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  1. S

    Another business card ?

    Hello I didn't get a business card from my director and the Recipie for success doesn't really say much about business cards. What information do you have on the cards? Name Address Phone Email Web ?? I'm just printing them on card stock we already had and I have magnet sheets I...
  2. DZmom

    Question on PP and Debit card

    I have submitted 2 orders, one 7/24 and then one today! Pampered Chef has NOT taked the consultant payment out of my checking acct. I submitted both online with PP and the TPC Debit Card. I've checked all the info I submitted with my DC application and it is all correct. So, my question is when...
  3. P

    Do I have to have a debit card ? ...

    Hello I don't have a debt card and I really don't want to get one. Is there a way that I can just write one check and send it with the order? I have had a show but I haven't closed it yet but will this week (it was a catalog party and I am waiting on checks from the guest) Thanks
  4. B

    Concerning Debit card info

    I was wondering how long it takes to get your debit card from PC. I am afraid I won't get it before my show. Will they notify me by e-mail, or do they just notify my bank. My bank said it sounds like a drafting system since it can only be used for PC. Sorry for so many questions I do not have...
  5. M

    Business Card Formatting

    I am a new Kitchen Consultant and I need help...I am trying to format my business cards to print out myself. I am having a difficult time :confused: and was wondering if any one had it already set up? These are the cards from Town & Country...the one's with the different product pics. I...
  6. S

    Business Card Magnets (GREAT IDEA!)

    I use can lids for my business cards. I use the Smooth Edge Can Opener, and Avery label #8293 (hard to find, try OfficeMax). I take the can lids (cleaned of course), slap my label on it, and put a magnet on the back. That way, they can keep it on their fridge, and conveniently find my number...
  7. A

    Credit Card Question

    Hi There, I am trying to close out a show and I am noticing that I can't put in two credit cards on one order. She wanted to split the payment up. I used to be able to do this. Has this changed? :(
  8. B

    Card insert for old catalogs

    I have created a postcard that I insert into my old catalogs and then leave them at various businesses like doctor's offices, beauty salon... It gives my information and gives reasons to book or become a consultant. I will attempt to post it but if I can't you can email me and I'll send it to...