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What is bookings: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Amanda Wright

    Bookings Slides: Where to Find Them

    Hi everyone! Is there a file somewhere for the Bookings Slides?
  2. Jasmine

    Have You Tried Hosting a Free Cooking Show at Your Vendor Events?

    At my last vendor events I decided to have a drawing for a free cooking for and prize, does anyone do this? I find that several of the recipes I make are very cheap and also it has someone booking that maybe wouldn't have. Thought Comments Concerns?Thanks
  3. Amanda Thompson

    New Member / Having Problems Getting Bookings

    Hello All, Thanks for adding me to this lovely resource. I have been with the Pampered Chef Family for almost 2 months now. I'm having a really hard time getting any bookings. All my friends and family seem to want to encourage me but not help in anyway. I have been putting flyers up not getting...
  4. P

    I Can't Seem to Get Any Bookings or Sales

    I have been doing this since Novemeber 2013. I usually get at least 2 shows a month and last month I only got one and this month (July) NONE! I have people that ask for the catalogs and want to book and I never hear anything back and they totally ingnore my return calls or contact. I am...
  5. esavvymom

    10 Bookings in 10 Days- Seminar Recordings (Steve Wiltshire)

    I have not had a chance to listen to these YET, but I did just download the recordings to put on my ipod. I wanted to share with you guys. Steve Wiltshire is one of those guys who trains Direct Sellers like us in the business. He was in the business many years. I really like alot of...
  6. meganmcg

    Does Fundraiser Organizer Get Past Host Benefits From Bookings?

    Hi all Does the organizer of a fundraiser get the past host benefits from the bokkings when the parties are held? Thanks!
  7. leshelman

    Want to Increase Bookings and Sales? Try the Baby Purse Game!

    I have not had the chance to use these yet, but my director (Sally Schubert) showed these to us at a meeting in February. They are called "baby purses" and you can use them to increase bookings at shows. I plan to use them like "Deal or No Deal". I will pass 10-20 of them out (depending on...
  8. leshelman

    How can 'baby purses' help increase bookings and sales at your shows?

    I have not had the chance to use these yet, but my director (Sally Schubert) showed these to us at a meeting in February. They are called "baby purses" and you can use them to increase bookings at shows. I plan to use them like "Deal or No Deal". I will pass 10-20 of them out (depending on...
  9. M

    Still Having Issues Getting Bookings

    Hey, So I joined in November. Went to feast today and everyone is like you need to do this, this , and this to get booking. When I tell them I've already done all of those things. ( List of 100, talking to strangers in the supermarket ( If I see someone buying food, I tell them hey I have...
  10. L

    Looking for 84 Ways to New Bookings Doc?

    I have been searching for this anyone have it?
  11. V

    How Can I Increase my Bookings as a Consultant?

    Hello everyone, i have been a consultant for a year this last August. I have loved my first year in, and I love the people I work with as well as the hosts I work with and the great products I bring and use on a daily basis. Although I had a great first year, I have struggled with getting...
  12. M

    Having a Hard Time Getting Bookings

    Hello Everyone! I am a new consultant and am really having a hard time getting bookings. I have tried free gifts, catalog orders etc. Any suggestions on how to get my business going? Thank you in advance! :)
  13. J

    No Buying Needed: Generating Bookings with a Free Gift Party

    So, I am not getting results just asking friends and family to have a party or to come to my Open Houses, and I NEED more bookings. I decided to give this No Buying Show a try. I modified an invitation I found here, just don't remember from who, and am going to mail and hand them out as well...
  14. DebPC

    Director Boost Your Holiday Bookings: Tips and Tricks for Fair Vendors | 11/7 Fair Date

    I haven't done a holiday fair in a few years. At our state fair I do the drawing for a free show where I shop for and pay for the ingredients for their 2 recipes. Not near as effective as 3-4 years ago. Those of you that do holiday fairs- any ideas??? The fair is 11/7 and I'd love 1-2 more...
  15. C

    Boost Bookings for September: Tips for Dealing with Caller ID and No Responses

    Trying to get bookings for September, with caller ID I'm convinced people just don't answer their phones if they don't know the number!! Any ideas? I keep repeating it's a great month with the host special & the catalogs being new, so far no responses :( How many times do you leave messages...
  16. chefsteph07

    Ideas on Getting Bookings on the Spot

    I am doing a fair booth w my director and another consultant in a few weeks, we've done this booth for a few years now w/ moderate success, but I think this year we are looking for ways to get bookings on the calendar before they leave our tent...any suggestions? I was thinking we could do some...
  17. M

    Booking Beads: Increasing Show Bookings - Experiences?

    Has anyone heard about Jill Lerner's Booking Beads tool for increasing your bookings at shows? Has anyone used it? If so, how successful was it?
  18. B

    Boost Your Bookings: Tips for New Sellers in Less Than 6 Months!

    So I have been selling less then 6 months and I really need help with bookings. I Don't have many contacts and those I have, have hosted parties recently (less then 6 months ;) ) When I started I was doing really amazing...but major problemo I signed four people. Which is great! But those...
  19. R

    Boost Your Bookings and Build With Leads?

    Was this an old PC training? on dvd? I came across this mentioned a few times but can't seem to find it anywhere. It does not seem to be available in the on-line training resources (I'm in Canada). Does anyone have notes that they could share. I really need some help/motivation for bookings...
  20. Bren706

    Need Bookings - Need Encouragement to Get on the Phone

    Okay, I went inactive in April (submitted the 1 April show in May) after having a record February and a pretty good March. I have a show next week, but still do not have the guest list. I have a booth at month end. I have been making customer care calls, and got an order for a few margarita...
  21. esavvymom

    10 Bookings in 10 Days- Free Teleseminar W/Steve Wiltshire

    I wanted to pass this info along to ya'll. I received it from Steve Wiltshire's company directly, but also from my upline. He is presenting his teleseminar multiple times for several DS companies- (EACH gets their own seminar!), to give you SPECIFIC EXAMPLES (love that!!).I registered, and got...
  22. R

    How Can I Get More Bookings and Orders?

    Hi everyone, I just signed on with Pampered Chef a couple weeks ago. I'm trying to make my $1250 in my first 30 days but having a really hard time. I've only had my opening show and one catalog show. I've had no bookings and I've still got $950 to go to reach my goal. I got two leads on Saturday...
  23. cookingwithlove

    Director Helping New Consultants With Bookings

    I have quite a few new consultants. They are excited they are motivated. They're family and friends suck. It has been so long for me since I have been in their positions. So I have some questions: How do you find books when your family and friends will not help you out? How do you keep...
  24. C

    Desperate for Bookings? Try Sending a Mini Catalog!

    I need some help with getting some bookings. I tried email, but soon realized a lot is getting caught in spam. So for some of my "potential" hosts I want to send out a mini catalog with a note saying something like...look at all the great things PC just came out with book a show now and find out...
  25. P

    Director Boost Bookings & Build Your Business: Phone Call Boot Camp for Direct Sellers

    has anyone done a sort of "step up" focused on bookings and building that area of business? I have a large personal team but not many are doing more than a couple of shows a month...I'm thinking of offering a boot camp type thing that would be mostly phone calls but with some in person meetings...
  26. J

    Can I Give My First Recruit My Bookings to Help Them Qualify?

    I just closed a host's party last night, and she is seriously considering signing as a New Consultant...she would be my first recruit. I'm pretty new myself (just completed my 4th month), and am REALLY trying to get bookings outside of my friends and family, who are just about PC'd out. I was...
  27. M

    When Does a Fundraising Organization Receive Donations from Bookings?

    I have a question - I am submitting a fundraiser tonight and have a potential wedding shower and another fundraiser from this show. They have not set final dates but are serious about it. I know we can change the dates of shows and the host still gets the benefit and I'm wondering if that is the...
  28. kristina16marie

    Turkey Trot: Drive Your Sales & Bookings Higher This Thanksgiving!

    Here is some info about doing a Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving. Basically it's having a bunch of catalog shows. People who are going to be at family gatherings anyway, can pull out a catalog & gather orders! By making it a competition or offering an incentive can help drive your sales &...