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What is theme: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Creative Uses for Herb Freezing Trays at the Farmer's Market

    Anyone have creative idea of how I can use the Herb Freezing Trays to make something for a display at a Farmer's Market?
  2. T

    Theme for Spring/Summer Shows 2014

    I have a customer wanting to host a spring themed brunch. Does anyone have any fun girly theme ideas? TIA
  3. H

    What Are Some Creative Ideas for a Chili Bar Theme?

    I have a host that would like to do a chili bar- which would be pretty neat...but i need ideas! She mentioned the chili in her crock-pot and im thinking toppings chopped with the manual food processor and grating cheese with the course grater... She wants to feature stoneware since it will be...
  4. B

    Beach/Boat Theme Ideas for a Healthy Recipe Show in May

    Hey Everyone - I am a new consultant, just got my kit last week. I have a host that wants to do a beach/boat theme show (with healthy recipes) in May. Does anyone have any ideas you would like to share? TIA! Ok, the title should be Beach/Boat Theme . . . .
  5. baychef

    Help!! Need a Creative Theme Title!

    My creative brain is on vacation right now! I have a past host who had an apartment fire and lost all of his PC things. His Mom wants to throw him and 'open house' type party but the purpose of it is to help him replenish his PC things. Can anyone think of a catchy theme for this? Fire sale is...
  6. C

    Fun Indoor Kids Theme Show Ideas for February

    Hi folks! I'm looking for a kids theme show to do in February. I've done the ice cream one in the summer time and it was a big hit. I'm looking for an indoor activity since the weather has been so cold and yucky lately. Any ideas? thanks!
  7. ChefJWarren

    Pinterest via Pampered Chef Theme

    I have a customer that wants to combine a Pinterest inspired show where everyone brings their fav Pinterest recipe and a Pampered Chef show. Her idea is that I would also pick a Pinterest recipe and show how to make it with PC products. I think its a great idea, but need help with invite...
  8. DebPC

    Winter Theme Shows: From Healthy to Decadent - Share Your Ideas!

    So what is everyone doing for theme shows this winter? Healthy? Valentines? Death by Chocolate? And please tell us what you do. Thanks!
  9. babywings76

    Spring Launch Theme & Potential New Product Ideas

    I know there's a thread already about what the new stoneware piece is going to be that will be given out at Spring Launch, but I thought it would be fun to start guessing what other new products are going to be. Did you notice the theme they are going with? Today's e-mail used words like...
  10. Senkimekia

    aPotato (No, Really! Lol) Theme Show

    This is what happens when you can't fall asleep at night.... I don't know, seemed like a cool idea anyways at the time, so sharing the flyer with you all. I haven't worked out the actual semantics of using what products for what, but I imagine you could show off quite a bit while whipping up...
  11. C

    Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Theme?

    Hi- I dont know where I got this theme idea but when I presented it I got a booking and a very excited host. She is a past host and tends to want me to do a lot more food prep than I am willing to do. I usually do one recipe but in her case a couple of very simple recipes may be better (so it...
  12. P

    Tailgating Theme Training-Need Ideas!

    Hi All, I was on a director call and we discussed doing tailgating as a party theme for the fall. LOVE the idea and want to make my Sept. mtg this theme, but I need recipe ideas for it. Anyone?
  13. chefsteph07

    Fifty Shades Meets FOOD: Planning a Theme Party

    I recently went to a Pure Romance party and the consultant did a Fifty Shades theme...It got me to thinking...could we do the same thing with a FOOD theme? For anyone who read the book, Christian Grey is obsessed w/ food! I think I could get a few hits for shows with something like this, so I...
  14. V

    Out Door Brunch Theme Show Ideas?

    I have scheduled a Brunch theme show in August and wanted recipe ideas. I was thinking of making Savory Vegetable mini quiches, but I don't want to use the host's oven. Why heat up the house in August.:chef:
  15. M

    Host the Perfect Theme Show: Mexican in Minutes, Gameday & More!

    Has anyone put together a theme show book? Something with enticing photos of recipes covering stuff like Mexican in Minutes, Gameday, Cold Stone, etc. I want to put something together that would excite potential hosts and encourage bookings. Having something guests could browse through would...
  16. babywings76

    New Theme Shows and Season's Best Recipes?

    Can someone post these? Pretty, please? :D If you could take a picture of any of them, too, that would be awesome! :love:
  17. M

    Looking for Back to School Recipe Ideas?

    I am trying to fill my August calendar and I thought a Back to School theme might be fun to offer this time of year. One of my hosts wants quick and easy recipe ideas and all I can come up with are the chicken fajitas in the DCB. Any other ideas/suggestions? How about a quick dessert I...
  18. T

    What are Some Easy-to-Make Caribbean Themed Appetizers for a Cooking Show?

    Hello. A host wants to do an appetizer show, but she wants to use tools and use the least amount of cooking as possible (partly due to heat, partly just to think outside the box). What appetizers do you recommend. I need about 5-6 options please and if possible can they be carribean themed or...
  19. S

    How to Organize a Christmas in July Theme Party?

    Even though this is the 1st time I have posted I have been on the board a couple of months...I would like to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful ideas, flyers, and order forms that everyone here shares...You are some very talented people.... Now for my request....I have decided I want to do a...
  20. DebPC

    Most Popular Theme Show: Ideas for a Memorable Event

    What is your best most popular always a hit theme show?
  21. pampered1224

    Recipe Idea as Someone Asked Under Theme Shows...

    I am going to use, when I can, my favorite Pink Recipe. Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle. Very simple. 32 ounces frozen strawberries thawed in colander over a bowl - you want the juice! I use a lot but you can do half. 1 frozen, 16 ounce, pound cake, thawed 8 ounces thawed whipped topping 1 tub of...
  22. A

    Deliciously Light Theme Show Ideas for Hot Summer Months | Consultant's Guide

    Next weekend I'll be doing my first theme show. We're in the south so my host wants to do something light with the hot summer months coming up. I have no clue whatsoever what recipes to have her look at. I want to email her up to 4 ideas to choose from. I am in my 4th month of being a consultant...
  23. P

    Chocolate Theme Shows in March: Recipes & Ideas

    I have two hosts who want to do chocolate theme shows in March. I wish I'd had these hosts in FEBRUARY but beggars can't be choosers, right? :) Any suggestions for chocolate recipes in March. Not really going to be able to feature the cookware...
  24. Veevahchef

    What are Some Creative Valentine's Day Themed Show Ideas?

    Does anyone have any new and exciting (or even semi-exciting) ideas for a Valentine's themed show? What to focus on, recipes, games... i saw one thing on a search of files... but there must be more ideas out there! :love:
  25. wadesgirl

    What are some creative theme ideas for your next Spring/Summer party?

    The one change I want to make is to offer theme shows instead of just recipes. The two thoughts I have already are a grilling theme show (still need a name) and Mexican in Minutes. The grilling show, we would do a grilled pizza; Mexican in Minutes would be fajitas in the DCB with Margaritas or...
  26. J

    March Theme: Do You Feel Lucky? Fun Games and Prizes Await!

    I am thinking of a March theme, and was thinking maybe a Do You Feel Lucky? theme. I was thinking it coud be a show with lots of games/chances to win prizes. I usually don't do games except Stealing Hearts. If I do this what kind of recipe would you think would work and what games are fun...
  27. M

    Theme Show Invite - Kids/Family Show

    I am working on a couple of shows that are going to be family oriented - moms and kids involved in the demo. Does anyone have any kind of invite for that? I thought I would ask before I try to make something on my own. If anyone is willing to share I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  28. naekelsey

    Are Themed Shows More Effective Than Regular Shows for The Pampered Chef?

    I was wondering if Theme Shows do better than just have a Non-Themed Show. Does anyone have better results with one or the other?
  29. M

    Mother/Daughter Theme Show Ideas for Kids: Any Suggestions?

    I have two potential hosts who have asked to do mother/daughter shows. Has anyone done this? Can you give me some ideas so I can pull something together and get these two shows on my calendar? And the daughters for one show are 9 & 10 and the other kids range from ages 6 - 12! Thanks!