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What is wine: Definition and 71 Discussions

  1. F

    What Dots Dishes and Glasses are Available for Sale?

    SA Dots dishes, serving pieces and glasses for sale. Dinner Plates x7 Salad Plates x4 Cereal/Soup Bowls x6 Trio candy/condiment dish x1 Med Dots Round Serving Bowl x1 Med Dots Oval Platter x1 Lg Dots Round Serving Bowl x2 Lg Oval Platter w/cranberry trim x1 Wine Glasses x4 Martini/Dessert...
  2. P

    Wine Cheese and Chocolate Party

    I saw this a while back and have a party to do using this theme. Can anyone help? I can't find anything in the Party Packs or by searching the PC site.I'd be grateful for any help!!!
  3. L

    Order Your Electric Wine Opener Now - Limited Time Availability

    How long is the electric wine opener going to be available for ordering? First I was told it was until the end of December then I was told to the end of February. Does anyone know for sure and where can I find this kind of information our in the consultants corner. I am new to PC and having...
  4. byrd1956

    Stuck With a Cork: Electric Wine Opener Troubleshooting

    So I am at a show. Used the electric wine opener for the first time (not a wine drinker). The cork will not come out. We followed the directions exactly and now the corkscrew is just turning and the cork is not coming off. Any suggestions?
  5. C

    What is the best wine opener for a retired wine lover?

    I'm looking for a new wine opener w/foil cutter. The one I need is the first one we had that fits down over the bottle and you turn the top - not the second one with the thing you put on the top and turn/spin it to get the cork out. Hope that makes sense. Shipping will be to 81506. Thanks
  6. L

    Wine Tasting at a Fitness Studio

    My personal trainer asked me to do a booth at a wine tasting event at her personal training studio. I need suggestion on wich products to promote for healthy eating. The wines they are promoting are from the skinny girl line so it needs to stay diet friendly.
  7. B

    Tasty Finger Foods for Wine Festivals

    I'm doing a wine festival next week and I was asked to have some snacky things out for people to taste. I thought I would do the cream cheese and sauces but also thought it would be nice to have little finger foods on the tiered trays. Maybe brownies from the brownie pan cut in half or even...
  8. ChefPeg

    Wine & Unwind: Your Exclusive Invitation

    I found this in a Facebook group.
  9. C

    Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Theme?

    Hi- I dont know where I got this theme idea but when I presented it I got a booking and a very excited host. She is a past host and tends to want me to do a lot more food prep than I am willing to do. I usually do one recipe but in her case a couple of very simple recipes may be better (so it...
  10. heulflodyn

    Where Can I Find a Discontinued Wine Bottle Opener in the UK?

    Hi, I'm located in the UK and bought a wine bottle opener before they were discontinued over here. My son is wanting one, SO I wondered whether anyone could help me out? It looks as if PC might be changing the design in the US next month? It was the #2157 item Thanks Natalie
  11. L

    Welcome the New Boss: Wine Tasting & Pavillion Picnic

    I am hosting a wine tasting event at a local winery with a nice pavillion for the wife of my new boss. The intent is to welcome her to the company. The event includes free wine tasting and we can bring food in a pavillion after the wine tasting and buy bottles of wine to enjoy with the food. My...
  12. E

    Wine Festival - What Would You Have for Cash&Carry?

    I've done lots of booths before, but I'm doing my first wine festival in a couple of weeks. This wine festival has high traffic. I thought having some pourer/stoppers and wine bottle openers for cash & carry would do well (plus some season's best, quikut knives, and maybe a couple other doo-dads...
  13. DebinIA

    Iso Round up Trivets and 1 Wine Glass

    I have a customer looking for 2006, 2008 and 2010 Round Up From the Heart Trivets. She'd prefer new in box if possible. She's also looking for 1 Dots Wine Glass to replace 1 that got broken. Email me personally if you can help. [email protected]
  14. P

    Need Ideas for Wine and Appetizer Pairings?

    I have a host who wants to have a wine pairing with different types of appetizers. Anyone have any ideas?? All suggestions would be appreciated! :)
  15. M

    What Are Some Ideas for Pairing Wine with Food for a Sip and Dip Show?

    I KNOW.... ANYTHING... But my host wants a wine and ??? show (doesn't want BBQ chix... said Chix fajitas was okkaay... Does anyone "do" a Tuscan pizza (preferrably not grilled( show? would that work? If so do you have a recipe? I'd REALLY like to continue to show case the DCB...
  16. D

    Using this Product: A Beginner's Guide

    Does anyone have this and is it simple to use? :)
  17. C

    Is It OK if I Pulled the Plunger Out at My Show?

    Last night at my show, someone pulled the little plunger clear out and just pushed it back in. Is that supposed to happen and will it be ok now?
  18. J

    Where Can I Buy Bulk Iso Wine Markers/Drink Charms?

    I am looking to buy as many as I can for an event. Does anyone have any? I'd even take used. Thanks, Jane
  19. J

    Strawberry Wine Cooler: A Perfect Addition to Your Wine & Chocolate Party?

    Hi there! I am really new at this site so please forgive me if I am posting this wrong. I have a show tomorrow evening and the host is having a "wine and chocolate" theme. I was really hoping to show the new manual food processor and had the thought of doing something with strawberries and then...
  20. lockhartkitchen

    Free Trip to Aspen Food and Wine Festival

    I didn't earn the PC trip this year, but for me a trip to Aspen is even better! My husband is the manager of a mushroom farm. This summer he went to local businesses and got a 5 star restaurant added as a client. This hotel is partly owned by the Lexus Corporation. Lexus is the major...
  21. C

    Wine Bottle Opener - Any Problems??

    I just got an email from a customer: "That wine bottle opener broke while we were opening a bottle. What can I do? I fear that this is a problem with this type of opener and will happen again." I don't have this, but those of you that do - have you ever had any trouble with it? I know there...
  22. L

    Hosting a Wine Show: My Experience & Thoughts on This Fun and Tasty Party Idea

    I had done a cooking show a few months back for a repeat customer. I had met one of her guests that have never been to one of my parties. She was very nice, friendly and had a great personality. I had added her to my monthly newsletter. A few weeks back, she had replied to my newsletter, letting...
  23. L

    Humor Cheap Wine-Pairing Demo For Small Show

    I am doing a show for a winner of a "free cooking show" from a booth give away. So I'm buying ingredients. Host is requesting something that would pair well with various wines she plans to serve. I am expecting a small show. She isn't inviting many like I had advised her to. We just aren't on...
  24. J

    An Impressive Wine Tasting Party in the DCB!

    Hi all! I have a show this weekend and the host is pairing PC with an at home Wine Tasting Party. Great idea and at first I was thinking a wine & Cheese type party. But she wants a demo, and I want to do something impressive in the DCB. Any ideas??
  25. etteluap70PC

    Hosting a DS Party: Ideas for Wine & Savory/Sweet Dishes

    I almost never have DS parties in my home but on Sat I am having "one of those" parties... I want to serve wine (I'm clueless) and want to make something savory and something sweet. I'm thinking a chocolate caramel trifle to show off the bowl. For savory I'm thinking either the new hot...
  26. K

    Hosting a Wine Party? Get Recipe Ideas Here!

    Hello! I want to do a wine party and need an dea for a receipe to pair with the wine- any suggestions? Also, does anyone have a receipe for Brucshetta?Thanks so much!!!
  27. cookingwithdot

    Good Recipes for a Wine & Cheese Party?

    Do you think I should make something from the easy & impressive appetizers or make a dessert??
  28. chefcharity

    Looking to Complete Your Set of Iso Single Dots Wine Glasses?

    My sister broke one of her set. Does anyone have any they would like to sell? She'd like to have the full set of 4 again without having to buy a whole new set. Thanks!
  29. S

    What Are Some Great Wine-Infused Recipes for a Couples Cooking Show?

    Hello, I am a new consultant (I just submitted my 4th show today w/in my first 30 days, and made the $1250.00 goal! - I can't wait to get the DCB!! woo hoo!!!) I visit this site daily. Everyone has such fantastic ideas, and is so helpful! I need some help - I have a friend who is interested in...
  30. C

    Need Help with Wine Party Invitations?

    I want to have a wine/martine and cheese party and was wondering if anyone had a flyer that they used that I could have. I have been searching for hours and just decided to ask, lol. Thanks!! Michelle