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What is booking: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Admin Greg

    One Tip for Booking Shows to a New Consultant

    If you could only give one tip for booking shows to a new consultant what would yours be?
  2. T

    Find the Perfect Poem for a Catalog Booking to Cheer Up Mom in the Hospital

    Im looking for a poem I had found on this sight a while back. It talked about booking a catalog show fir my mommy while shes at the hospital .It was super cute I thought I had saved it but didnt:(Does anyone have anything like this?
  3. A

    Old Join Us, Booking Slide, Your Life Your Way & Discover Us Brochures/DVDs

    Old "Join Us" "Booking Slide" "Your Life, Your Way" and "Discover Us" Brochures/DVDs I have and old booking slide, old discover us (50 count) and join us (5 count) and your life your way (5 count) with my labels on them if anyone could use them/re-purpose them Id hate to just throw them away...
  4. A

    How Can a New Host Rewards Booking Slide Simplify Your Party Planning?

    New Booking Slide New host rewards booking slide. Never used. I use flat-rate priority mail with USPS, as that is usually cheapest and includes tracking and insurance. Shipping weight is approximate. Shipping cost will be determined with buyer's zip code. List Date: 5/22/2014 For more...
  5. C

    What Strategies Can Help Improve My Booking Blitz Success Rate?

    Hi everyone, I have had so many problems getting shows that I had almost given up. I became inactive, but I decided to give it another try. I am going to do a booking blitz this evening when I get home to try to get my calendar booked for the next two months. Is there any special wording or...
  6. J

    Booking Binder Themes: Simple and Effective Organization Tips

    Its not super fancy, but I just created this to put in my bookings binder. If you like it, go ahead and use it. http://www.chefsuccess.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23731&stc=1&d=1394247680
  7. C

    Booking a Show as a Past Host: What You Need to Know

    If I do my own show and get a booking from it, can I order as a Past Host at that show?
  8. Deb Bixler

    Over 73 Marketing & Booking Ideas

    If you are worried about filling your calendar then this is the place to http://www.createacashflowshow.com/building-show-business/direct-sales-booking-ideas.htm! Take one at a time - add one to your marketing efforts each week and in only a short time you will have full calendar and never...
  9. Bren706

    Disney Twist for Booking Tree/Necklace

    I had a great idea pop into my head last night as I was wanting to offer the booking necklaces at my shows this month to increase my bookings so that I can earn the incentive trip for the first time this year. I had the craft sticks already, and bought the colored poster board, and then cut out...
  10. K

    Newbie Vendor Needs Advice: Christmas Bazaar Booking Tree

    Hello everyone, I am brand spanking new to PC and I have my first vendor show tomorrow. Very last minute, I was just asked to do it yesterday! I haven't had my first party yet, but that'll be Saturday. The event is a Christmas Bazaar so I thought I would try to attract guests to my table...
  11. MissChef

    Need Some Help With Verbage for Booking Shows

    Okay, I should know most of this, but I have allowed myself to become overwhelmed! lol, I've been selling for over 14 years and was even a director for 3 1/2 of those years. Over the last 7 years I have worked and have never lost my career sales, sometimes doing pretty well, and other times not...
  12. W

    Is the Past Host Booking Benefit 60% off for hosts who sell over $650?

    Is the Past Host Booking Benefit just one of the 60% off items even if the host sells over $650?
  13. MrsNetNut404

    Affordable Raffle Prizes for Booking Brunch: Ideas & Budget Tips

    My director suggested I have a raffle for my booking brunch next month. I thought that was a great idea, but I am having a hard time deciding what to offer for the raffle prize. I can't offer anything too expensive. I was thinking something in the $15-$20 range. My director also suggested...
  14. S

    Booking Your First Party: Tips & Advice

    Hi, I hope this is in the right place and I'm sorry for asking a dump question but I can't find an answer. I am a newbie trying to book my first party. So far the first 5 people I have asked have said no. Ok I don't like hearing no but its part of the business. I use to say no...
  15. DebPC

    Booking Count: How Many Do You Have Booked?

    How many do you have booked?
  16. L

    Booking Calls 101: Scripts & Tips for Direct Sellers

    Question regarding booking calls. I came from another Direct sell company & want to contact my old customers & leads. When calling what would you say? I'm so horrible about coming up with the right words to entice someone to have a party. If love some script suggestions!
  17. melissa3026

    Different Booking Experience... at Least for Me

    Admittedly, I have had an extremely slow start to my business and mostly because I just haven't spent the time to work it. About 2 months ago, I changed my mind-set and have been working my business every night when I come home from my desk job and every day of the weekend. I haven't had any...
  18. Bren706

    Overcoming Host Objections for Booking Early January

    My goal is to have at least the first half of January booked by mid-December. (This has been a challenge for me the last few years). What are some of the things you tell your potential hosts when they think it is too soon after the holidays that have helped you successfully book those shows?
  19. T

    Collapsible Bowl Booking Tree: A Creative Way to Boost Bookings?

    Have you seen this? Booking tree - YouTube Great idea...wondering what you all would use as far as products to put on the ornaments?
  20. S

    Help! I'm Having Trouble Booking Shows - Any Advice?

    I'm having trouble getting people to my shows... Any advice? I joined in Feb and have had NO bookings besides my own shows. I do the booking slide, post on FB... I don't get what I'm doing wrong. In July, I had a my own show and several people RSVPd, but only one showed up. Now, I am having a...
  21. M

    Booking Beads: Increasing Show Bookings - Experiences?

    Has anyone heard about Jill Lerner's Booking Beads tool for increasing your bookings at shows? Has anyone used it? If so, how successful was it?
  22. M

    Ethics: Navigating a Competitive Booking Situation

    ETHICS QUESTION? A few mos ago I spoke to my pediatrician’s office about doing an office show more than once. They were excited. When I called for the final date they told me they were going with another consultant in my cluster. One of the girls in the office was friends with the other...
  23. W

    Efficient Flyer Mailing for Local PC Consultant | Limited Time Offer

    Hey everyone! I'm a new consultant trying to get up and running and need some help. I'd like to send out a flyer mailing as a way to try and drum up some interest in bookings. I'm currently working and I home school our kiddos so my time is very limited right now. My employment contract is...
  24. K

    Director Revamping Bookings: What Incentives Do Consultants Want?

    If you could change our booking incentive program, what would you like to see changed? Something different than the 60% off bonus specials to host. What about the past host? Should she/he have something different. What incentive do other direct sales companies offer that you have seen and...
  25. DebPC

    Director Surprise Delivery: I Won the Pampered Chef Booking Blitz Drawing!

    oday I came home to find 2 boxes from PC with my name on them. I'm thinking...I didn't order anything... there's been a mix-up... I'm going to have to call CS... yada yada yada. When I opened up one of the boxes, there was a slip that said I won the Booking Blitz drawing. I got the 12"SS...
  26. naekelsey

    Understanding the Impact of Potential Bookings on Host Benefits

    Does a potential booking count like a "real" booking for the host benefits?
  27. M

    Having Tons of Issues Booking Parties...any Month

    I just started selling in November, and while I have a full time job on top of selling, I have every other weekend off to do PC parties. I have had a horrible time trying to get people to book parties. I have flyers up at local stores from where to 25 mi away...no leads yet. They have been up...
  28. Bren706

    Boost Your Bookings with the Booking Blitz!

    How is everyone doing with the Booking Blitz? I just got a booking from my daughters classroom (she's the room parent) calling to see if I could send a goody in next week. I had sent her a catalog at the end of October (and didn't follow up!:eek:). She said she might order after the...
  29. K

    Thank You for Booking - Letter/Email Template

    Hello. I am looking for a "Thank you for booking" Type letter/email that I can send within 24 hours of booking a party with me. Anything that anyone has started will be helpful! I can tweak/add/change :) I looked in the files and there really isnt anything. Thanks in advance! Trying to...
  30. Sheila

    Director Are You Ready for the December Booking Blitz?

    I just created a FB event on the private page that I have for my downline. If anyone else is doing a FB event to motivate your team for the December Booking Blitz, here's a photo that you can use for the event...