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What is fair: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    Would You Rather" at the Local Fair - Share Your Food/Tool Qs Here!

    I'm getting ready for my local fair. One of the folks (a new consultant with GREAT ideas) is planning on playing a "would your rather" game with people to get them engaged. If you have some food/tool related questions already, please share.If as you read this, you come up with some potential...
  2. SherryLynn

    Delicious & Affordable Mug Cake Kits at the Craft Fair - $5 Only!

    I have a craft/vendor fair this weekend. I found a recipe online for a single serving cake using cake mix and yogurt. I'm going to try it tonight with chocolate cake and cherry yogurt. If it works out, what do you think about a one-cup prep bowl, a petite bamboo spoon and a cake mix for $5...
  3. R

    Reagan Seeks Ideas for Fall Craft Fair Letters

    Hello everyone! Just registered to the site and have read a lot of great ideas. Thanks for sharing! With the craft fair season coming up, I am wondering if anyone has any great letters or letter ideas to send to schools, churches, etc. to inquire about fall fair? I searched the forms...
  4. M

    Boost Your Business at Fairs: Maximize Exposure with a Winning Booth Strategy"

    I am a new consultant - since mid April - and will have my first fair booth next weekend on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will have a total of 20 hours over those 3 days for exposure, so I'm super excited about that. I plan to have my spring/summer catalog on display in a 3 ring binder...
  5. L

    Unlock Your Potential as a Consultant: Joining Fairs as a Returning Consultant

    I am a new returning consultant. I went inactive for 6 months because I was not happy with my upline and I knew it was hurting my business since I was not enjoying it. Anyway, my old senior consultant told me that only directors could sign up for booths and fairs and then they would pass them...
  6. Daniellekw

    Can I Sell Left Over Vendor Fair Items on Facebook?

    So I ordered a lot of products for my first vendor fair. Can anyone tell me if it's against policy to advertise them on facebook and sell them that way? I had another consultant personal message me telling me I was going against policy and I needed to remove them from my Facebook page. Then...
  7. StacieB

    One Liners for Products at Vendor Fair

    I am looking for some great one liners to attacheh to products at a vendor fair this weekend. Does anyone have any really good catchy ones they would be willing to share please? Thanks!!
  8. nikked

    Science Fair Project Survey Help

    Our daughter Theresa is working on her Science Fair Project about recycling. Theresa is 11 (almost 12) and in the sixth grade. Theresa has PDD-NOS (on the Autism Spectrum), and loves science. She plans on being a paleontologist someday. Her project is about recycling; specifically, looking at...
  9. DebPC

    Director Boost Your Holiday Bookings: Tips and Tricks for Fair Vendors | 11/7 Fair Date

    I haven't done a holiday fair in a few years. At our state fair I do the drawing for a free show where I shop for and pay for the ingredients for their 2 recipes. Not near as effective as 3-4 years ago. Those of you that do holiday fairs- any ideas??? The fair is 11/7 and I'd love 1-2 more...
  10. doughmama

    Anyone Interested in Working a Fair in Ct

    I got this sent to my p chef website. I am not interested in advertising or working a fair but said that I would pass it along to see if anyone else is... Cost for a table is $150 - If you are interested and want the contact info, just pm me. Contacting you from the Smoke in the Valley...
  11. kreaser

    Pics From My Health Fair Booth Yesterday

    hopefully I can upload these...I had to do a booth where I could educate employees coming through on healthy ways to use our products etc..here is what I did..I am now making these little signs for our new products for our county fair starting on monday..they are 4x6 picture frames I got at the...
  12. W

    Boost Your Direct Sales Success: My Goals and Strategy for Upcoming Fair Booth

    For the past year my personal life stresses completely took over and I have been floundering and struggling to keep my head in the game for the past 8 months. I was fortunate enough that a spot at our teams fair booth became available for this upcoming Weds night and I jumped on it! I have...
  13. B

    How do you offer specials and run promotions at fairs?

    Just wondering if many of you offer a special of the day at your fairs, if so, what kind of special do you offer, do you choose one product and discount it 20%. I've noticed several of you do a drawing for a "Free cooking show", does that mean you purchase the ingredients for the recipes to...
  14. B

    Discover the Best Products and Ideas for a Successful Retired Women's Fair

    I will be doing a retired Women's Fair next month and wanted to get thoughts, opinions, advice on what products to display and maybe something to serve. I won't have access to microwave and not sure how many will be in attendance. Also, they are asking for a door prize. Thanks in advance...
  15. esavvymom

    Wedding Fair Follow Up....now What?

    I am posting this for someone.....you were logged off before I saw your question about how... Wanted you to get some assistance. ;) This user posted the question in the chatbox and I suggested starting a thread for more responses and such.....can ya'll help stevensel out?
  16. ChefShalon

    County and State Fair Booths Coming Up!

    I have booked my county and state fair this year! It is a very exciting oppurtinuty! For the county fair I have myself and my personal recruit doing it. For the state fair I have it opened to the entire team here. The state fair is an 11 day fair and its from 9am-10pm everyday, I had made it...
  17. anoelle

    Need Ideas for a Vendor Fair Display & Attracting Visitors? Ask Here!

    So at the end of April I am going to be doing a fair with at least 8 other vendors. I was wanting to know what some ideas for a display would be (as this would be my first show like this) and what would be some good ideas to attract people? I am trying to gain more contacts to expand my...
  18. T

    No Sales at Arts & Craft Fair: Tracking Expenses

    I went to an arts and craft vendor fair today that was a total bust. I didn't get one sale. How do I keep track in P3 my expenses of the booth space and the classic batter bowl I gave as a raffle item? Under expenses you have to assign it to a show and since there were no orders for this one, I...
  19. C

    Maximizing Potential at a Fair Booth: Tips & Ideas

    This isn't till August, but I've never done a fair,booth, or anything, but my upline is supplying all the products, what would you recommend i bring? we aren't allowed to sell. Just get the peoples info...any ideas on what to do with that?
  20. D

    First Holiday Fair Success: Orders, Catalogs & Bookings - Dana's Story

    Hi! I had my first Holiday Fair and it was a huge success! I received enough orders for a show, handed out about 75 catalogs, received about 10 leads for bookings. Thanks! Dana
  21. T

    Join Us at the Vendor Fair - Fundraiser for Daycare Center!

    So I am doing a fair tomorrow at a day care center. The day care's goal is to raise money so this is a fundraiser. However, there was no charge for the booth. Instead I am just taking any orders and putting them into a fundraiser for the group. The other vendors are doing something...
  22. D

    Join Us at the First Holiday Fair for Free Cooking Show with Dana the Chef!

    Hi Everyone! I just received me acceptance into a Holiday Event in December. I have been reading about different ideas for events like this and some people do drawings and some don't. I was thinking about doing a drawing for a Free Cooking Show. Any thoughts? Has anyone tried this...
  23. Kjurich

    Tips for a Successful First Holiday Vendor Fair with My Daughter's School PTA

    Ok I am a little nervous. . .I just booked my first Holiday Vendor fair with my Daughters school PTA. I have NEVER done anything like this. . . I looked over the other threads and there is a lot. So those who have done them what should I make sure I have and do? I love the catalog in the...
  24. D

    Creating a Craft Fair Display: Tips & Tricks for Success!

    I just applied to have a table at a local craft fair and I am super excited!! Any ideas for my display and how to get bookings. Does anyone do a drawing for a free product???? Thanks! Dana D.:chef: Smyrna, DE
  25. P

    Director Preparing for a Vintage Decadence Bridal Show: Tips and Ideas

    I've never done one and have been asked to participate in one in a couple of weeks at a nearby Hotel. The theme is "Vintage Decadence Bridal Show". HELP ME.....I have NO CLUE what I'm going to do! I've only ever done a couple of booths and they pretty much sucked! I'm guessing have...
  26. C

    Craft Fair Organizer: Helping Nonprofits Host Successful Events

    I like working craft fairs and now have started a hobby of organizing craft fairs for non profit organizations. I am working on one for the Girl Scouts in New Orleans and for a church in Baton Rouge. I let them be responsible for everything except finding vendors. It's a learning experience...
  27. Sheila

    Director Job Fair Success - Goodwill & Me!

    Back on the 8th, I saw an article in the local paper that Goodwill was doing a job fair today. I e-mailed them, signed up & went today. Here are my results: I just want to be a customer, here's my info = 1 I just want to host, not sign up ... here's my info = 5 Yes, I like what I'm...
  28. Sheila

    Job Fair: Is it Worth Attending?

    Anyone ever do a Job Fair? If so, how did you do? I had an opportunity today to go & do a booth. It was a fairly small event, only about 20 vendors and was being done by Goodwill for their clients who are unemployed, some are currently living in shelters. Would you have done it? Yes/No...
  29. pampered1224

    Ok - State Fair Booth and a Re-Kick off

    OK so I go this idea of putting various Consultant Gift Certificates into envelopes. MAJOR BRIBE YES BUT AFFORDABLE FROM MY STAND POINT. $5s and $10s. I hope you love FREE Pampered Chef Money! Use it BY AUGUST 15TH to place an order OR DOUBLE IT BY BOOKING A PARTY BY AUG. 15TH TO BE HELD BY...
  30. P

    Garden Fair Opportunity, Need Advice

    I have the opportunity to have a large booth at a local garden fair over Mother's Day weekend. The fair is in its 18th year and has attendance between 15k-18k people. It is run by the state arboritum so the attendees will not be your typical craft fair/bazaar type looking for a freeby or cheap...