, inside has some ink like marks on it, but in good condition! Pampered Chef Large Consultant Tote Black Collapsible EUC Pampered Chef large consultant bag EUCI have no idea what to ask for these items, so make me an offer and we will go from there. You...
  22. scottcooks

    Iso Men's Black Hwc Apron With Pink Piping

    Anyone have this? half-apron? I didn't get the shows when there was an incentive to earn it recently. Thanks
  23. K

    Iso: Men's Pampered Chef Apron or Logo Wear

    I am new to the PC (beginning of May) and a male. Does anybody have any PC Aprons or Logo Wear for men for sale? Thank you!
  24. texaschef

    Looking for an Iso Hwc Apron or Tablecloth as a New Consultant?

    I am a new consultant I earned this months Pink products but, it didn't include a tablecloth or apron. If anyone has one to sell please PM me.
  25. C

    Need a new apron for your cooking show tomorrow night?

    I don't need another apron so this one is for sale. $15 + shipping
  26. VictoriaH

    ISO: Child's Apron & Extremely Hot Apron - Email for Details

    ISO: Child's Apron Extremely Hot Apron Please email me if you have these and what you would have to have for them. Thanks! [email protected]
  27. 6

    Needed Asap Bridal Shower Apron

    My Order is on hold and I never received an email. Just so happen to see it today and its been on hold a WEEK!! Bridal show in 1 week! I need an Apron!! If anyone has one they can send me, I can pay you VIA PayPal for Shipping and Apron... Or Pay you Via PayPal for shipping and Send you the...
  28. C

    Looking for Apron Charm: Willing to Buy!

    I have someone interested in signing in December, but if by chance she doesn't I am interested in buying the apron charm! I will have earned all the others and don't want to be missing one. If anyone has or will be getting one they don't want please let me know. Thanks! [email protected]
  29. C

    Need Apron Charm for Signing - Will Purchase from You!

    I have someone interested in signing in December but in case she doesn't I want to purchase the apron charm from someone! I will have earned all the others and don't want to be missing one! If you will have one and don't want it please let me know! Thanks! [email protected]