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  1. Jasmine

    Free Cooking Show

    At my last vendor events I decided to have a drawing for a free cooking for and prize, does anyone do this? I find that several of the recipes I make are very cheap and also it has someone booking that maybe wouldn't have. Thought Comments Concerns? Thanks
  2. L

    Increasing Bookings At a Bridal Expo

    :) OK, this is my first time starting a new thread, but here it goes: The local radio station (103.3 wvyb) held it's 9th annual bridal expo this sunday teh 25th. I was invited to be a vendor for the event and the cost was $500. I was a little nervous because I am only in my ss1 and am not too...
  3. N

    Need Bookings, HELP!!! - long

    Ok, here is my story. I just moved to my town and actually my state (for the Army) two months ago. I don't hardly know anyone. Meaning I know about three people. My kids are 9 months and 3 years so no activities or school for them so no contacts through there. My husband's company isn't...
  4. D

    E-Mail for bookings

    I had a party this past week and there were two ladies interested in hosting shows, but needed to "check with people" before they committed themselves. I told them I would get in touch before the show closed so if they were booking their host would get the booking benefit. Both of them...
  5. P

    Bookings from show problem.

    I am curious as to what others say at their shows to get bookings AT the show? I have been told that you should get 1-3 bookings from each show, but I am having a major problem getting any at all. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Everyone seems to have a good time, I talk about the host...
  6. krzymomof4

    Bookings from Fundraisers

    I was wondering how the host specials work if a show is booked off a fundraiser. Is the chairperson(s) allowed to purchase the monthly host special off those parties? Thanks
  7. C

    First show was great but no bookings

    I had my first show on Saturday and as of right now my sales for it were 721.00, I am still waiting on one more person to get me their order, she wasn't able to attend the party. I invited over 43 people to my show and only had 6 of them attend. I did really good and got 4 outside orders, but I...
  8. H

    Canceled bookings

    Well, I have just had two more cancelled shows for this month, and two more parties that were booked that said no. Another is iffy because the host had surgery. Another host, party on Fri., won't return my calls. The party I shadowed produced no bookings despite two calls to the host and her...
  9. B

    Help with bookings

    I had my first show last wednesday and I got about $300 in orders, but no bookings. But then again didnt really push people to book. Please give me ideas on how to push bookings without being to over bearing. I really want my business to continue to grow. I have three parties for September and...
  10. S

    Tea Bag Wrapper & Letter ~ Need Bookings.

    This went around a couple years back when they first introduced the Good Company Tea and Coffee here in Canada. Does anyone remember this? I still have the Tea Bag Wrapper pdf file but I thought that there was also a letter that went along with it... something along the lines of "put your feet...
  11. M

    Had fun... still no bookings

    :eek: I'm in my SS#2 and I have been doing great!! Although I'm a little discouraged. I had a show last week at my sister's house and it was pretty Blah... but I recieved 2 booking (there were only 3 people at the show). Then on Tuesday I had a show and I had so much fun!! There were seven...
  12. H

    No bookings

    One of my friends had a party that was booked from my June party. She got no bookings at her party. Would it be incorrect of me to call another friend who attended to the party and ask if she would book a future party to benefit the host? I do not want to be tacky.
  13. pamperedmom2owen

    5 bookings, possibly 2 more!

    I had to share! My show last night had 12 people there. It wasn't great sales wise, but it wasn't bad (about $400). But I had 5 people book shows and 2 more who might possibly do a show later! I went to the show wanting at least 2 more shows for next month and got them! So I have my 8 shows...
  14. B

    Looking for suggestions for bookings

    I am very seriously looking into signing on with PC. I have 5 of the required 6 bookings to sign but, having a hard time getting the 6th booking. I am new to the area and also just found out that there is someone at my new job that is also selling PC. Any suggestions on getting extra bookings...
  15. N

    Need bookings

    Hey everyone. I am having a hard time getting bookings. I may average about 2 shows a month. I would like to have at least 4-5. I have called everyone I know... a couple of times. I mailed out lots of catalogs and have done follow up calls to those. I have left catalogs at our childrens dr...
  16. L

    Looking for bookings

    Need help getting bookings in Missouri. When I get hostess' they want to only have catalogue shows and then they never turn in the orders or the money. I am not having good luck with PC at all!! THinking about giving it up already I am only in 3rd month. I have onley made my $90 back. Not...
  17. A

    Getting Augusts Hosts to get Bookings

    I think someone might have uploaded this flyer already...but I'm not sure...anyways, this is working pretty well for me...and if it's already uploaded..sorry for the duplicate and MANY THANKS to the creator!! Cheers, Angela
  18. J

    New Consultant - Worried about bookings

    Hi everyone, I am so excited I found you all! I'm a new consultant and I'm a bit worried about getting bookings to begin with. I don't have much family in town, and really most of my friends live out of state. I am having my first party at my home, sort of as an open house, where I'll have...
  19. D

    Fall Bookings

    This past week I made a bunch of customer care calls and I think expressing your excitement for all the new products will get people interested in fall bookings. I spoke to one of my September hosts today and she is really excited about the specials. If you want a great Fall schedule, stress...
  20. B

    Cancellations, bookings, frustrations..

    Hi everyone, I've been in the business almost 2 years and have never had a consistent show schedule. I work full-time, but started PC to eventually quit my FT job. I would love to hold 8 shows a month, but never have more than 4. When I started out, I had a very small circle of...
  21. T

    Bookings Question

    Has anyone ever had someone book a show but not place an order?? How do you give the host credit for the booking if no order is actually placed??? Help!!!
  22. pamperedmom2owen

    Crazy fall bookings!

    I'm so excited! My fall calendar is booking up already! I've got 5 in August, 4 in September (plus I'm doing a fair), 2 in October and 2 in November already! I'm going to conference next week (Session #3) and know that this will help even more!! Woo Hoo! Hope everyone else is doing great too!
  23. B

    Entering bookings in PP

    When I enter a show in pampered partner, if the guest changes the date of the booking you enter is that a problem. I put a date in and my guest wasn't sure she would be off work that night. I am so relieved I entered my first show in PP tonight. Thanks for all your support on this board. I hope...
  24. P

    Getting bookings at shows

    Okay, so I've done 10 Kitchen shows and I still don't feel like I have it right as far as getting bookings go. Sometimes I feel like I look desprate, (I've done the balloon popping thing I also did small gift bags for those who booked shows) So I had a show today and planted my 3 seeds about...
  25. P

    Host Bookings

    I start my business July 1. I have a couple questions. Do the host receive any benefits for having bookings? and How much does it cost to listen to a tele-call? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Nancy
  26. L

    Hi everyone,I am having a real problem getting bookings. Most of

    Hi everyone, I am having a real problem getting bookings. Most of my first shows either cancelled or rescheduled. At my own show, well I didn't even have my own show because every one I sent and invitation to told me that they could not come. That was 20 people. Any way the show I had...
  27. P

    Potential Bookings

    :confused: I received a phone list of all the parents in my daughters preschool class at the end of this school season. What do you think the best way to approach these calls? There are 15 names so I think this could be a great opening for potential bookings but I just want to make sure I go...
  28. C

    Ideas for bookings

    I joined Pampered Chef last October and had a great first couple of months. Recently my business has slowed down. I have been trying to come up with ideas on where I can turn to get bookings. I have had shows with all of the family and friends that I can think of. Can any of you pass on...
  29. P

    Need bookings

    I am in my second starter month. I held one kitchen show at my show and 4 people showed up; and have had 2 catalog shows. No one has booked a show. I have one friend who will do a show In August, and another friend that just got out of the hospital who will do a show in late July; but I need...
  30. M

    Garage Sale Bookings?

    I am going to try this out at my garage sale tomorrow... In my Pampered Chef binder, I have the upcoming specials in sheet protectors and then clipped to the binder a flyer that says: Pampered Chef Cooking Show. Sign up here to host a Cooking Show in your home with your very own Pampered...