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What is working: Definition and 123 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Not a Vendor, but Still Working the Event

    Are you ready to do business wherever you are? Do you intentionally do business when you’re out and about? I ask because I think I upped my game this week. Here in Indiana it’s 4-H Fair season. My local county fair is running this week. I don’t have a booth because it’s way out of my budget...
  2. babywings76

    Troubleshooting Search Issues: Tips to Resolve Errors | Hey Greg

    Hey Greg, I am having trouble with the search feature. I keep getting an error message. Someone also just joined and mentioned on FB the trouble she is also experiencing. Just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't aware of the issue.
  3. K

    Creating a Business Binder: Organization for Working Women without Office Space

    Most of my girls work other jobs and don't have the luxury of an office at home. I remember a training I took once at Conference where the lady talked about a business binder. I'm sure I took notes but I have no idea where they would be (maybe organizing notes should be a new year's...
  4. J

    Can Opener Not Working Under Warranty

    Hey everyone! I had someone come up to me at a fundraiser who said they bought the Pampered Chef can opener a little less than a year ago and they loved it while it was working, but just recently it has stopped working. He said it just won't open the cans, it will leave a mark but not go through...
  5. doughmama

    Anyone Interested in Working a Fair in Ct

    I got this sent to my p chef website. I am not interested in advertising or working a fair but said that I would pass it along to see if anyone else is... Cost for a table is $150 - If you are interested and want the contact info, just pm me. Contacting you from the Smoke in the Valley...
  6. pamperedbecky

    Director Why is the Shipment Status page not working?

    Is anyone else having problems with clicking on the Shipment Status page on the "old" web? When I click on it, it says "page not found." Weird.
  7. P

    Director HO Struggles in July: What's Not Working Out?

    HO is throwing everything they have at July! $200 extra FREE, hot dogs and QSP for hostesses. Double points, free for all, hot dogs for us... anyone else get the feeling business is down??? Hmmmmm new web not working out exactly how they had planned???:bugeye:
  8. K

    What was the solution for the consultant's password issue?

    I am trying to help a new consultant submit her show which will qualify her. Her password isn't working and of course PC is closed! And I need her for my Excellence Award! It says to enter the new password but she doesn't have a new password! It says to uncheck the box, but there is no box...
  9. ChefPeg

    Mastering Success: My Journey to Making It Work

    I hope it works!
  10. pampered1224

    Ot - Po'd at the Company I Am Working for

    I worked my butt off last week, hurt like crazy because of lugging laptops around a huge hospital complex and get this, my time sheet has NOT been approved! Pay day is Wednesday and if I do not get paid, I do not have gas money to get to work nor the money I need for my fundraiser on Saturday or...
  11. babywings76

    Awaiting a Response: Working with a Potential Recruit with Family Issues

    I have a potential recruit who contacted me in reply to my last newsletter saying, "i haven't forgotting u at all i have been dealing with family issues." She had approached me when I was at Walmart one day. She said she had gone to a fair and met a consultant and the consultant never...
  12. P

    April OOF: Tips & Solutions for Working Remotely

    Does anyone have an April OOF?
  13. M

    Stay-At-Home Vs. Working Parents

    This was shared by a friend of mine on another board...I think many of you will get a laugh! http://www.babble.com/toddler/toddler-development/questions-for-parents-from-SAHM/ My husband always asks how my day went. And he really wants to know. He’s nice like that. As we slowly push the...
  14. ShellBeach

    Blank Outlet on CC: Is it Working for You?

    The outlet on CC is showing blank for me. Is it for you? The regular PC.com website does show items.
  15. ShelbyMichalek

    Working on New Theme Show: Cakes!

    I'm working on a new theme show called "Cakes for your Kids" I will be featuring two cakes, one more boyish and one girly. I'm already covered on the girly one, I'll show how to make a batter bowl barbie cake (Any tips on that?!) but I'm not sure what to do that would be more boyish. The more...
  16. F

    Guest Special Alert Not Working

    Is anyone else having trouble with the guest special alert not working when closing out a show? I submitted a show last week and forgot to order one guest special. Normally when this happens, the system lets me know that a guest has qualified for the special but hasn't ordered it and I can...
  17. lisa717

    Nov Past Host Code Not Working?

    I have a catalog show for Nov...I am trying to put in a Past host special...she wants the mini muffin pan @ 60% off....I enter X606 and it comes up no longer available???? Am I doing something wrong? HELP!!!
  18. T

    October Guest Special Not Working!!!

    i just had a show last night. there is suppossed to be a percentage off select stoneware and there are no special item numbers to put in so it is coming up at the regular price on PPP. help?????
  19. PampChefJoy

    No Idea Why, but the "Send to Icontact" Function Is Working Again!

    had a subscriber alert me that she's able to send the code directly into her iContact account again and it shows up perfectly. I tested it myself. I made NO changes on my end and have not had any programmers working on it either. Weird if iContact made some random change on their end that...
  20. RCKmom

    FB Link Not Working: Can Someone Help?

    My FB link on my newsletter is not working. This is what I have as my link http://www.facebook.com/pcsvickers. If I type in the link in a web browser, it takes me to my page, so I know it's right, but when click on the link on the newsletter link it dosen't work. Can somebody tell me what...
  21. finley1991

    Director Let's Get 'Em Working in April!

    I just got my CN today! There are some amazing opportunities! There is the chance for Cs and SCs to catch up on TOT points! They can also earn discounted NC registration (that might not be new though) and other great things!!!! The recruiting incentive is great and the bonus for recruiters...
  22. baychef

    Links Working on Your Pampered Chef Newsletter?

    I have had customers use links on my website and they all cycle back to the same newsletter!:mad: (I tried the links for recipes, shop now, etc.) Not happy at all considering this is prime buying time.
  23. wadesgirl

    Why isn't my car's remote start working?

    We got our car summer 09 and last year the remote start worked on it great (factory installed). This year DH tried to do it twice and both times it doesn't start and actually turns on the security honking!! Not a good thing for your neighbors when you leave at 5 a.m.! Due to my limited...
  24. cookinforyou

    Can You Work as a Consultant While Receiving Disability Benefits?

    I am facing the possibility of long term disability due to a car accident and I was wondering if I will still be able to work as PC consultant if that comes to be. Does anyone collect disability and still act as a consultant, I was hoping that if nothing else I could do all catalog and pamperd...
  25. P

    Why Isn't My Recipe Search Working?

    am I the only one who has issues searching recipes on here? when I search it just keeps the same page
  26. F

    What Would You Do...2 People Working on Same Recruit.

    WARNING...Long....So I have a situation. I've been working on a potential recruit for almost 2 yrs. I'm not a Dir. yet but hold my own meetings and have a hospitality that attends. Last week I found out hosp. had someone she was going to bring to the mtg. this evening. When I asked who the...
  27. N

    Dcb Booking Tool - Is It Working?

    I don;t know about you but I have people get MAD at me that they cannot purchase the baker. They do not want to host anything. Yeah I have a few bookings for the baker- but not as many as I hoped for- If you are successful with e booking for the baker --please share.
  28. NooraK

    Waiting for Conference News: Anxiously Working in the Meantime

    ...with everyone off to Conference, mostly traveling today and with nothing announced yet. I'm anxiously waiting to hear anything, but in the mean time I actually have to work... :grumpy:
  29. P

    Biz Advice for Recovering from Surgery: Working Through June

    I am going to be having surgery on May 31. I will be completely down for the month of June. Anybody have any suggestions on how to continue to work my biz for that month?
  30. cookie325

    Anyone Who Has Never Earned a Trip Working Toward an Irresistible Destination?

    I have been with PC since 2003 (with a year off in 2006) and I have NEVER earned a trip. Never even close. In fact, I've never even earned Level 1...or gotten close to that. But I want Maui SOOOOO BAD!!! I know I'm crazy, but I WANT IT!! I would love to talk to others who have never earned...