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What is card: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. kcmckay

    Need recipe cards for vendor fairs? Let me help!

    I looked in files, but couldn't find anything current or editable. I would like to make/print some recipe cards I can give out at Vendor fairs. I have 3 in a row the next 3 Saturdays. I will try to make my own, but I'm not good at that kind of stuff so any assistance would be greatly...
  2. chefjeanine

    Square Card Reader (For Cash & Carry)

    Is anyone using this system (or any other) for selling cash and carry items at booths/fairs? I'm probably going to be investing but looking for the thoughts of those with experience.I have a booth at our local youth fair (BIG event) and after 15 years as a consultant have accumulated just a...
  3. P

    Looking for Postcard Invites? Check out this Lot of 29 Packages!

    I have a lot of 29 packages of postcard invites for sale All new and in sealed packages. I have decided to hang up my apron and need to clean out some inventory. Thanks for looking and have a great day
  4. kcnancy

    Fs Flip Top Leather Business Card Holder

    Back leather flip top business card holder. $5.00 + shipping. Flip top Leather Business Card holder by kcnancy posted Jul 3, 2015 at 1:11 AM
  5. R

    Pampered Bride Thank You Card Design

    Pampered Bride Thank You Card Design This is for the digital file only. You will receive a .pdf with your card file and directions for printing. It prints 3 per page. The rope and "Thank You" charm are from Michaels Crafts and can be easily added yourself. If you're not sure how, just ask. If...
  6. Bren706

    Beta Website - Incorrect Customer Credit Card Charged

    Just curious to know if this has happened to anyone else: I entered a show in the Beta website last night. I have been on beta since the release to Team Leaders. The host used her card to pay for her order, plus 4 others. There were about 20 orders for the show. She called me this morning...
  7. DebPC

    Facebook on Business Card: Maximizing Your Networking Potential

    I need new business cards. Do the Merrill cards have a space for a facebook page url? I just might print my own.
  8. P

    Find the Perfect Fit for Recipe Card Envelopes | Tips and Suggestions

    Has anyone found envelopes that fit our recipe cards? I'd like to mail them to my customers but they don't quite fit a regular envelope...they're a little too wide.
  9. wadesgirl

    New Consultant Credit Card Charges

    I know PC usually takes a few days to charge our Order Payment Accounts but what if a new consultant uses their own credit card to pay for a show in their first 60 days? Do they debit the amount right away like a normal credit card charge or do they take a couple days like the Order Payment...
  10. gailz2

    Credit Card Signatures: Best Practices for Order Forms

    Do you have guests sign the credit card charge portion of the order forms?
  11. K

    Have You Gotten the New CC Card Promo?

    I'm not seeing these on CC yet. Anyone receive one or tell me where to find it?
  12. wadesgirl

    Do You Need to Have Guests Sign Credit Card Receipts?

    Do you have your guests sign their receipts for credit card payments? I only ask because right now I'm doing a book party for another company and she is requiring me to mail her all the receipts that paid by credit card with signatures to her for "verification that they agree to pay". I take...
  13. Sheila

    Can You Wash Vinyl Tablecloths in the Washer?

    **SOLD*** NIP Glassware Tote $15 (includes shipping)- - - - - - - - - -**SOLD** NEW Pampered Chef (Card Table Sized) White Vinyl Tablecloth. 52"X52" $20 (includes priority shipping)- - - - - - - - - - **Currently Available**USED Pampered Chef (Card Table Sized) White Vinyl Tablecloth. 52"X52"...
  14. pjpamchef

    PVC Visa Card Offer: Get a Check for Paying Off Balance - Expect It in 90 Days!

    Did anyone else take them up on their offer if you paid off your balance; you'd get a check? Called today to find out when I might expect the check, and it will be 90 days from the date of the expiration offer. So even thou I transferred my balance in Aug, the check won't be mailed until Jan...
  15. ShellBeach

    Why won't P3 accept my card numbers?

    I have two customers on a show where P3 keeps telling me I need to enter a valid credit card number. I enter the number, and it blanks itself out. If I put my own Discover card # in there, it works. So I'm wondering if these were debit card numbers? Aaaaargh. I have no idea. They looked...
  16. K

    Update Your Business Card: Professional Headshots in Denver

    I am registered to attend Leadership in Denver, but am kind of rethinking it. If I don't go, how do I get my picture taken for my business card?
  17. higoobs

    Vendor Events: $2 Credit Card Stand from Pampered Chef Supply

    Does anyone have a picture of the credit card stand that is sold on the pampered chef supply sheet? Curious to know why it's under $2. I need one for vendor events.
  18. O

    Customize Your Wedding Invitation with Our Registry Card Template

    Does anyone have a template for a registry card to put in a wedding or shower invitation?
  19. C

    Can We Place a Business Card Type Ad in a High School Yearbook? or

    Can we place a business card type ad in a high school yearbook? Or help "sponsor" an event.....you know like a youth rodeo, or some type of event where they list "sponsors"?
  20. wadesgirl

    Scrapbooking Goody Bag: Mini Catalog, Recipe Card & More

    I'm doing a booth at a scrapbooking event this weekend and was asked to put something in their goody bags they are handing out. I figured a mini catalog, recipe card and maybe a coupon for booking a how. Does anyone have a coupon they use? I don't want to do one for purchasing because don't...
  21. Intrepid_Chef

    Accidentally Deleted Credit Card Numbers

    A person approached me at a fair and with my laptop handy, I took their credit card numbers. I went to change a different credit card payment and changed her numbers instead! I have downloaded an old version of this show on my desktop but I can only see the last 4 numbers. Is there any...
  22. P

    Director Anyone Get Their Gift Card Yet?

    I took the card instead of the trip... haven't gotten it yet... anyone?
  23. ChefPeg

    Credit Card Declined: How Many Attempts Before It's Declined for Fraud?

    A customer's CC was declined several times. I'm not at home right now where my P3 software is set up where I can search help, but I heard that a CC can only be tried a certain number of times before not being accepted any further (fraud attempts). Anyone know what that number is?
  24. aried

    Pays to Have Your Card on a Magnet

    Got this email today! Made my day! "Hi Ann, My name is Diane from Ogden. I saw your business card on a fridge at a house I clean and wondered if you still sell pampered chef. If so, maybe you can help me. I am wanting to put together an item for a silent auction. I have the cooling...
  25. C

    Credit Card Fraud Strikes Again: My Guests' Experiences

    So with almost every show I've had the last 3 months there is always at least one declined credit card. It's gotten to the point where I dread submitting cause I know I'll get that email them BAM, there it is. One time, it was just the system. I entered her same exact credit card info 3...
  26. sailorsarah

    Pampered Chef Debt Card: Benefits and Uses Explained

    This might seem like a silly question, but what is the purpose of the PC debt card? I have one, but I have no idea what to use it for.
  27. naekelsey

    My Picture of Our Items Put on a Business Card

    If I take a picture of a few PC sauces and spices that I have, can I use the picture on a business card?
  28. C

    Can I get a CC Gift Card to be accepted if it was declined at checkout?

    Is there a trick to getting a CC Gift Card be accepted? I have a lady who actually opened her envelope with a gift card from AMEX at checkout (so I knew she hadn't used it before) to pay for an order. The order was around $80, so she paid $50 on the card (the amount of the card) and the rest...
  29. S

    Question About Pampered Chef Debit Card

    My recruit applied for a PC debit card to transmit shows last week and they said it would be about 5 days before she would get an email with a number to call and get your number. She is having problems with her email (not working right). Does anyone know the number she can call? SHe has a...
  30. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I use multiple credit cards for online show orders?

    Trying to close out a show and P3 is having a fit. The host, a former consultant, wanted to close out online so she has the show on 2 different cards. P3 is having a fit over the cards in her mom's name but is fine with her credit card being used on the other 3. What's up? I should mention...