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What is letters: Definition and 37 Discussions

  1. dannyzmom

    Discover Dec & Jan Host Letters for Your Next Event - Get Inspired Now!

    Here you go - for anyone who needs :)
  2. R

    Reagan Seeks Ideas for Fall Craft Fair Letters

    Hello everyone! Just registered to the site and have read a lot of great ideas. Thanks for sharing! With the craft fair season coming up, I am wondering if anyone has any great letters or letter ideas to send to schools, churches, etc. to inquire about fall fair? I searched the forms...
  3. C

    Need Host Letters for Summer Shows?

    Hi everyone! I have found and have been using some host letters that include the current specials and tips on how to have a great show. I used the April one that was out there but haven't seen one for May, June, or July. Does anyone have one? I am working on host packets for a show tomorrow...
  4. J

    Need a Cover Letter for Your Catalog Show? Check These Out!

    Hi, all! I found an older catalog show cover letter in the files, so I took a few minutes to update it for my purposes. Wanted to offer it to anyone who could use it... The one for "Adina" is the wife to circulate at work, and the "DJ" letter is for his office (I used "my wife" and "our"...
  5. raebates

    Have You Shared Your Christmas Letters Yet?

    Christmas is coming. Here's the letter I send out to far-flung family and friends. It doesn't get any more far-flung than my friends here. :love: I hope you enjoy it. Please share your own.
  6. K

    January & February Host Letters

    Has anyone made up any January & February host letters yet? If so, can you share? Thanks a bunch, Karen
  7. cookingwithlove

    Director Finding January Host Letters & Homemade for the Holidays

    Okay, so I have the January host letters from the Meeting handout, but where do I find them on CC? You cannot amend the ones from the handout. Also, does anybody know where the Homemade for the Holidays was moved to?
  8. S

    Marketing Yourself: Mailing Out Letters & Catalogs

    I am trying to get my name out there and was thinking of doing this. Has anyone just mailed out letters or mini catalogs before? If so, how did it go for you? I'm trying to decide if it is worth the postage. Thanks!
  9. dannyzmom

    Director Are Summer Host Coaching Letters Missing the Personal Touch?

    I have some gripes with these...they print up with the line under the host's name & date so they scream of "form letter" and they have no place for our name/contact info. Argh...:grumpy:
  10. NooraK

    Can I Send Letters to Recently Purchased Homeowners?

    Our small local paper publishes a list of homes purchased in the county each week. The listings are generally about a month after the purchase date, and include the address of the property and the name of the purchaser, as well as the sales price. I was thinking about sending a letter and a...
  11. H

    Ideas for a Title of My Monthly News Letters

    I am trying to come up with a name to call my monthly newsletter but have not been able to think of one. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance. Thanks again,
  12. esavvymom

    Pampered Chef Decal for Car- Replacement Letters??

    Not sure where to put this, but I noticed the other day as I was getting the mail, that two of the letters on my car-sign were missing. :grumpy: I suspect a boy in our neighborhood...I've seen him futzing around my car before, but now I think he picked off the letters!! He's not very...
  13. OhmyDLM

    forThose Who Have Received Letters From Their Upline...

    Hi everyone, I noticed a lot of chatter here on Chef Success regarding consultants getting letters from their upline Director's from which they haven't heard from in forever since the announcement of the new carreer plan. Well... I'm interested in being one of those Director's who's "coming...
  14. P

    Can You Make a Word Out of These Letters?

    I need help with DS's homework. Tonight is build a word night and we have to see how many words we can make out of these letters. There is always a word that you can make with all the letters. Tonight I can't figure it out. The letters are: P I N E T A R S btw - this is first grade...
  15. C

    Missing January Host Letters with Holiday Recipes?

    I thought I had these saved, but now can't find them...and I did do a search in the files here, because I know I got them from here - but I'm not sure how to search for them (Seems like they were all downloaded separately) But does anyone have the files of the Series of letters to send in...
  16. pcchefjane

    New Catalog & Cooking Host Letters

    Decided I would try my hand at these so I can get my Host packets going for October. Tell me what you think. I am not sure if I put too many SA pieces on it or not! I wanted to reflect the difference "areas" we had and not just show the Dots...although they are my favorite!
  17. G

    Sample Letters to Potential Hosts for Shows | End of Year Opportunities

    I have two different host that put down they wanted to do shows towards the end of the year. Does anyone have letters theyve used to send. I dont have numbers or email only addresses. I Would love to see a sample!:blushing:
  18. H

    Generating Business: Seeking Advice on Sending Letters to Past Clients

    Hi everyone, I'm really trying to generate business and a friend of mine suggested sending a letter to my past clients I have help obtain a mortgage on their homes. Basically I'm a home mortgage consultant full time but due to the industry started doing PC for some extra money and just to...
  19. chefshawna

    Save on Envelopes: Mailing Letters to Businesses Made Easy | Expert Tips

    I have some letters I want to mail out to some area businesses. Can I just fold them in half and tape them, address them and put a stamp on them? I wanted to save on envelopes! Will the post office send this?
  20. L

    June Host Letters & Outside Order Form

    Attached are my June host letters and outside order form. Feel free to modify and use (or not). (Please don't assume their aren't typos or errors! :o ) I offer a bonus to my hosts so you may want to delete that from the host letters if you don't want to make the same offer. The outside...
  21. katie0128

    A Request for 2008: Please Skip the Chain Letters!

    To all my friends who in 2007 sent me best 'wishes', chain letters, 'angel' letters or other promises of good luck if I forwarded something, NONE OF THAT CRAP WORKED! For 2008, could you please just send money, Vodka, chocolate, movie tickets, gasoline vouchers and airline tickets...
  22. T

    PPPlus Thank You Letters: Troubleshooting and Solutions

    :confused: Does anyone know how/why we can't print Thank you letters from PPPlus???
  23. P

    Does Pampered Chef Accept Tax Exempt Letters?

    Hi everyone. I just had a past cutomer call me and need a can opener. She works at a daycare, so she wants it for the kitchen of the daycare. She says they have a tax number or a letter to use for tax exempt. I wasn't sure that I could use it. I have never done it before. Is there a...
  24. ChefJoyJ

    Has Anyone Had Success With Realtor Letters?

    I'm a soon to be new consultant who has been reading and learning as much as I can so that I can start off to a roaring success - qualify in my first 30 days, get as many bonus PC bucks as I can, and fill my schedule! :) Anyway, I have seen various forms and letters on here that people have...
  25. C

    Holiday Letters for January Hosts......

    Last year I had a great series of letters to send throughout the Holiday season to January Hosts.....to keep them from forgetting about their show in all of the busyness of the season. I can't find them now - and would love to start getting these ready....does anyone have them saved from last...
  26. pamperedcheermom

    Checking My Signature: Mixed Up Symbols and Letters

    Just needed to post something so I can check the signature I created for my profile. It wouldn't let me preview it..........only shows mixed up symbols and letters.
  27. DTM2D

    Help! I'm Lost: Finding Thank You Letters & Partner Plus Download Issues

    I am lost or something. Can you help? Were do I go to find the thank you letters. I need to send a letter out to the people who purchased from me, these are for outside orders placed through Partner Plus, but can't find the letters. Also have any of you had problems with downloading...
  28. I

    Proposal/Cover Letters? Cold Call Types?

    I'd love for everyone to share their "cold call" letters/proposals that they use when trying to find new fundraisers. Does anyone have one? I'd love to go through the yellow page director and send out a slew. Let's gear ourselves for a great fall, full of fundraisers! This is when many...
  29. cookingwithlove

    Get Your January and February Host Letters Now!

    Anybody have the January and February Host letters done? Thanks!
  30. P

    Thank You Letters for Host and Guests

    Hi everyone! Since I'm doing PC overseas, the auto generated PP Thank You letter is inaccurate for how we do things. So, I'm hoping some of you have example letters you use that have a bit more flair that I could use as a guide to deveop my own. Thanks to anyone willing to post theirs!