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What is interested: Definition and 38 Discussions

  1. doughmama

    Anyone Interested in Working a Fair in Ct

    I got this sent to my p chef website. I am not interested in advertising or working a fair but said that I would pass it along to see if anyone else is... Cost for a table is $150 - If you are interested and want the contact info, just pm me. Contacting you from the Smoke in the Valley...
  2. L

    Person Interested Asked Can They Sell Pampered Chef and Tupperware??

    I've been asked if they can sell PC and Tupperware?? Or is this conflict?? I wasn't sure how to answer them?? In my opinion this would be a conflict, but I wanted to see what others thought or see if you'd ever dealt with this issue before. Lisa
  3. Deb Bixler

    What Kind of Recruiting Training Would You Be Interested In?

    We are wondering what you look for in recruiting training. Can you help us out with this quick 3 questionnaire: http://bit.ly/wWUwz4
  4. P

    Director Friend Places Order, Not Interested in Hosting Show

    I received a lead this morning for product. Called and asked what I could help her with and she says "well, nothing really. My friend just put in our order and I was thinking I wanted to attend a show"!!! Of course I suggested she have a show.. ooooohhhhh NO she is not interested in that but...
  5. ChefCKHall

    forThose Interested - My Presentation Notes

    Here is a copy of my presentation for Phoenix Spring Launch! I hope they will help someone.....Looks a little stale compared to being there in person but I managed to get through it! Happy Valentine's Day! CK
  6. PampChefJoy

    Would Anyone Be Interested in a "How to Set up Fb" Webinar?

    I have a webinar account but I've never used it before... but am willing to host one to help people through steps on how to set up a Fan page. Anyone interested? Or any seasoned FB-ers want to join in and help explain?
  7. N

    Want to Clear Out Your Office? Interested in Old Catalogs?

    I would like to clear out some space in my office. I have way too many catalogs and other supplies that I need to part with. Please send me an e-mail with what you are interested in to [email protected]. Payment method requested through PayPal. Buyer must pay shipping. Not sure how much...
  8. PampChefJoy

    Is Anyone Still Interested in My 2 and 3 Month Flyers?

    I know everyone raves about Kathleen's, so I am not sure there is a need for me to duplicate the effort.
  9. kam

    inCase Anyone Is Interested, Here Is My 3-Month Flyer.for the

    In case anyone is interested, here is my 3-month flyer. For the guest special, I took the wording from last year... "In May, purchase any of the limited-edition, Help Whip Cancer® pink products and a contribution will be made to the American Cancer Society®" I assume they are considered...
  10. M

    Is There Big Money in Singing? Find Out Tonight!

    and her sister too. show to night but she can only get 3 to come and i am still going to it abut 28 miles away. but she is thinking about the biz and I asked her one question and she awnsered it wit a I dont know if i can find time to do it. but wowed at the info about it and her sister had...
  11. C

    Anyone Interested in the Twilight Series?

    My daughter is interested in selling her collection of Twlight books. She has books 2, 3, and 4 (book one is way too used to sell). New Moon is in paperback and in good condition (only wear is on the corners & they've been taped). Breaking Dawn and Eclipse are in hardback and in good...
  12. S

    Interested in Another Survey for My Boutique?

    If you recall, I am opening a children's resale boutique next month. I have another survery if anyone is interested. The answers/feedback REALLY helps! http://www.esurveycreator.com/survey/survey.php?code=50325227443010 Thanks so much!!
  13. chefkathy

    Letter I'm Sending to My Inactives (In Case You Are Interested)

    As you may be aware, The Pampered Chef introduced a new Career Plan that went into effect on April 1st of this year. When the new career plan kicked in, everyone who was inactive to any degree (that includes you) was given 6 months to come back to the business. Your 6 months will end at the...
  14. kcjodih

    Hwc Apron Listed on Lmad for Those Interested..

    the pink and black bib style. She's asking $20 and that INCLUDES shipping. Just thought I'd share. Good luck everyone :)
  15. F

    Interested in Pampered Chef Opportunity...question

    Hi all, I am considering signing up with PC-I have always been interested and LOVE the product, but it was never the right time. My question is, is there a way to find out who the consultants are in my area? I have been in direct sales before and know how important it is to sign under the...
  16. Jennie4PC

    Maximize Your Savings with 60% Off & Book Now: Special Offer for Friends!

    So last night I had a show and I got 2 bookings on the calander which is great and one of them I asked her when she was interested in booking and she said well the Feb special doesnt really interest me :eek: She is one of my friends from school and I said picking anything out of the catalog for...
  17. W

    How Many Males Are Interested, on Your Team, Successful, Etc?

    Male here. I know there would be challenges for a male that would not exist for a female and that doesn't bother me but I WOULD like to hear about your experiences in this area. My wife has bought PC products over a period of time and I love them. Great stuff. I do lots of side work in the...
  18. babywings76

    Can a 16 Year Old Host a Home Party for My Business?

    I had a 16 yr. old girl come to my fair booth a couple weeks ago. She seemed older, and came off very mature. She marked down that she was interested in everything, a show, possible job, GC's, wedding registry, etc. I told her that since she was a minor, I wasn't sure what I was allowed to do...
  19. AmieCream

    Host a Virtual Cooking Show - 20+ Interested Hosts!

    I've been doing a lot of fairs/events and have suggested web shows for all who have turned down a cooking show. I have 20 or so names of people who are interested but I don't have a flier or anything to send them with all the information about hosting an online type show. does anyone have...
  20. J

    Male Interested in Pampered Chef

    I got an email from a guy that wants PC products but says that he doesn't think that he will come to show since it is mostly women at them. I emailed back & asked if he thought about hosting that way he could do the invites and have a mixed crowd. What else should I mention if anything ??
  21. M

    Interested Hosts...won't Call Back

    I'm a new Consultant and I have 2 potential hosts who both expressed interest in hosting a show. One of them actually expressed interest on my website and the other booked through a friend's show. The first time I called one of them, she said she would definitely host, but needed to check with...
  22. chefann

    Introducing Cs Calendar with Added Features - Get Your Copy Now!

    With the recent removal of Franklin Covey as a Pampered Perks partner, I had an idea to make a spiral-bound calendar, similar to the one that was offered by them. It would feature 2-page months and 2 pages per week, with several added features: check boxes for marking off 3-2-1, motivational...
  23. P

    Want a Like-New Dots Apron from Leadership Last Year?

    One of the Dots Aprons from Leadership last year. I have one that I have only worn once or twice. Abey
  24. KellyTheChef

    Extra Card Swap Cards Available to Anyone Interested!

    Some of you may not be aware of the business card swap that we had going on. To explain, we were sending in our business cards with stickers on the backs saying two things: 1. Why we *started* our PC business and 2. Why we *stay* with our PC business. The goal of these cards is actually...
  25. angmillar

    Host a Cooking Show: Contacting Interested Parties ASAP

    When someone marks the box about interested in hosting a cooking show, how long do you wait to call them about a date? I'm assuming I should do it right away?? This is the first time someone has marked the box that I haven't actually spoken to at the show. I was too busy being chatty at my...
  26. britishchef

    Any Jews Who Might Be Interested in This?

    My MIL and FIL are selling their complete Torah Anthology. http://www.aryehkaplan.com/product/ta.htm It's this one $399.99 The Five Books Of Moses: 20-Volume Set Torah Anthology Me'am Lo'ez They're asking $350 including shipping, or best offer.
  27. DebbieJ

    Wish Me Luck! Tonight's Host Is Very Interested!

    I am so worried about this show. My host is very interested in the business. I am doing a new recipe that I've never done at a show before (but I did practice :) ). I just want it all to go right. So send the good thoughts my way, please! :):):)
  28. chefmelody

    Single Mom Interested... Catalogue Only?

    I talked to my host for next Sunday tonight, and I'm glad I asked her if she'd be interested in the opportunity! She mentioned that she'd looked into it several years ago, but decided it wasn't for her at the time. Now she's gone through a divorce, and is a single mom of four kids ages...
  29. DebbieJ

    My Host for Next Friday Is Interested!

    I was having a bad day today, but I sucked it up and did some host coaching tonight. I always ask my hosts about the business opportunity. Tonight's host told me she is intrigued! I included the recruiting DVD in my packets this month and she said she watched it. YEEEEHAWWWW! She...
  30. C

    Someone Is Mildly Interested....

    Well, I went inactive after I had my daughter 3 months ago and I am getting it all back together now. I scheduled my own party for this weekend. We will be moving at the end of the month, so I am advertising it as my last show and inviting all old guests, old hosts (not very many though) and...