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What is template: Definition and 61 Discussions

  1. Lilamyw3

    Anyone Have Dip Bowl Recipe Template?

    Does anyone have a file saved with a template for the holiday dip bowl recipes? I'm trying to make my own but i'm not very savvy with this.
  2. kcmckay

    Need recipe cards for vendor fairs? Let me help!

    I looked in files, but couldn't find anything current or editable. I would like to make/print some recipe cards I can give out at Vendor fairs. I have 3 in a row the next 3 Saturdays. I will try to make my own, but I'm not good at that kind of stuff so any assistance would be greatly...
  3. T

    Host Letter Template for Virtual & Catalog Parties

    Does anyone have a recent host letter that they use for virtual or catalog parties?
  4. PampChefJoy

    Get Ready To Enjoy TTConnect Email Template!

    Enjoy! The email template is already loaded onto TTConnect for subscribers.
  5. J

    Help Need a Template for Pampered Chef Business Flyer

    I had someone ask me today if I want to put in a flyer/coupon a big consignment sale in the bags they will giving out. I need about 300 of them and have no clue what to put on them. PLEASE HELP!!!
  6. K

    Thank You for Booking - Letter/Email Template

    Hello. I am looking for a "Thank you for booking" Type letter/email that I can send within 24 hours of booking a party with me. Anything that anyone has started will be helpful! I can tweak/add/change :) I looked in the files and there really isnt anything. Thanks in advance! Trying to...
  7. F

    Here's a Host Letter Template for Your Next Event!

    Here is an example of my host letter if anyone would like to use it :)
  8. kkrueger125

    Where Can I Find a Grand Opening Flyer Template for a New Recruit?

    Good evening - Is there a template somewhere that I can use for a Grand Opening Flyer for a a new recruit. I tried to use Search, but I wasn't having much luck. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. Kristy
  9. Cormanskitchen

    Create Custom Postcards: Easy-to-Use Template and Step-by-Step Guide

    I was wanting to make some postcards to send out to the contacts that I don't have email addys for. I was hoping that someone out there had a template that they use to print their own postcards with. I was a bit too ambisious and already bought the postcard sheets without really thinking this...
  10. O

    Find the Best Address Label Template: What Happened to the CC Version?

    Does anyone know what happened to the address label template that was on the front of CC for so long? I can't find it anywhere! :(
  11. F

    Printable Bridal Shower Invitation Template | Perfect for Paper Supply Cards

    Consultant on my team needs a template to print info. on bridal shower invites today. Anyone have one set up? She's using the cards from paper supply.
  12. NooraK

    Blank Template for Guest Addresses

    Does anyone know how I can print a blank template of the Guest Address Labels that are available on CC? Since they're set to print as labels, the field names don't print. I wanted to include blanks in my Host Packets, just in case. Or if you could point me to your favorite version in the files.
  13. M

    Host a Fun Bingo Night at Your Party - Get the Template Here!

    Does anyone do a BINGO game at their parties? If you do can either post the template send it to me!
  14. F

    Create Custom Invitation Templates: Tips for Printing Party Details

    I'm not sure is it a right place to post this, if not, sorry!! I would like to mail out invitation for my host, does anyone know how to print the information (date, host address, my info, guest address etc) on the invitation card? I once received an invitation card from a consultant that is...
  15. P

    Where Can I Find a Template for Telling My Story?

    Help! I can't find my template for telling your story - does anyone have one?
  16. D

    Searching for Email Template: Help Needed

    Does anyone have a current one that I could use in e-mail format? I searched in files and didn't see anything.
  17. I

    Director How Can I Fix My Misprinted Labels for Mini Cattys?

    :( Ok, I just got the Avery 5164 labels and printed my first set and they are all off line! So the whole sheet is wasted....does anyone know what I can do to fix it?? I feel I always have a problem! I am going try tech support...who knows maybe they can help...
  18. dannyzmom

    Swiss Cheese Brain: Template for Mini Cat Labels???

    I know that on Day 3 of NC they told us when & where we can find this template ...but, well, um...that tidbit of info seems to have fallen out of my brain. HELP??? I bought the labels today but now I can't find a template :P
  19. dannyzmom

    Director Erica's Monthly Team Recognition Template

    HELP!! I accidentally deleted the template Erica sent out last night and now I can't recover it.....can someone please email it to me at [email protected]?
  20. muffetts

    Customizable Flyer Template with Tear-Off Tabs for Neighborhood Use

    I need to post a flyer in my neighbourhood, the kind with the tear-off bottom for my name, phone # etc. Anyone have something I can start from?
  21. WLMcCoy

    Gift Certificate Template Needed Urgently

    I searched a little through CS, but didn't see anything. I'm in pretty urgent need of a gift certificate. Does anyone have a template from a gift certificate they made of their own? Thanks
  22. Pam Barrett

    Searching for a Generic OOF Template to Organize Pantry Items

    Does anyone have a generic OOF? I find I am throwing away more and more (shows fall through). I am looking for one that does not have monthly specials on it and is still divided for pantry. One of the consultants in my cluster was talking about it and I forgot to see if she would e-mail it to...
  23. A

    Why Do Merrill Poster Templates Misalign When Printing?

    Hi Y'all! Merrill has been on my nerves today. I purchased those recruitment & hosting business cards posters - not the personalized ones. So when I finally used the template off of their website today, the .pdf didn't line up. I have no idea how to fix it. Has any one had success with a...
  24. C

    Gift Certificate Template Needed

    I have found such great information on this site and I was wondering if anyone would be wiling to post their gift certificate template on here? I am new and have someone who would like a gift certificate. Thanks!
  25. T

    New Postcard Invite Template...

    Is there anyone savvy enough to change up the postcard invitation for the new fall invites? I have a template for the generic white PC invites, but the spacing is off a little on the new invites. (I run them through my printer to fill in the Host's information so all she has to do is address...
  26. gbakes27

    Lost Pampered Chef 'It's a Party Date' Coupon - Where Can I Find It?

    I saw a coupon called 'it's a party date' on here a few weeks ago. I saved it but my computer crashed since then and i lost it. It had name, address, phone etc on back for host to fill out and on the front you could put a free gift for booking... anyone seen it? Where is it?
  27. C

    Creating a Booking Tree? Need a Template? Ask Here!

    I am trying to put together a booking tree and wondered if anyone has a template for the booking cards to put on the tree before I go ahead and create something from scratch. I looked in the files and didn't see anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm just starting out and need...
  28. krzymomof4

    Create a Recruiting Promo with Our Template!

    I wish they had a template for the new recruiting promo from our websites:cry:
  29. P

    Creating a Newsletter: Looking for Template Ideas

    I want to start doing a newsletter for my team. I'm not a director yet, so I don't have access to the handy templates that are out there on the director's loops. Does anyone have one that they'd be willing to share with me? You can either post it here or email it to me at...
  30. stacywhitlow

    Get Your Spring Postcard Invitations Covered with Our New Template!

    Has anyone made a template for the new spring postcard invitations? Can I please have it?!?:angel: