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What is checking: Definition and 42 Discussions

  1. chefann

    Hi, All. I'm Not Dead (Yet) - Checking in With the Old-Timers

    KG sent me a note the other day and I realized just how long it's been since I've popped in to say Hi. What's up? Let's see... what have I been up to? Around the end of 2009, I taught myself to knit. And a few months later I got a job at a local yarn shop that, a few months later...
  2. naekelsey

    Unpacking the Outside Order Checkbox: Your Guide to Submitting a Party

    This is going to be a dumb question but I have to ask.. What happens when you check the part where it says Outside Order when submitting a party?
  3. byrd1956

    Checking My Fundraiser on Robyn Norris Helsel's FB Page

    I sat up a fundraiser on my personal page. It is set up as public, but I also sent invitations to friends. I asked a different friend to look at my page and see if they can see the event. They tell me no. If someone can check for me, I would appreciate it. My personal fb page is listed under...

    Ready to Discover All This Site Has to Offer? :balloon:

    I am new to this site but having fun checking things out :balloon:
  5. AJPratt

    Where is my Help Whip Cancer shipment?

    I know we have discussed this, but I can't seem to find it. I have not received the Help Whip Cancer items and many of my cluster mates have. I was wondering if I could check the shipment status somehow?
  6. A

    Are You Addicted to Checking Show Status on Weekends?

    I submitted a show on Sat morning and even though I know it is the weekend and nothing will be updated I still find myself looking on CC to check the status of my show. I need to get off the internet.
  7. Dotty

    Are Banks Strictly Enforcing New Checking Rules?

    I don't know how new this is, but I've been recently having trouble. I've had to go back and ask for re-written checks.. the Federal Reserve (or whoever checks checks) is getting very particular about every check. Tip from one to another.. review all your checks before you accept them...
  8. C

    Director Just Checking About Hol Orders...

    Do you think that HOL orders were being held until the EOM stuff was cleared up? I didn't have any online orders Dec. 1st or 2nd...and this morning I've had 3 already...so I'm thinking they just weren't posting them until today? (I did have 2 regular HOL's in that time though...Lucky me -...
  9. KaryCam

    Checking Your Newsletter Delivery: Anxiousness or Necessity?

    how do I know if the newsletter was even sent out today? just anxious I guess.
  10. T

    Pampered Chef Debit Card Linked With Checking Acct. or No?

    Hi all! Can you tell me what the pros and cons of linking your PC debit card to your personal checking acct.? My recruiter prefers it this way but I don't know why. I read somewhere on here (can't remember where) that we should have a separate acct for PC. How would I go about doing this? Do...
  11. Intrepid_Chef

    Checking on Shipping Status for Holiday Weekend House-Sitting

    OK, my show I submitted on Monday is "picked." It should ship tomorrow, but there is no tracking number yet. I am going to be house-sitting over the holiday weekend, though I will be stopping at home to check on my cats. Any clue when Fed Ex works this week? I'm sure they will be taking...
  12. smarteez2

    Checking for Progress of Change Over Kit

    hey all does anyone know how to track the progress of my change over kit, homeoffice had to resend me on cause I never got the first one...TYIA.
  13. PampMomof3

    Checking in on the Disney Trip.....

    Where are you at? Who's shooting for what level? We're almost half way through the year and need to be held accountable. I've officially earned Level 1 as of tonight!! YAY!! Now I need 29,000 more to get to Level 2!! I don't care what level it is as long as its Disney! I got home from my...
  14. StacieB

    Checking Tax Requirements on Shipping in SD

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a website where I can check to make sure that shipping is to be taxed in my state or what number to call at home office? I have had a few guests ask me about this. I know the back of the receipt doesn't say that we are not to tax shipping in SD. Thanks for...
  15. babywings76

    Checking if Guests Opened Your E-mail: Heart Dish Show

    I know that we can see if someone opened the e-invitations to a show. But is there a way to see if they have opened an e-mail from us (like the e-mails about the heart dish?)
  16. prepchef

    Has Anyone Seen the Sample Order Form? Checking on Delivery Status

    Has anyone seen the Sample Order form yet? Has anyone received their Samples. I KNOW they arent due until the end of the week, Just checking, so don't jump all over me. I'm just hoping someone got theirs early.
  17. K

    Are there other Pampered Chef consultants in Silicon Valley?

    Anyone else in the Silicon Valley/South Bay/Peninsula? Hi! I'm new to PC but excited to be getting started and learning as much as possible before my debut! I'm a stay at home mom with two young kids, DS 3 years old and DD 11 weeks old. I love to cook, and I'm passionate about good food...
  18. Y

    Confused About Checking Accounts

    I've tried to read around about this- but I guess I'm pretty dense because I still don't understand. When I started PC I opened a separate checking account from my personal account. It is an official Business Account from my bank. The name of my "business" that appears on my checks and...
  19. JAE

    Are Groups Worth Checking On The Pampered Chef Website?

    I'm in a couple groups. Mostly it seems I'm talking to myself which isn't so bad. Here's a reminder to check the groups if you're a member. I wish we could get notification when something new is posted in a group. Oh, well. I guess one of my groups can be my blog, except I don't write more...
  20. C

    Track Your FedEx Shipment with Order Number - Simple Guide

    What is it we have to add to the order # to check on shipping on Fedex? I had it in a document on my computer....but don't have it here.... Thanks!
  21. Jenni

    Checking MSG & Nutrition Info for BBQ Rubs

    Where do I find out if we have MSG in our spices? Also the nutritional info? Like calories and stuff... especially the BBQ rub.
  22. krzymomof4

    Checking Your Indiv. Performance Tracker: How Long Should You Wait?

    Does anyone know how long it takes for your Indiv. Performance Tracker to be updated? I got an email confirmation about the show I submitted at the wire last night, but it isn't showing up on my IPT. Should I be nervous?
  23. N

    Checking Order Status Error Message

    when I try to check the status of this order it gives me an error message. But here is my question when you do a replacement part is the number longer here is the number 9102053557468063803787 (and my regular order number is shorter 070008953102306)? Just would like to know when to expect it but...
  24. S

    Ordering Limits on HWC Products: Just Checking In

    Are we only allowed to order 1 of any item on a supply order of the HWC Products. I ordered 2 kitchen brushes. One for home and one for show and they only shipped one? Just wanted to check before I called them. Thanks
  25. Jennie4PC

    Monthly Sales Checkup: Checking Personal Orders on P3

    Last night I was checking to see where I was in sales, and I noticed that now on P3 when we do a monthly diary check we see what was ordered on our websites from personal orders. I thought that was pretty cool
  26. janetupnorth

    Checking In: How's That Kitchen & Pampered Chef Biz Going?

    ...just making sure you are around and feeling o.k., you've been pretty quiet this week (or I've been gone too much and missed you in passing). I hope your kitchen is coming along and you're really ramping up that PC business!!!!
  27. SilverCeladon

    Checking Status: Did I Go Inactive After 11/30?

    I was going to go inactive 11/30. I submitted a show of $170 on 11/30 by midnight at home office. I'm such an idiot! I was going to put in a order for $30 for myself to stay active but I forgot! I thought that you have to sell $200 every two months. Will the website tell me if I'm inactive? I...
  28. Leigh0725

    Checking Sent Emails with PWS: A Quick Question

    Just a quick question. Is there a way to see what emails you have sent out via PWS? Kind of like how you can save a copy of your sent emails in Outlook or Hotmail? Just curious. Thanks!
  29. beepampered

    Checking Logic: Is Sally's Fundraising Ethical?

    Can you tell me if I have this logic right and if this will work/is ethical? Sally signs on as consultant from Saturday's fundraiser. Sally will host her own fundraising show/open house and put it in her husband's name so she'll still get commission. She wants the cookware special and needs...
  30. amy07

    Ok, so I Was Checking the Policy & Procedures About When I Should

    Ok, so I was checking the policy & procedures about when I should expect my director agreement. And maybe it's my own impatience that is making this more difficult to understand, but here it goes. "The month following the day you have recruited your fifth consultant (& have 4 other active...