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What is school: Definition and 183 Discussions

  1. Niki Kate

    Can Pampered Chef help me achieve my academic dreams?

    Like many people, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up... Until I found academia. This meant I had to go back to school for about a decades worth of degrees. It also meant that I would have to move to at least 3 states and two countries. This is not conducive to steady income. But...
  2. raebates

    Back to School Special: Get a Free Item with Purchase of 5 School Products!

    Thought I'd throw together a Back to School Special. Order any 5 back to school products and you get something free. (I've yet to decide what I want to give away--nothing too expensive.)Right now I have: Apple Wedger Brownie Pan Twix-It Clips My Safe Cutter Citrus Peeler Scoop & Spread Creative...
  3. byrd1956

    Can You Help McDowell Middle School Win $10,000 for Kindles and E-books?

    My school, McDowell has been nominated for a project in the NBC4 Make a Difference Grant. The grant would give McDowell $10,000 to purchase 30 Kindles, cart, and e-books. This grant would allow us to give McDowell students additional exposure to 21st century technology while expanding their love...
  4. PCCHeather0506

    Any Successful Tips for School Fundraiser??

    So depending on how my two school fundraisers go next month I may be VERY close to San Diego. Can anyone who's had good luck w school fundraisers give me any tips to help my fundraiser??
  5. leshelman

    What Are Effective Fundraising Ideas for a School Trip to Washington D.C.?

    I need some suggestions on what to do! I have been planing to introduce a fundraising plan to the local elementary school. The fifth graders are going on their annual Washington D.C. Trip. Each student has to pay quite a bit of money so this is what I have came up with: Submit using PCs...
  6. M

    Help School Pta Yard Sale - Table (Less Than 2 Weeks Away)

    I need some help. My son's PTA is doing a Yard Sale/booth event Oct 5. I am trying to decide the best business route to take with my booth. The past 2 yard sales, I have displayed and raffled items and tried taking orders. I didn't have the extra money to purchase 'cash n carry' type items and...
  7. H

    What are some fun and easy ideas for a back to school party?

    Okay everyone, I have searched the files and bounced off some ideas from previous posts but I want some actual ideas.... I am considering a back to school party- but am thinking of doing it as a Facebook show because I know the one day I choose not everyone will be able to commit to (we have...
  8. F

    Director Please Vote for My Son's School. :)

    Our Elementary school has been chosen to compete in the NFL Play 60 Challenge this week. Please vote for NASHUA to help our school win new gym supplies. Thanks in advance. P.S. My oldest is the student standing above the "R" in the Chief's -Nashua Elem. Picture. Believe it is his 4th...
  9. F

    Personal Will You Help Our School Win the NFL Play 60 DonorsChoose Showdown?

    Please take a min. to vote for our school. We're one of the schools selected for the NFL Play 60 Donors choose for this weeks NFL match up. NASHUA Elementary. My son is the student standing above the "R" in their picture. Thanks in advance for the votes! PLAY 60 DonorsChoose.org...
  10. C

    Director Back to School Chaos: Surviving the First Week with 3 Kids!

    The kids are back in school. Yesterday was our first day. This year I have 3 in school. Grades 3, 2, and K. and only 1 at home. This morning by 11 am I had cleaned the dining room and kitchen, ran the dishwasher and hand washed dishes, made dinner, and run a load of laundry. I called my...
  11. R

    Private School Fundraiser to Stock Kitchen

    I am doing a fundraiser for a small, private school that needs to completely restock their school cafeteria. So, they want a "wish list" and allow parents to purchase off of the list, as well as purchase for themselves. I am not sure how to attack this, and I have about 4 days to pull it off...
  12. G

    Fast and Nutritious Back to School Lunches and Snacks: Tips and Ideas

    Hey y'all ... I was thinking of doing a Back to School Bash where I would give ideas and tips on how to make fast, nutritious and yummy school lunches and snacks .... I've looked in the files and every where else I can think of but all I can find is information on dinner meals etc and not...
  13. M

    Looking for Back to School Recipe Ideas?

    I am trying to fill my August calendar and I thought a Back to School theme might be fun to offer this time of year. One of my hosts wants quick and easy recipe ideas and all I can come up with are the chicken fajitas in the DCB. Any other ideas/suggestions? How about a quick dessert I...
  14. D

    Back to School Power Cooking: Hot!!

    I have been filling up my August Calendar with Back To School Power Cooking Shows. I present the idea to hosts as I am calling them about getting their party booked on the calendar, and they are EXCITED to have something different, valuable, and practical to share with guests. I have also been...
  15. C

    Can We Place a Business Card Type Ad in a High School Yearbook? or

    Can we place a business card type ad in a high school yearbook? Or help "sponsor" an event.....you know like a youth rodeo, or some type of event where they list "sponsors"?
  16. L

    Could You Help a Special Needs Class at My Kids School.....

    Hi all, Mrs. Petrewski's class at Lathrop St. Elem. school is in need of your help, she has kids that range from age 5-12, . They have been collecting postcards from all 50 states. They still need Wyoming, Kansas, and Indiana, but LOVE to get mail from anywhere and everywhere! If you want to...
  17. J

    Maximizing Vendor Success at Local School Spring Fling - Tips and Strategies

    My Director game me a lead on a Vendor booth at a local school event. The elementary school is having their Spring Fling, which I'm imagining will include games, food, the silent auction (my director is giving an item for that), possibly a dance, etc. My kids' school has never had Vendor...
  18. vanscootin

    How Can We Support Chardon High School After the Tragedy?

    Please keep the students and faculty of Chardon, OH high school in your prayers. There was a shooting this morning in the cafeteria... this kind of hits close to home for me because I'm from the next little town and I have family that still lives there.
  19. babywings76

    Kids B-Day Treat for School, Gluten Free?

    My son's teacher has asked that all treats brought in to be nut free & gluten free. Any ideas what I should make for him to bring in for his b-day treat next week?
  20. C

    Maximizing School Fundraisers: Tips and Tricks from Experienced PTA Members

    Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to host a fundraiser through our elementary school PTA and would like any and all advice, tips, do's and don't, etc. I will read all the files currently on the forum as well - as I found everyone's advice really helpful when I did my first bridal cooking...
  21. O

    Maximizing Your School Bulletin Ad: Tips and Guidelines

    I am putting and ad in a school bulletin as a fundraiser. I'm paying $25 for a business card size. I've never done this before. What information do you suggest I use, and how do I set it up? Any advice would be much appreciated.....tia!
  22. StacieB

    Effortless Mealtime Tips for Back to School Open House

    Hey all, I am prepping for a Back to School Open House where I will show quick and easy tips for getting meals on the table in a snap. What are some of you tips that make mealtime a snap? Thanks in advance!! I plan on making either a 30 minute chicken or chicken breast in the deep...
  23. babywings76

    Creative End of School Year Gifts for Teachers and Loved Ones

    Just thought I'd post this in case it helps anyone... This is the time of year, in my area anyway, where the schools are organizing Teacher Appreciation weeks/day/night/etc. Also, preschool calendars are coming to an end and dance studios are doing their recitals. I know in early May all...
  24. L

    How Can I Successfully Organize a HWC Fundraiser in My 8th Grade Class?

    Hello everyone!! I've been on here a few times and have founds great resources. I started March 10th of this year. I'm an 8th grade teacher and I would like to do a HWC fundraiser through my 8th grade. I don't want to pass out that many books so I was think that I saw on here a letter that...
  25. D

    The Unexpected Pampered Chef Show: A School Nurse's Story

    The school nurse called me this afternoon saying my son was sick. I was annoyed that I had to stop what I was doing (working on invites for a show and signs for a fair I'm doing in a few weeks) and go pick him up. I was especially upset because I know it's his allergies and not that he's sick...
  26. quiverfull7

    Director Senior Citizens and Home School Groups

    Hey all! I have a possible opportunity to do some type of event (I get to pitch it so I'll get to craft it's content :) ) for both a Sen. Citizens group and a home school group. I'm really at a loss as to what angle to go from for the Sen. Citizens. Have any of you done any type of show/talk...
  27. lakamper

    Need Ad Help for Taste of Home Cooking School!!

    I am doing the Taste of Home Cooking School and they have asked me to do an ad for my booth, I get the size of a business card. I can do my business card but I am sharing it with another consultant. Anybody do one that you would be willing to share? I have ZERO creative juices when it comes...
  28. J

    Print a Personalized Gift Certificate for School Fundraiser

    Hello, I searched & can't seem to find a template for a gift certificate. I'd like to print one to donate to my nehew's school fundraiser that can only be redeemed through me. Thanks so much! Jana
  29. M

    Pampered Chef After School Snack Ideas

    I am getting great feedback on my facebook business page, which I'm so grateful for! One of my "fans" (I chuckle even writing that!) wrote that she wanted to see some recipes for healthy after school snacks. I don't have kids, and I don't remember ever having after school snacks as a kid...
  30. M

    Free Book Download-Smart School Time Recipes

    A vegan friend of mine posted this and thought I'd post here...lots of different recipes-some vegan, some dairy or gluten free, etc. Free PDF, and also available on iPads, Kindles, etc Alisa Cooks – recipes from the Go Dairy Free kitchen It’s Here! The Free eCookbook Has Landed!