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  1. P

    Fall Theme Party?

    Hi Everyone I talked to my host this morning her party is October 9th. She told me that she would like to have a fall theme party. Any ideas of receipes or how the theme would work? Thanks :)
  2. M

    P.m.s Theme

    I am not certain where I saw this theme, but listed it in my binder.......of all shows, someone wanted this one. I flubbed my way through it saying that it is a Pamper me Sweetheart show.....we'll have chocolate and so forth.....well my problem is what is the "so forth"???? Any help would be...
  3. C

    Wine & Cheese Theme Show Help

    I am having a Wine & Cheese show in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could make, what games to play, and anything else that would make this show great.
  4. S

    Theme Show Binder

    Help!! I'm putting together my theme show binder and am having a problem finding/thinking up recipes for my Desperate Housewives, Jimmy Buffett/Margaritaville and Hawaiin Luau theme shows. For Desperate Housewives, I've got Lawnboy Lemonade and Apricot-Almond Baked Brie. For my...
  5. P

    Mexican Theme

    Looking for ideas/recipes for a mexican fiesta theme. My first theme show! Thanks, Kelly
  6. L

    Football Theme Show Recipe

    I'm looking for some recipes for a football themed show. I figured I could use the Touchdown taco dip, and possibly bake the football cake in the batter bowl. But what about some other ideas? Thanks.
  7. C

    "Cajun" Theme

    I have a customer sheduling a party for September. She looked over my theme ideas and picked a couple options out but asked me if I could do a Cajun Theme as a possibility. Before I commit to that, does anyone have any great ideas? Any good recipes? I am very new and don't want to take on...
  8. S

    Theme Show Binder

    I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Theme Show Binder that was offered by Kimberly Runkle. I contacted her directly but she is unable to download this information for me due to computer response time. If someone can please forward this file to me I would greatly appreciate it! You can...
  9. C

    Need Help With Light & Simple Show Theme

    I want to do a Light and Simple "theme show" at Curves gyms in my area. If Curves agrees, my idea is to set up for a couple of hours and do a demo of light recipes. I was thinking I could use my Chillzane rectangle server and the crinkle cutter to make a nice vegetable platter, but so far...
  10. B

    Fall Theme Ideas

    What are you doing this fall to generate excitement and increase attendance? Here are the theme ideas that I am planning on offering in the next few months. My themes in the coming months will be: August - "Ice Cream Sundae Bar" or "Back to the Fall" (you know...Back to the Future)...
  11. M

    Does Anyone Have a Red Hat Society Theme

    Hi I have someone that wants me to come do a demo at her Red Hat Society meeting. These ladies are really fun BUT they all have to be over 40 to be in it and I need ideas on how to get them to have interest in the PC since most of them do not cook anymore. I thought maybe someone out there would...
  12. P

    Doing My First Theme Show This Month

    I am hosting a mystery host party at my home the end of the month. I am a bit nervous. Any suggestions? I am hoping that everyone will have a ton of fun and in turn want to book a show. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks yall!
  13. MamaChef

    Asian Theme

    Has anyone ever done an Asian/Oriental theme? What did you do? Thanks for any help you can provide!!!
  14. PCJen

    Need Recipe Ideas for Margaritaville Theme Show

    I would love to offer a margarita/ville theme show for my hosts. What are the best recipes to go with this theme? I know very little about Jimmy Buffett and his cafes or what the big deal is with margaritaville but it sounds like this type of theme show could be a lot of fun. Please help and...
  15. Marg

    Idea's for a Greek Theme?

    I have a host who wants to do a Greek theme. So I am going to call it "My Big Fat Greek PC Show" LOL Anyone have any good greek recipes or ideas for me?? :D
  16. J

    New Kids in the Kitchen Theme Flyer

    Here's another flyer I created to add to your theme books. Enjoy, Jenn
  17. P

    Margaritaville Theme

    Help! :confused: I'm in my SS1 and have had a Host request a Margaritaville themed party. Can anyone suggest yummy recipes that showcase many products? Any other suggestions on how I can make this a party to remember? Thanks!!!!
  18. PCJen

    Need 4Th of July Theme Show Recipes

    Hi everyone! Has anyone done a 4th of July theme show using one of our red, white and blue recipes? Which recipe did you use and did it show a lot of tools or did you have to cross sell a lot to make your red, white and blue recipe work for the demo? I would love any suggestions on recipes...
  19. D

    Desperate Housewives Theme Anyone???

    I've been trying (with little success) to come up with a D.H. Theme Show....Does anyone have any ideas???? Please?? :(
  20. P

    Hawaiian Theme

    Help! :eek: I have just booked 2 shows and they both want a Hawaiian theme. Does anyone have some recipe suggestions that I can try out that showcase a lot of products? Thanks!!!
  21. P

    Asian Theme

    Does anyone have ideas for an Asian themed PC party? Recipees?? Products to highlight during show? Has anyone every done a show like this? Was it successful? Thanks for any help!! :) :)
  22. B

    Italian Theme Show

  23. DebPC

    Theme Show Extravaganza

    The following is a compilation of theme show invites and flyers.Thanks for sharing Kim!
  24. O

    Theme Ideas

    :confused: I'm have three themed parties this month and I confidently took them on, but now I'm getting a little creative block as to what to do at each party. Two are Mexican Fiesta Parties and one is a brunch show. What are some ideas that have worked for you in the past?
  25. DebPC

    Theme Show Binder

    Pampered Chef Theme Show Binder Many consultants use thinner binders to hold Theme Show information which their show guests can look at during the party. Inside are details on different theme shows they are offering. Death by Chocolate, Italian or Mediteranean, Garnishing, Sip and Dip, Ugliest...
  26. DebPC

    Pampered Chef Halloween Theme

    Taco touchdown dip with a halloween twist- Use Pampered Chef's Halloween cookie cutters to cut shapes out of flour tortillas & bake. Use these as your dippers. Also with the taco touchdown dip, create a web design on top by spreading the cream cheese over the entire top & then place a dallop of...