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What is numbers: Definition and 42 Discussions

  1. H

    Receipts and Order Numbers...? Please Help

    i am fairly new and have just submitted my first couple of shows.... Not everyone(barely anyone) supplied emails, so i have all sorts of phone-number-email addresses for my guests... Not everyone filled out the supplied "Sales Receipt" order forms so i don't have all of that together... i was...
  2. ShellBeach

    Why won't P3 accept my card numbers?

    I have two customers on a show where P3 keeps telling me I need to enter a valid credit card number. I enter the number, and it blanks itself out. If I put my own Discover card # in there, it works. So I'm wondering if these were debit card numbers? Aaaaargh. I have no idea. They looked...
  3. J

    Find Out the Latest Fall Launch Numbers | Register Now!

    Anyone know the fall launch numbers yet? I saw on CC what the 100% numbers are, but haven't heard how many are registered yet. Where can I check that?
  4. Intrepid_Chef

    Accidentally Deleted Credit Card Numbers

    A person approached me at a fair and with my laptop handy, I took their credit card numbers. I went to change a different credit card payment and changed her numbers instead! I have downloaded an old version of this show on my desktop but I can only see the last 4 numbers. Is there any...
  5. C

    Missing Tracking Numbers for Shipped Packages?

    I have a few shows that are just saying Shipped but don't have tracking numbers.. One is from the 7th and couple are on the 14th.. Have I missed something about not showing tracking numbers anymore? Anyone else having this problem?
  6. S

    Spring Launch 2012 Registration Numbers

    I haven't seen this elsewhere, and everyone in our cluster was sent this on Friday (I apologize for the formatting - I had it in a nice table, and it keeps taking out the spacing when I post. If you know how to post a nice table, could you PM me?). Here are the registration numbers as of...
  7. frozenchef

    Spring Launch: Attendance Numbers

    Later tonight, I'll post the numbers/percentages of the attendance goals for the different Spring Launch cities.
  8. R

    Where Do I Find the Sept Host Special Item Numbers?

    I don't know why I have such a problem finding the host special item numbers. I had the same problem last month & eventually found them somewhere, but I'm having no luck this time. I tried searching the forums here & on PC community, but not pulling up anything that gives the information...
  9. pampered1224

    New Paperwork Numbers for F/W 11: Host a Cooking Show and Recruiting Info

    If anyone has the numbers for ordering the F/W 11 paperwork, I need to know if there is a new Host a Cooking Show flier and confirm the numbers of the new Recruiting info. English catalogs are KW02, Achieve with Us is KW40 - assume this is recruiting Discover Us brochure is KW15 - ??? Come...
  10. L

    Feeling Frustrated with Low Guest Numbers at Shows

    Does anyone have a minimum guest # to keep a show? For an example, you wouldn't do a show if there were only 3-4 guests. I have a show tomorrow and there will be 4 guests, 3 of which are buying I am told. I am not going to cancel but I am really getting frustrated. I work hard at host coaching...
  11. C

    Spring Training Registration Numbers for Jackson, MS Launch on Feb 5th

    Is there anyway to see how many registered for each training? Jackson, MS bound Feb 5th!
  12. V

    Ordering Spring Catalogs: Get Your Item Numbers Now!

    Not sure is this is the right place to ask but here goes...Since we can preorder the Spring catalogs Monday...How do we know what the order numbers are. Will the item numbers show up somewhere monday or are they somewhere I can look at today. My idea was to start an order today and send it out...
  13. PampMomof3

    Spring Launch Registration Results: Final Numbers

    Has anybody heard the final numbers after Spring Launch registration closed?
  14. M

    No Bookings? What to Do When You've Run Out of Phone Numbers

    when you say yu are making calls 3 aday and booking shows from thatem by how are you getting phone #rs? Is it by the dor prize slips you have or froma phone book? I have tons that i have called and no bookings becuse they back out on the mabys and every one else had maked no or nothing. i...
  15. P

    Recruiting Success in 2019: Share Your Numbers!

    If you would like to share, how many have you recruited personal and team this year?
  16. B

    New Consultant Numbers: 2 Signed This Week, HO Assigning in the 600000s!

    I've signed 2 new consultants this week (yay me!). The consultant #s that HO is assigning people is now up into the 600000s. The difference between their 2 consultant #s is about 300. They signed 3 days apart, so about 100 consultants A DAY are signing up. I just find these kinds of numbers...
  17. susanr613

    Can CookingByNumbers.com Help You Create Recipes from Your Pantry?

    This website has you select the fridge/freezer/pantry items you have, then it displays recipes and lists how many ingredients are used! CookingByNumbers.com Enjoy!
  18. beepampered

    What Are the Item Numbers for Striped Bowls in the Outlet?

    Has anyone taken the time to figure our what the item numbers were for the striped bowls? I would like to send an email to people who purchased them to see if they want to order off the outlet - they are such a good deal! Anyway, I know they had the numbers and then they were host and guests...
  19. wadesgirl

    Current Product List with Item Numbers & Pricing: Quick & Easy Access

    Does anyone have the current product list with item numbers and pricing in Word? I have a bridal shower coordinator that wants the wish list mailed to her but I don't want to type it all out again or make a copy of the crappy list I have!
  20. A

    Why Did My Show Numbers Start Over in P3?

    I just noticed my shows started over with the count. (Guess I should have noticed sooner cuz this one says show #6) I didn't go inactive or anything.... Did this happen to anyone else? Can I fix it or does it even matter?
  21. P

    Director Sorting My Contact List: Need Help Printing Only With Phone Numbers!

    I am trying to print my contact list like I said I wold....8 years of contacts equals 180 PAGES...unless I can sort them by only getting the ones with phone numbers! I can't find a way to do this...HELP!
  22. S

    Where Can I Find Old Adjustment Numbers?

    I have a couple of adjustments that are over a month old that I would like to check on. They were ones that I got the number for and the customer was going to do the shipping. I was trying a new way of tracking the adjustments on my computer but it didn't work out to well because now I can't...
  23. quiverfull7

    New Catalog Cheat Sheet for Page Numbers

    I tried to look in the files since I'm been off and on so much lately but I am not finding an cheat sheet for our new catalog. I'm not sure who has done those in the past. I LOVE asking for a volunteer to find page numbers and then I let them choose from my dp tray at the end of the evening...
  24. jbachen

    Credit Card Numbers: Is My Memory Correct?

    OK, this is going to sound like a total scam, but I swear it is not!! I am wondering if anyone knows off hand the first four digits of credit card numbers. I know that PP3 knows what kind of card it is based on the first four digits, and I am fairly certain that I am remembering correctly...
  25. S

    Can I Download All Item Numbers for a Season in Excel or Text Format?

    Is it possible to download all the item numbers for a season and their descriptions from somewhere? I would need to be able to work with it so preferably in Excel or even a text format. Thanks
  26. P

    Is anyone else experiencing CC numbers disappearing from guest orders?

    Some of the CC numbers for guests are being "eaten"/deleted by the program. The first time I thought I had deleted a number accidentally, now I know it wasn't me for the other two numbers that disappeared. Happening to anyone else? It seems to be on shows that I opened to make changes to...
  27. J

    Flier With Product Page Numbers

    Does any one have this that they can put out there. I have a show tonight and would like to use it but I can't find mine. Thanks Jayme Independent Consultant NC
  28. lkprescott

    Organizing Show Numbers in P3 System: A Guide"

    I know this may seem silly but this is how my brain works. :blushing: When I enter shows into the P3 system do the show numbers have to be in chronological order? I just noticed that I forgot to add my open house and don't know if I should renumber the others and add in my chronologically or...
  29. adampchef

    Securing Credit Card Numbers for Your Pampered Chef Business: Tips and Advice

    Hi Everyone, I am in my 4th month with pampered Chef and having a great time. Olny doing it PT right now. Question: How do you secure CC numbers? I give the guest their copy at the party, then I send the Host Copy to the Host attached to a PPP Printed Reciept (with the removable portion...
  30. cmdtrgd

    Maximize Your Earnings with Our Recruiting Promo - Up to $850 Cash and More!

    I am SOOOOOOOO excited about this promotion! It is getting my on-the-fence possible directors going as well as my inactives! Here's a powerful breakdown:Recruit 2 people during the incentive and when they qualify you will have earned $450! Recruit 5 people during the incentive and when they...