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What is fundraiser: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Fundraiser Tips: Running a Successful Campaign & Building Sales Team

    I haven't done fundraisers yet and I am about to start one so just want to pick some brains! :) Do you run your demo the same way as you do for a home cooking show? What do you put in the packets that you give the different people that are going to sell for your group? is it the same as a...
  2. raebates

    Fundraiser Fb Party Posts & an Apology

    First, I am so sorry. LOOOOOONNNNNNNG ago I told someone on some post that I'd share what I use for mentioning fundraisers on a FB show. I completely forgot about it. I was just setting up a PC event on FB and remembered. However, for the life of me I can't remember which thread it was on or who...
  3. Niki Kate

    Fundraising Ideas: How to Engage Without Being Salesy

    I have two fundraisers coming up. Both will have an online component.How long should fundraisers run for? How do I drum up interest? Good games? I'm trying to drum up interest without being salesy.Thanks!
  4. Schylie

    Fundraiser for Mission Organization

    Hi, I am just wondering if I can host a fundraiser for a Mission Organization. They are based in El Salvador but they have an office in the US. PC doesn't ship to central america, right? So all the customers of the fundraiser would have to be in the US. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. Thanks...
  5. esavvymom

    Has Anyone Ever Done a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser??

    We're new a youth scouting organization (Not BSA, but very much like it). Between uniforms, dues/registration, and activities....it can be expensive first starting out! That's not counting awards and such. I plan their activities and summer adventures. I know...Pampered Chef has a...
  6. jcsmilez

    My Town Devastated by a Fire, How Can I Help?

    On September 15th a wind driven fire (Boles Fire, Weed, CA) swept through and wiped out nearly half of my small town. 157 homes, our library, food bank, early headstart classroom, human services office, two churches, our brand new community center and only gym were lost in the blaze. I am...
  7. T

    Father Dies Fundraiser for the Family??

    A friend of mine is looking to do a fundraiser with pampered chef for a family who's father got killed in a motorcycle accident. How would this work? What would they have to do? I'm new to pampered chef. Not sure how they work.
  8. S

    Fundraiser for Pop Warner: How Do I Get Orders and Deliver Products?

    I was approached to do a fundraiser for my local Pop Warner. They have registration at our local community center on April 24 & 26; May 15 and 17; June 5 and 7. They want me to set up on the days of registration to hand out packets to the kids. They want the fundraisers to end in May, July...
  9. meganmcg

    Does Fundraiser Organizer Get Past Host Benefits From Bookings?

    Hi all Does the organizer of a fundraiser get the past host benefits from the bokkings when the parties are held? Thanks!
  10. C

    What are some ideas for organizing a fundraiser for a sick friend?

    HI! I am looking to do a fundraiser for a sick friend in need. I have done fundraisers in the past, but they have always been for an organization and I don't know if I can do a fundrasier for a single person. Can anyone help me with ideas on I can do this? Thanks!
  11. PCCHeather0506

    Any Successful Tips for School Fundraiser??

    So depending on how my two school fundraisers go next month I may be VERY close to San Diego. Can anyone who's had good luck w school fundraisers give me any tips to help my fundraiser??
  12. leshelman

    Need Help W/ School Fundraiser

    I need some suggestions on what to do! I have been planing to introduce a fundraising plan to the local elementary school. The fifth graders are going on their annual Washington D.C. Trip. Each student has to pay quite a bit of money so this is what I have came up with: Submit using PCs...
  13. M

    Fundraiser / Facebook Question

    I am doing a fundraiser for the U of A Wesley Foundation as they are in the process of raising money for a new building and have recently moved into a temporary space that has a kitchen (their old building not only didn't have a kitchen, it had an outhouse instead of bathrooms! :yuck:). I am...
  14. B

    Has Anyone Done an Online National Fundraiser?

    I have an organization that is waiting for me to set up their online fundraiser and I'm not sure how to do it. They are not interested in having a cooking show. They want the fundraiser to be online so they can reach their nationwide supporters. So . . . should I set it up as a FB event and...
  15. A

    Hosting a Successful Humane Society Fundraiser: Tips and Pointers

    Hello all! I am new hear, but I have a question already. I am interested in hosting a fundraiser for my local humane society. I wanted to know if anyone has had an success or issues that i should know about? I have already started correspondence with their marketing manager and...
  16. S

    Pampered Chef Fundraiser Q&A: Separating Show Orders

    My niece's group at school is thinking of having a Pampered Chef fundraiser. I was wondering how the items all come packages to the Host? Do they come just like a show order all mixed up or are the separated out? If its just like a show I was thinking of offering to have it shipped to my house...
  17. S

    Fundraiser Catalog and Shipping Questions - FAQs for Successful Fundraising

    I wanted to know if there was a specific catalog used for the fundraisers or is the whole catalog used? Can it be an online fundraiser? Is there any limit to the funds that can be raised? If the fundraiser is for the month of August (1-31) do all of the items ship at the time they are ordered or...
  18. M

    Promotional Funds Raised in July: Did Your Fundraiser Make the Cut?

    I can't find anything in promotions (consultants corner) regarding additional money raised in July. Wouldn't they get more in a fundraiser held this month has over $650 in sales?
  19. B

    Cookout Fundraiser for Basketball Team: Recipes Wanted!

    So, I'm doing a fundraiser show for a basketball team and they want to do it in the form of a cookout. Does anyone have any recipes that they would recommend. I'm going to have fruit and use the different wedges and fruit cutters. All ideas are appreciated.
  20. M

    Fundraiser Kick-Off for Church/School: $1,276.50 & Potential Recruit!

    I had a fundraiser kick-off this morning for a church/school for their senior youth to go to a meeting this summer. We have $1,276.50 in orders right now and they are collecting orders for another two weeks!!! On top of that, I have a potential recruit who is very excited about the opportunity...
  21. M

    How to Do an Out of State Fundraiser?

    I am in South Korea and my high school band booster club has asked me to do a fundraiser for them. :D How would I collect payment other than everyone will only be able to buy online? :confused:
  22. K

    Fundraiser in Different Months, Which Guest Special?

    I'm hosting a cooking fundraiser for a group this upcoming weekend. They wanted a 4 week show since the girls in the group will be trying to sell more. All of the orders are suppose to be in by the middle of May to close it out. Will the guest get the April Guest Special or the May Special?
  23. M

    Join Us for the FB HWC Fundraiser Event!

    I am looking for wording to use to set up a fb hwc event. Please help :)
  24. J

    How Can You Organize a Successful Fundraiser for a Co-Worker in Crisis?

    I have a friend who would like to help a co-worker whos house burnt down. I would like to set up a fundraiser and have never done a fundraiser before. What are some ideas and things that i can do to help???? thanks!!
  25. L

    Recipe Ideas for Mission Trip Fundraiser

    I am getting ready for a fundraiser for a group doing a mission trip to Guatemala. I would like the recipe to be something native to the country but it is a 9:30 am show and I don't have any great ideas. Anyone have any ideas for me? The students that are going on the mission trip will be...
  26. S

    Set up as a Fundraiser or Catalog Show?

    Is there any harm in doing a fundraiser as a catalog show so that someone can benefit from the free & 1/2 price items and I donate a part or all of my commission? I was even thinking that I could "mystery host" the additional benefits which may draw in more people. It sounds like a win/win...
  27. DebPC

    Who's Got a Fundraiser Booked?

    And please share who it's for?
  28. C

    Fundraiser Host Benefit: Maximize Donations or Opt Out?

    Can a host of a fundraiser choose not to take the host benefit in exchange for more money being donated to the show? Or is it take or leave it kind of thing?
  29. DebPC

    What's Your Highest Fundraiser Total?

    I don't do hardly any- but my higest is $2800.
  30. S

    Personal Web Site Orders for a Fundraiser

    I know there is no way to switch a show in P3 from Fundraiser to Cooking. Can you change it on your personal website from a Fundraise to a Cooking show and re upload them into the new show on P3? I haven't been doing this all that long but I hope that makes sense. Any help would be great...