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  1. Niki Kate

    Fundraiser, Help!

    I have two fundraisers coming up. Both will have an online component. How long should fundraisers run for? How do I drum up interest? Good games? I'm trying to drum up interest without being salesy. Thanks!
  2. Schylie

    Fundraiser for Mission Organization

    Hi, I am just wondering if I can host a fundraiser for a Mission Organization. They are based in El Salvador but they have an office in the US. PC doesn't ship to central america, right? So all the customers of the fundraiser would have to be in the US. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. Thanks...
  3. jcsmilez

    My Town Devastated by a Fire, How Can I Help?

    On September 15th a wind driven fire (Boles Fire, Weed, CA) swept through and wiped out nearly half of my small town. 157 homes, our library, food bank, early headstart classroom, human services office, two churches, our brand new community center and only gym were lost in the blaze. I am...
  4. 7

    Never Done a Fundraiser Before...

    Hi all! I just scheduled my first fundraiser show for the Children's Ministry Dept. of a local church. It will be a kitchen show in that I'll be there to demo, etc. Since I've never done this before I have a few questions... 1.) Any recipes/themes that lend themselves to this type of event...
  5. P

    Fundraiser in Canada

    Good Day, I live in Ontario Canada, I am looking at 2 fundraisers, for 2 different organizations. I am trying to find letters and ideas from people whom have done fundraiser. I am new to this and trying to understand it all. One fundraiser is for a little boy who is rather sick and have some...
  6. M

    How Do I Do a Fundraiser?

    I am a new consultant and am waiting for my kit to get here. Yesterday, the PTO at my daughter's school sent home letters about fundraisers. I would like to contact the president of the PTO about doing a fundraiser for them, but do I need to contact PC to get approval? Since I do not have PP...
  7. P

    Fundraiser Check

    How long does it take for the chairperson to recieve their fundraiser check??
  8. P

    What Is a Fundraiser Show?

    My Mom works at an Elementary School and I would like to do a Fundraiser show for the school. Can you tell me how it works ? :confused:
  9. S

    Need Canadian Fundraiser Flyer - Help!

    I am urgently working to get a fundraising packet out to my daughter's school. I really want to get it in the hands of the Principal by monday, and I don't have a recent flyer, I just reactivated and know that if I wait to order them, they'll choose to do a different fundraiser. If any...
  10. P

    Fundraiser Story

    I had a fundraiser last nite. They advertised it in the paper and everything. Well the strange thing is, only 10 people showed with a couple outside orders. It turned out to be a $1000.00 show. Unbelievable!! They also want to keep it open for another week. We all had a good time. It was my...
  11. N

    Gift Certificate Fundraiser

    Hi! I am doing a gift certificate fundraiser for my daughter's football/cheerleading organization where each child is going to try to sell 10 $25 gift certificates. I have a letter to explain the fundraiser, a flyer to show potential buyers, and an order form for them to write down all the...
  12. P

    Fundraiser Question

    I am having a fundraiser Aug 23. When talking about host benefits to try to get more shows, do I talk about Sept. host/guest specials?? Or will this take away sales from my fundraiser??
  13. P

    I Have a Fundraiser Scheduled for Next Week. to Keep Cost Down, I Am

    I have a fundraiser scheduled for next week. To keep cost down, I am making a veg. platter. Most of stuff will come from the garden. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with a tomato besides slicing/wedges?? Thanks. YOur input is greatly appreciated!
  14. Cindycooks

    Year Long Fundraiser??

    Is something like this possible? I graduated from a small private school in NC. As an alumni, I would like to help them out, and they are interested! We would like to focus on the Senior Class for their Project Graduation. I do not have a personal website yet...but this might be my incentive...
  15. Ann F

    1St Fundraiser Next Week!

    :eek: Help! I've been a consultant over a year, but next week is my first ever fundraiser for the HS band. I need help thinking this through. The kickoff is an ice-cream social, and I'm making the fruit salsa ahead of time. I just need basic how-to info on the actual process--not entering...
  16. P

    Fundraiser Entertainment

    I am having a large fundraiser in Aug. I will be demonstrating to a very large crowd. Does anyone have any game ideas, or something fun to do with a large crowd?? Thanks
  17. P

    Fundraiser Info

    I am having a fundraiser next month. They want me to demonstrate the products. Who pays for all this food??
  18. C

    Need Ideas on a Fundraiser for a Friend With Cancer

    Hi...I want to see if any of you have any suggestions or formats on organizing a community fundraiser to help raise money for a Pampered Chef friend that just learned she has stage 4 cancer. I'm hoping to help raise money for her living expenses since she will be flying back and forth to NY from...
  19. Laura1293

    Help With Fundraiser

    I am trying to put a fundraiser on my website for the give from the heart. I am booking it as a fundraiser on the site. How do I do that? It wants name and address. I put the organization name of America's Second Harvest, and put the dates from 8-1 to 8-31. then I tried to continue, and it...
  20. P

    Fundraiser S/H

    When having a fundraiser, I would imagine most of the time all product sales are delivered to one place. Is it just like any other show? If so, do we charge each order a S/H fee or does it get turned in on one order as a fundraiser??
  21. D

    Failed Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser

    Last night was my Help Whip Cancer Community Fundraiser. Flyers were posted all over town, donations were made by several local businesses (gift certificates to be raffled off at the event), announcements were made on the radio and in the local paper and our local Coca Cola bottling company made...
  22. S

    Hwc E-Mail Mystery Host Fundraiser

    I am thinking about doing a somewhat last minute HWC E-mail Mystery Host Fundraiser, where I am willing to donate my commission to the Canadian Cancer Soceity. I am in the middle of putting a flyer together. The flyer mentions the tickets for the amount of products purchased, as well as...
  23. jdavis

    Hwc or Relay 4 Life Fundraiser Show in a Store?

    :confused: :o :confused: :rolleyes: Ok, here is my question...I have a guy from a nearby town who owns a place that builds kitchens (counters, cabinets...) the deal is he is wanting to 'drum-up' some more business and wants me to come in and show off PC stuff and I thought it would be a...
  24. P

    What Would You Call This Fundraiser?

    I have a dear lady at work who is recovering from Leukemia and wants to "give back" to the unrelated bown marrow society....I want to set it up with her name on it. I don't want it to say "in memorium" as she is a survivor. How can I title it (for flyers and in PP) so that it is in honor of...
  25. P

    Hwc Fundraiser Flyer

    This is my first time trying to attach something to the files, but I hope this makes it. This is the flyer that I made up for my fundraiser that's coming up next week. I can email it to you in a different format, if you want, all of the formats were too large of files to get on here. :)
  26. P

    Hwc Fundraiser Flyer

    This is my first time trying to attach something to the files, but I hope this makes it. This is the flyer that I made up for my fundraiser that's coming up next week. I can email it to you in a different format, if you want, all of the formats were too large of files to get on here. :)
  27. L

    Relay for Life Fundraiser

    I am setting up at my local Relay for Life, Friday night and wanted your alls thoughts and HELP with everything that I should take. Please - ALL - info is greatly appreciated! TIA!!
  28. B

    Light Recipes for Fundraiser

    I NEED HELP!! I just started PC last month and I am doing a fundraiser for Relay For Life at a Curves For Women on May 16 & May 18. I am going to Demo a few cold recipes but I need some ideas for low calorie appetizers and drinks. Maybe something Pink to drink. Does anyone have any good recipes...
  29. D

    Hwc Fundraiser Window Ad

    Thought I would post this flyer in case any of you have a public HWC Fundraiser coming up. I am going door to door to businesses and asking them to post this in their windows and also asking for drawing donations.
  30. P

    Hwc Fundraiser or Show??

    do you have HWC fundraiser or set it up like a show?? and if you do it like a fundraiser do you give that money to the American Cancer Society? Thanks for the help Emily Yescas www.pamoeredchef.biz/ChefEmma