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What is glasses: Definition and 50 Discussions

  1. D

    Buy Dots Ice Tea Glasses - Frosted or Multi-Colored!

    I'm interested in purchasing more of the dots ice tea glasses. I don't care if they are frosted or multi-colored. I would buy whatever you have. Thanks!
  2. Julie F

    Retired Dots Glasses: Looking for More!

    I'm looking for the retired Dots Glasses. I have a customer who would like more. Thanks!
  3. F

    What Dots Dishes and Glasses are Available for Sale?

    SA Dots dishes, serving pieces and glasses for sale. Dinner Plates x7 Salad Plates x4 Cereal/Soup Bowls x6 Trio candy/condiment dish x1 Med Dots Round Serving Bowl x1 Med Dots Oval Platter x1 Lg Dots Round Serving Bowl x2 Lg Oval Platter w/cranberry trim x1 Wine Glasses x4 Martini/Dessert...
  4. Leslie R

    Where to Find Large Frosted Dots Glasses?

    I would like to have 8 more frosted dots glasses. The large ones. Do any of you have any?
  5. K

    Interested in Dots Martini Glasses? Contact me for photos and pricing!

    I have 2 sets of Dots Martini Glasses, new in boxes (8 glasses total) for sale. Beautiful for New Year's Eve! Asking $20 each set obo. Thank you(Trying to figure out how to upload pictures!) In the meantime, maybe reply with your email or in a message if interested and I will send that way...
  6. scottcooks

    Iso Large Frosted Beverage Glasses

    Shipping to 98056, let me know a price. Seeking up to 12 glasses.
  7. byrd1956

    Interested in Purchasing NIB Pink Dots Martini Glasses?

    Doing a little clearing out and found NIB Pink Dots Martini Glasses. They were all packed and ready to go but the person never followed through. $20 plus shipping
  8. Paula B

    Iso Hwc Pink Dots Martini Glasses Nib

    I am looking for the HWC Martini glasses for a friend. She would like 3 sets. Did not order when they were on the Outlet. Thanks, Paula 11/3 We are still looking for the HWC Martini Glasses. Thanks
  9. scottcooks

    Looking for Large Frosted Dots Glasses in FROSTED Pattern?

    Seeking 12-15 large 15/17oz tumblers of the FROSTED dots pattern. I missed the outlet opportunity for the large glasses - if there was one! Please help if you can. They ship to 98056 let me know in a PM what you have and what you want for them, including shipping. Many thanks!
  10. scottcooks

    Need 15-oz Frosted Dots Glasses? Shipping to 98056?

    Want to buy up to 20 of the 15-oz glasses. FROSTED DOTS only, please. Thanks! Shipping to 98056
  11. C

    Fs: Set of Four Large Dots Glasses

    Never used, but out of box - Asking $16 + shipping.
  12. C

    Discover Our Catalog: Affordable Dots Drinking Glasses

    How much were the dots drinking glasses in the catalog? Thanks!!
  13. A

    Looking for Stylish Glassware? Check out these Colored Dots Martini Glasses!

    I have a set of 4 of the Dots Martini glasses for sale. Also have 3 of wine glasses and I think 3 of each size of drinking glasses (really good at breaking things!!!) If you're interested, shout at me. I'll have to check into how much for shipping since so fragile, but I'm hoping to get $25...
  14. M

    Looking for Replacement Parts for Iso Dots Glasses and Plates?

    I have a customer who was told by a consultant that this set would NEVER be discontinued because it was so popular. Now she needs some replacement parts. Does anyone have any dots plates or glasses that they would like to sell? If so, let me know a price and shipping. We are in the 63016 zip...
  15. G

    Dots Glasses & Current Items for Sale!! :)

    I have both large and small Dots glasses for sale. (NIB never opened) I also have alot of current items that I need to get rid of. (NIB but have been opened) I really want t o get rid of this stuff. If you would like to know what current items I have please send email address to...
  16. byrd1956

    Looking for Dots & Blue Glasses for Sale?

    I have the following products for sale: 4 dots dinner plated $40 plus shipping (new- no box) 2 dots coffee & more cups $10 plus shipping (new - not box) 4 dots small colored glasses $29 plus shipping (new in box) 4 blue plastic tumblers $10 plus shipping (new in box) 2 HWC pink dots squares...
  17. T

    Looking for Small and Large Dots Colored Glasses.

    I have a customer that wants a set of each please PM me if you have a set and the price
  18. J

    Director Yay! Just Sold a Set of Martini Glasses!

    And the e-mail just went out! I figured it would be likely to not see a sale from this since it's close to Christmas and people have already finished their shopping -- so pleasantly surprised! Anyone else?
  19. Y

    Martini Glasses - Free Product And/Or Half-Priced

    Not sure this is the right place to post this, but need a quick response for a host getting ready to close her show. I'm not at home to try it out...so. Her question is, can she get the martini glasses for $29 price and use at one of her half-priced item. My first reaction was no, but she...
  20. G

    How to Order Dots Mart. Glasses Ra93

    Can anyone tell me how to order the Dots Martini Glasses, which I think is RA93. Tried to do a supply order and a sample order on P3 and neither would take. Thanks.
  21. P

    Director December Guest Special: Martini Glasses Recipe

    what recipe is in the martini glasses on the guest special flyer for Dec?
  22. K

    Where can I find affordable Iso Hwc Martini Glasses?

    Looking to purchase these as a gift for someone anyone have set they r willing to sell at reasonable price let me knw email [email protected]
  23. C

    Looking for Hwc Dots Martini Glasses

    I have a client who missed out on the flash sale for the Pink & White Dots Martini Glasses. Anyone have a set they are willing to part with???
  24. byrd1956

    Shop for Totes & Glasses - Shipping Added at Checkout

    I had to edit this as the shipping was lots more than I anticipated for the tote I mailed today. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I will need to add shipping to each item listed. So if you want an item, please send me your mailing address, so I can find out what the shipping will be...
  25. gailz2

    Anyone Wear Reading Glasses on Top of Contacts??

    I've done this for many, many years. However, today I got my first pair of a bifocal type of gas permeable contact lenses--I want to tell everyone that does as I did (with my readers on top of my head when not in use) to go to your eye doctors and try these out--I am so totally amazed to not...
  26. ShelbyMichalek

    Fs: Incomplete Set of Pink Dots Martini Glasses

    Gently used (maybe twice?) set of only 3 Pink Dots Martini Glasses. When I moved, I was taking them out of the box and with all the stress & excitement I dropped one and it shattered. Now I'm heartbroken that I don't have the whole set and never unboxed the other 3. They were only used once or...
  27. NooraK

    Looking for Martini Glasses? Check out these offers!

    I know there was recently a thread with someone looking for some, and there were plenty of offers. I have a consultant friend who has two sets she would like to sell if anyone is interested. If you or a customer would like some, please PM me.
  28. T

    Looking for HWC Martini Glasses?

    Does anyone have a set of 4 or 8 HWC Martini glasses they'd like to sell? I have a customer who wants them and thought she could still order them (a month late). She really wants two sets but I'll take what I can get it.
  29. N

    Canada-I Need a Set of 4 Pink Dots Martini Glasses

    HEllo fellow Canadians, Does anybody have a set of 4 HWC martini glasses that you would be willing to sell me? I will pay shipping as well. Diane
  30. RMDave

    Check Shipping Status for Back-Ordered Pink Dot Martini Glasses (Set of 4)

    Heads up! Check Shipping Status for orders that contain the set of 4 Pink Dot Martini Glasses. They are currently Back-Ordered with a projected shipping date of 6/29.