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  1. K

    Booking Incentives

    Hi everybody! This is my first post on this board. I have been lurking around for a while now and finally decided just to join so I could post too. I have been with Pampered Chef since July, so I'm still pretty new. Anyway, I was trying to get some ideas for booking incentives. It seems...
  2. B

    Help need booking suggestions

    I am a new consultant and had 6 initial bookings, of the 6 I am now down to 3. I have 2 next weekend and 1 said that she has 2 people that are interested in booking a show. I am new to the area so I do not know alot of people. I have put several flyers out and the mini catalogs all over the...
  3. B

    Can a consultant get the booking benefit?

    Does any know if a consultant can get the booking benefit?
  4. W

    Booking Incentives?

    What kind of booking incentives do you offer? And what do you offer if you're booking apart from a show, e.g., over the phone or through conversations you start up with people? Do you give the incentive immediately or at their party? When I'm booking at a show, I bake a delicious bread in...
  5. pamperedmom2owen

    Changing the Booking date in PP

    I had a guest reschedule from Sept. to Oct. No big deal. I went to change the date from the booking info from the show she booked from and it's not giving me the right dates! I've never had this problem before! Anyone else ever had this problem?? :mad:
  6. K

    Booking flyer for show

    I cannot take complete credit for this flyer, I combined a few I found here, I think! It is a great flyer to include in my folder for my Kitchen shows. I hope you enjoy! I have put it as a .pdf file so everyone can see it but I did take my contact info of the back so you can stamp it if you...
  7. rachelpc

    Booking benefit

    I had a quick question. If 2 people book from the same host for the same month does that person ( the one they booked off of) get the sepcial at each show. That only seems right. It is not the first hosts fault that they both booked in the same month. Thnak for your input
  8. J

    Booking Binder

    I was reading a file some one posted from the conference about getting bookings. And it talked about having a booking binder. I was wondering what some of you thought about it and if anyone had examples they might be able to share.
  9. C

    Host booking a future show from her show????

    If a hostess having a party in August books a show for Oct., will she qualify for 2 host bonus? One as past hostess and one as current hostes at her Oct. show? Charlene
  10. janel kelly

    Conference booking notes

    I got this document with notes from a booking class at conference in my e-mail today. It is GREAT! If you have a few minutes take some time to read it.
  11. B

    Host Booking Benefit

    I had a host in June that didn't do as well as she wished to. She wants to try again in August. I put her down as a booking from herself. My question is can she then purchase two Host Specials - one as the person hosting an August show and one as the host that the show as booked from...
  12. N

    Is anyone else having problems booking July?

    I've consistantly been booking 7-10 shows/month, but I'm having a hard time getting anyone to have a show in July. I have 3 on the calendar so far, but at this point, I'd like to be booked up! For those of you that have been doing this for a few years- are there months that are difficult to...
  13. PampMomof3

    Booking Question

    Hey guys and gals! Okay I have a question and I know that it's going to come up within the week and I want to have an answer for it. In May, I had a kitchen show where a guest came and brought a friend. Well both of them expressed interest in having a show and one of them already booked a...
  14. M

    Booking trouble

    I am in my first month and, I am having trouble getting people to book a party. I did do a catolog show and was going to send out a newsletter, but I only recieved one email address. Would it be okay to mail it to everyone that ordered even if they did not give there email address. Please any...
  15. D

    Idea for booking

    Hi Everyone, I thought since all of you have given me some great ideas I would give one back. I had a candle party for someone right before I started PC, and I got the idea from her. By the way, because I had a show for her, she is having a show for me. She had a balloon for every guest, in...
  16. S

    Last Booking In May! Help!

    I have my last show that I have booked for May tomorrow. I have not yet had any success coming out of shows with new bookings. I've read many ideas here and I am going to try them i.e. a gift for booking a show that day! I am curious to know how close in can I book a show, and how can I...
  17. S

    About $3 a booking

    Ok I have just one question. I am in the middle of a Relay For Life fund raiser. I have 3 booking so far when does the $3 for each booking get added? Is it automatic so Pampered Partner doesn't show it or is it after the shows are held they'll get $3 checks? All I can find is "$3 for each...
  18. B

    Make the new booking benefit work for you!

    Here is a great flyer that was passed onto me by Katie! It helps the host realize the benefit of helping us get bookings and keeping them!
  19. P

    Booking Ideas

    I thought it might benefit everyone to have a list of ideas where they can get shows. It is ALWAYS best to get bookings from your show, but here are LOTS of ideas of where to get bookings outside of your shows. GREAT for those of you just getting started.
  20. B

    Anyone want to lend me a booking or two in NJ to get me started?

    [URL=http://www.pamperedchef.biz/cookingpc4msers?page=home&reload=true] Hi everyone :) I'm a new Consultant as you can tell by the Subject line. I'm having a rough time getting those first few bookings, but know once I do, things will mushroom out from there. If anyone in my area wishes...
  21. C

    Booking flyer

    I have recently started my pampered chef business and i want to make up a flyer to let people know. Does anyone have any suggestions with how I should word this or what it needs to include? Any feedback would help alot!! thanks
  22. DebPC

    Cookware Booking Activity and Drawing

    I have bought the cookware and had a giveway. My team has done it for the past 3 or 4 years. We started with the Gen II set (didn't yet have the Prof.), then we went on to the 4-piece set and a couple of extra items so there were 3 winners. Last year we have several pieces of open stock...
  23. DebPC

    Booking Blitz

    Our FIRST ever Booking Blitz was tonight, and boy, was it amazing! 4 Directors invited their teams to participate - Our Results: 18 Consultants participated in the Blitz, making booking calls for 45 minutes - 33 Kitchen Shows booked - with DATES! 15 or more potential Kitchen Shows...