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What is buy: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. D

    Buy Dots Ice Tea Glasses - Frosted or Multi-Colored!

    I'm interested in purchasing more of the dots ice tea glasses. I don't care if they are frosted or multi-colored. I would buy whatever you have. Thanks!
  2. raebates

    Looking to Sell Your Conference Bag? Contact Me for a Potential Offer!

    Anyone go to Conference but not want your bag? I'd be interested in purchasing it. Send me a PM or email me at [email protected] (with Conference Bag in the subject line).Thanks in advance!
  3. C

    Flip Charts: Buy Now for Presentations and More!

    Looking for flip chart to buy
  4. mspibb

    Jane Doe Wants to Buy Pampered Chef

    seriously, I got a "contact me from" Jane Doe in Florida (I'm in Tenn) about wanting to order from my "store." So I just email back, "go to my website and click shop." I get an email back with bad grammar saying she doesn't have a credit or debit card and will mail me a cashier check and I can...
  5. Baker92

    Looking to Buy a Trifle Bowl? Check Here First!

    I missed out on the Trifle Bowl and would love to find one in new or excellent used condition. I know I can go to Ebay but thought I'd check here first. Thanks!
  6. Heather8345

    Where Can I Find a Tablecloth for My Vendor Booth?

    Is anyone selling a tablecloth? I am in need of one because I have a booth rented as a vendor and want my table to look nice. I checked the logo website and they are sold out and told me to check back on July 20th.
  7. T

    Need Cookware for Your New Home? Check Out My Wishlist!

    I just moved to a new home and don't have any cookware. I was renting a room prior to my move so I was able to use my landlords cookware. Does anyone have any new or used cookware in good condition? Does anyone have the white ceramic cookeware that was discontinued? Please e-mail me at...
  8. P

    Where Can I Find Party Sticks for Sale?

    I have a couple customers looking for Party Sticks (the ones you put in the ground to hold a glass - discontinued last year) Does anyone have any?
  9. K

    Looking for Booth Items? Anyone Selling Unused Iso Tablecloths, Banners, Etc?

    I am looking for items to help my booth. Anyone who has stopped being a consultant or just doesn't need them? I would LOVE to have them...will pay :)
  10. Admin Greg

    Support Cs and Buy Items Online Here!

    Chef Success has opened an affiliate account with http://amazon.com/7% of any purchase you make is sent to support Chef Success. Great for when you buy your holiday gifts or every day purchases!Just click a link below and the tracking system will register that CS sent you. Thanks!!USA...
  11. P

    May's HWC PINK Products - Buy 1 or Many - Ship to 45248

    Looking for May's HWC PINK products. Shipping to 45248 I will buy many pieces so even if you have just 1 please message me!!Thanks!
  12. C

    Looking to Buy a Pampered Chef Logo Table Cloth??

    If anyone has a PC Logo Table cloth for sale please contact me...thanks Cari:)
  13. higoobs

    For Sale: Sept. Bag - Didn't Earn? Buy Here!

    I didn't earn the September bag does anyone want to sell theirs?
  14. B

    Buy or Sell Lap Boards: Looking for Merrill Logo Ones

    Does anyone have lap boards they would like to sell? I'm looking for the Merrill ones with the logo but will consider any lap boards. Thank you!
  15. pjpamchef

    Save Now on iPads: Walmart & Best Buy Drop Prices

    From Yahoo: It's looking like a good time to buy an iPad. That is if you aren't holding out for the next version of Apple's tablet. Walmart, Best Buy and other retailers have just dropped the price on the iPad and iPad Mini. Walmart has cut the price of the 16GB iPad Mini from $329 to $299...
  16. T

    Looking to Buy New Crossover Bag

    Both my shows fell thur this weekend. So if you earned it and wont use it, I really want one.
  17. L

    Which is Better for Spring/Summer Open House: No Buy or Mystery Hostess Party?

    Hi, I'm looking to do an open house for the spring/summer products & trying to decide if a No Buy or a Mystery Hostess party would be better. Has anyone done both? Thanks!
  18. DebPC

    Buy Office Supplies in July and August

    If you can take advantage of the "Back to School" sales- you can save alot. I buy pens, white out, school folders for my host packets, notebooks etc. then. Sometimes I'm there 3-4 times in a week if they have a maximum you can buy at a time. I am always going past there anyways so it's not...
  19. PampChefJoy

    Ot: Would You Buy Chef-Themed Jewelry?

    Hi everyone, Sorry I have been a bit scarce... with the winding down of my newsletter service and loss of so many subscribers, I haven't been hanging around as much. I started a new hobby last year and turned it into an Etsy shop... stamped metal jewelry. And I currently am looking into...
  20. B

    Have any money-saving and time-saving tips for cooking in bulk?

    You do not have to belong to Sams or Costco to buy in bulk. Gordon's Food Service does not charge a fee to shop there. And their frozen chicken breasts are the best tasting frozen ones I have found. You should always have 5 go-to recipes that you can make in a pinch for family or company...
  21. higoobs

    Save Big on Generic Brands in Texas | HEB Combo Locos Offer

    The generic brands are made by some of the brand named manufacturers. This includes medicine, household supplies, and pet food. Several of the same products come from the same company / manufacturer. In Texas we have HEB and there are deep discounts to buy HEB brands plus free foods when you...
  22. C

    Buy Wanted: Looking for [Product]

    if anyone has this i am interested in purchasing it. Thanks!
  23. S

    Consultant Looking for Products to Buy

    Does anyone have one for sale? I am a fairly new consultant and would be interested in any products you might be selling :) Thanks!
  24. C

    Looking for Apron Charm: Willing to Buy!

    I have someone interested in signing in December, but if by chance she doesn't I am interested in buying the apron charm! I will have earned all the others and don't want to be missing one. If anyone has or will be getting one they don't want please let me know. Thanks! [email protected]
  25. C

    Tablets vs. Laptops: Which Should I Buy for Black Friday?

    With Black Friday right around the corner, I am looking for either a tablet or laptop to be able to have all my PC stuff on. Which do you have? I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or a Compaq Laptop. Both will be wireless so I can connect to the internet or my printer at anytime and both...
  26. J

    Looking to Buy Clear Pampered Chef Labels

    If anyone has the clear labels with Pampered Chef on them and wants to sell them I am interested. Merrill used to sell them in two different sizes and I can't seem to find them anymore. These were bigger labels that I used on the outside of my host packets.
  27. pjpamchef

    Free Up Room On Your Computer: Buy an External Hard Drive/Flash Drive

    P3 is taking up too much room on my computer. Can I purchase an external hard drive or maybe a large flash drive and move it over to free up some space?
  28. S

    Should I Spend $112 to Earn Free Products or Save for 50% Off Fall Kits?

    So as of right now, I am $112 away from my $1500 in sales this month. My question to those of you that went to Launch. Do you think it is better for me to buy $112 myself so that I earn the new stuff free. Or is it better for me to save my cash so I can buy one of the Fall new stuff kit at...
  29. A

    Where to Buy Fall Products as an Active Consultant?

    Does anyone know if you can buy Fall Product Samples as long as you are active? Another words if a consultant submits this month... Can they buy Fall Products next month or do they have to reach 1250.00... I have looked everywhere and just can't find it!