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  1. Kate Siciliano

    New - and need some advice!

    Good morning fellow PC sales people! I'm new here, and I've only been selling PC for a few months. I have the opportunity to register myself for a couple of holiday craft/vendor fairs, and I'm trying to find information about offering cash & carry style items (i.e. purchase stock myself and...
  2. I

    Prize drawing slips - fairs

    Does anyone have a "short & fast" drawing slip document I can use for a fair? This is what I have... but I can't get it to fit 4 on a page, to make copies worth while. PRIZE DRAWING SLIP: Name:______________________________ Address:____________________________...
  3. C

    Recruiting at job fairs?

    Are you allowed to set up a table at a job fair with info about PC? They have job fairs in Orlando all the time, and I went to a few and there were tons of people there.