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What is invitation: Definition and 143 Discussions

  1. P

    Looking for Postcard Invites? Check out this Lot of 29 Packages!

    I have a lot of 29 packages of postcard invites for sale All new and in sealed packages. I have decided to hang up my apron and need to clean out some inventory. Thanks for looking and have a great day
  2. P

    Seasonal Invitation for Home Office Holiday Events

    In the past Home Office always had a holiday invitation on CC but this year I do not see it....am I missing it? I always loved using that as my "seasonal" invitation for shows.
  3. Bren706

    Teacher's Lounge Show Invitation Flyer

    I have been invited to set up in the Teacher's Lounge during their lunch hours. I am looking for a flyer/invitation that will be put in their mailboxes. Does anyone have one made that you would mind sharing? I did find one in the files section, but want some more ideas. Also, I am...
  4. M

    Multi-Host Event Invitation: Preview, Announcements, and Recipes

    In need of an invitation for a multi-host event we are planning. We are going to preview the new, announce the discontinued items and have recipes of old and new. I looked thru the files, but did not find anything. If you could email me something that would be great...
  5. jcsmilez

    Looking for a Launching My Business Type Invitation...

    I've been trying to find a "starting my own business" invitation with surprisingly no success. Anyone have something like it or know where I might find one. I'm thinking post card invitation or insert for the mini catalog. TIA
  6. ChefPeg

    Wine & Unwind: Your Exclusive Invitation

    I found this in a Facebook group.
  7. O

    Customize Your Wedding Invitation with Our Registry Card Template

    Does anyone have a template for a registry card to put in a wedding or shower invitation?
  8. babywings76

    Can Someone Edit the Printable Show Invitation Flyer?

    I like the summer show invitation we can print out on CC. But I don't like the wording where it says, "let me know if I should have a cold drink waiting for you..." It's not the right message I want to send out to this group of guests. I was able to edit the e-invitation by adding a line that...
  9. nikked

    "No Buy Night" Invitation, Anyone

    I know it's a new concept, but I'm hoping someone, somewhere has a no buy night invitation that I can tweak...It's so much easier for me than starting from scratch! TIA! :)
  10. cookingwithlove

    Bridal Invitation Insert: The Pampered Chef Shower Details

    The host of the bridal show wants to do her own invitation, but have an insert about The Pampered Chef Shower. We want to word it so everyone knows they do not need to bring a gift and how to place an order. Anybody have anything like this already made or have good words.
  11. babywings76

    February Invitation Shows Jan. Guest Special?

    I set up a host with the e-invitations and sent myself one so I could access her show ID#. I noticed that when I RSVP'd to her show (it's Feb. 10th), it said "Take a sneak peek at our current and upcoming monthly Guest Specials before the Show!" Then it provides a link for January. Kind of...
  12. mspibb

    Looking for a Mini Catalog 6 to a page label from CC?

    Here is the Mini Catalog 6 to a page label that I downloaded from CC. Can't find it on there anymore so I hope this helps.
  13. S

    Looking for a Mega Show Invitation?

    I am looking for an invitation for a Mega Show. Does anyone have one they are willing to share? TIA, Sandi
  14. C

    Mini Catalog as Invitation Question

    I have been using the mini catalogs as invitations for quite some time but I have a question. Do those of you that use them put them in an envelope or mail them by themselves. I have been mailing them by themselves but was curious about whether I should start putting them in enveloped because...
  15. C

    Mini Catalog as Invitation Question

    I have been using the mini catalogs as invitations for quite some time but I have a question. Do those of you that use them put them in an envelope or mail them by themselves. I have been mailing them by themselves but was curious about whether I should start putting them in enveloped because...
  16. J

    Director Join Us for a Recipe Night Celebration!

    They said it would be posted yesterday -- anyone know where?
  17. cookingwithlove

    Director Boost Team Meeting Attendance: June Invitation Tips

    I am really trying to encourage everyone to come to my June meeting. Lately my team meeting participation has been dwindling. Does anybody mail invitations to their team members? If so can you share the invitation?
  18. M

    Chief Executive's Celebration of Excellence (By Invitation Only)

    ok, who get's invited to this? Planning out my evening activities
  19. chefheidi2003

    Ot:help With Wording of Wedding Invitation

    I need help deciding how to word my wedding invitation. Here is what I have come up with..but I am very open to other suggestions. Thank you in advance. Heidi Leigh Kreitzer And Andrew Sean Patterson Request the honour of your presence At their marriage On Saturday, the first day of...
  20. doughmama

    Cinco de Mayo Fajita & Margarita Party Invitation - Print on Colored Paper!

    This year Cinco de Mayo (5/5) is on a Thursday. I have a host who is excited to have a fajita and margarita party. does anyone have a personal invitation that would work for this? I only print in black & white - too expensive otherwise, but print it on colored paper. thanks for the help.:)
  21. A

    Torte Cake on Invitation? Looking for Recipe

    What is the torte cake recipe on the cover of the cooking show invitation postcards? It is a chocolate cake, and looks like it has cool whip piped in a lattice pattern over the top. Thanks so much!
  22. dannyzmom

    Hwc Invitation - Can Someone Update the Graphics?

    Can someone update this flyer with this year's graphics?
  23. S

    How to Create Engaging Mini Catalog Invitations for Monthly Specials?

    Does anyone have a document that I can use for Mini Catalog invites? Maybe something with March Specials and then invite information ? And one for April too?
  24. babywings76

    Invitation From Cc for the Free Mfp Promotion

    I like the invite that we can print off from CC. I came up with what I want to put on there, but I was wanting to e-mail it and put it on FB. Anyone know how to get rid of the "print form" grey box that is shown on the top right of the screen or how to save a copy of that invite when we put...
  25. wadesgirl

    Last Minute Invitation Wording for a 31 Party with Sister and Consultant

    I'm having a 31 party with my sister and the consultant "forgot" to get my sister more invites for me to send out. She originally gave us 30 to split and I already used 20 of mine and needed 40 more. So my sister just gave me hers but I'm still 30 short. I was just going to make a flyer like...
  26. P

    Director Rebooking Hostesses: An Invitation to a Successful Business in the Kitchen

    I have called past hostess to try to book for spring and sent out my newsletter but looking for an email that you have found useful for rebooking past hostesses. I know the phone works and I work the phone, just want to try something different as well. Something along the lines of "Because of...
  27. V

    Missionary Shower: Ideas & Invitation Ideas

    I'm working on a shower for a couple going on the mission field to New Guinea. Anyone have any ideas.....how about an invitation. I'm pretty new to CS so I'm not sure how to find info on a missionary shower.
  28. Tracie

    February Invitation Flier with Specials | Find the Perfect Design

    Someone had posted a great invitation flier for January. I can't seem to find it now, to see who made it. I'm looking for one with the February specials on it. Anyone have something like this? :blushing: Thanks in advance!
  29. ShelbyMichalek

    Fs: Invitation Post Cards/Apron

    UPDATED: FS: A few business supplies for sale.Updated 12/27/2010 I have 4 packs unopened invitation postcards. These are the "theme show" ones from Summer 2010 (got them in my New consultant kit in Nov, not sure why I got those ones). I personally don't use the postcard provided by Pampered...
  30. doughmama

    Christmas Invitation Flier Needed

    Does anyone have an invitation made for a holiday shopping party? I have a host who wants to send out a festive invitation flier - not the postcards. Did a search but did not find anything. Thanks!