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  1. Shelbi

    Homemade Holiday Gifts Show

    I have been seeing all these really cute gift ideas using the batter bowls and products and was thinking lately many people do those mason jars with the cookie ingredients or whatever inside just like the batter bowls but what if there was a station styled show where everyone comes and makes...
  2. C

    Which Plus Bonus Pkg Would Most Increase Sales at Shows?

    I have earned my first SS pkg and have money banked going toward a Plus Bonus pkg. I am trying to decide which one would increase sales the most. plus bonus #1 is entertaining with simple additions-various simple additions, I only have one piece so far a small striped square plus bonus #2...
  3. C

    Had My First 2 Shows

    Well I had my first two shows this week and they both were great!! My best friend had the first show and there were only 6 people there but she got some outside orders too. Right now the sales are at $443.97 and she still has some outside orders one is for her husbands aunt and she wants to...
  4. KHocutt

    2 First Shows

    Well, this is my first post to this site, however I've been with you guys for over a month now, surfing and getting all of the great information that you eagerly supply! I joined PC as a consultant last month, but Sept. is my 1st SS month. Yesterday was my very first show! I was stressed to...
  5. B

    Information Folders for Guests @ Shows

    Does anyone use folders at their shows that has the catalog, order form, flyers for recruiting, for hosting a show, GIft registry forms, etc? I thought it would be a good idea, as I like to be able to look at the flyers and I thought it would be easier for me to ask them to pull out that flyer...
  6. smarteez2

    Kitchen Shows in Your Own Home?

    Hello all!! I was just wondering if anyone else out there offers hosts the option of doing their shows in your own home versus theirs? I have only had 2 actual kitchen shows and they have both been in my home. I have 2 more coming up and 1 will be at my house and the other will be at the...
  7. W

    Regarding Catalog Shows Help!

    Hi, I was wondering if PC has a planner for the catalog shows like we do for the kitchen shows.(even a printable) I don't know how much in sales it takes to get to a next level etc(for benefits) if there is a chart. I know it takes $150 in sales but that's it. I finally got an order and want...
  8. pamperedmom2owen

    Extra Incentive for Catalog Shows?

    Has anyone else tried this? I was having a lot of my catalog shows barely reach $150 in sales. So I offered an extra $10 free with $300+ in sales and an extra $5 for each booking with a catalog show. I talked to my only catalog host this month and she said she should have well over $300! No...
  9. C

    September Shows

    I'm trying to get more bookings for September but everyone seems more interested in October so they can get the roaster. Does anyone have something - flyer, letter - to mail or email out to generate more September shows? Thanks!! Jill Wright Director, Benicia, CA...
  10. Sk8Mom209

    Done Several Bridal Shows but ..

    [COLOR=Gray]never a surprise show. I am going to modify my invitation to include the fact it is a surprise, but I am not sure how to work the gift. Should I just indicate that each guest bring a monetary gift in a card for the bride and then have the bride open the cards and order after...
  11. H

    Catalog Shows

    I have three catalog shows and one home show booked next month. Any hints to increase sales that you could give me would be appreciated. I have spent so much $ starting this business that I really need to recoup it. I joined so I could pay the bills and need to see a positive cash flow...
  12. R

    Maintaing Control at Shows

    Hi everyone. Love the forum, lots of great info. I need some advice on maintaining control at my shows. I try to keep my shows at around 45 minutes. I open w/my story, demo cookware & stoneware, then do the recipie & take orders. However, at almost all of my shows, the guests are having...
  13. K

    Grilling Shows

    Just wanted to share a fun Grilling Show I had. It was men & women who basically wanted to get together and socialize. So, I pre-made 2 bbq sauces from our casual cooking cookbook and prepped the 3rd to make at the show. I had the ingredients in Prep Bowls, including a garlic clove so I could...
  14. P

    Getting Bookings at Shows

    Okay, so I've done 10 Kitchen shows and I still don't feel like I have it right as far as getting bookings go. Sometimes I feel like I look desprate, (I've done the balloon popping thing I also did small gift bags for those who booked shows) So I had a show today and planted my 3 seeds about...
  15. J

    Wrap Shows

    I would like to do some wrap shows this summer. Can anyone share any recipes they might be using for this style show? I have the "It's a wrap" recipes, but my director gave me some others that I'm not sure about. What have some of you found to be the best ones? I am planning to make one as a...
  16. B

    I'm New and I Have a Question About the Shows:

    I have not been to a PC show in years. my recriter is not at all active, in fact I ask her how to sign up. Since she doesn't hardly ever do shows, I have not got to see a real one yet. 1. When you prepare the food do you eat also, how do you handle that. I have lost alot of weight on WW and I...
  17. L

    Bridal Shows??

    I Am In My First Ss Month. I Have Had Only One Kitchen Show And Received No Bookings. I Would Like To Do Bridal Shower Shows?? Anyone Know How I Can Get Started?? Is There A Certain Program Or Training Needed To Do These Type Of Shows?? Lhgegg
  18. S

    Giving Out Recipes at Shows

    I am joining in a couple of days and was wondering. I have a lot of recipes I would like to make at shows -- not Pampered Chef recipes -- is there any problem with copying these and giving them out at shows (to all participants that want them, not as a prize). I am thinking about copyright...
  19. C

    Hosting Shows Vs. Being a Kc

    Ok...another question ladies! Can you host shows? I am a KC but was wondering if either I can stop being a KC and strictly host shows OR continue to be a KC and strictly do catalog shows. Please help! :confused:
  20. P

    Shows for Saturday Night

    I have a host who wants a Saturday night show. I like the Margaritaville idea, but am curious if anyone has any others. There's a chance that there will be mixed company, so some ideas for couples on Saturday night would be helpful. I figure we need a good theme to get folks to come on a...
  21. R

    How Many Shows Do You Do?

    I am wondering how many shows per month other consultants do. I personally have a goal/limit of 2 shows per month, which I am very proud to say that I am very successful at achieving regularly :) SO...How Many Do YOU Do? What Are Your Goals?
  22. C

    Shows for Men

    Has anyone had a show for guys? Any suggestions for recipies and/or games? I have two shows for guys in the works for next month and would appreciate any thoughts you have. Thanks, Cookie
  23. P

    End of Month Shows

    I have a show on 5/26. How quickly do I have to close it out to have it count toward May (there is a holiday in there, too.) If I can't close it out until June, does the hostess still get the May quick-stir pitcher special?
  24. K

    Will 8 Shows Get Me There????

    June will be my 3rd SS month, so I decided in order to get the most 'bang' for my buck..I would try to hit $4500 in June. My goals are to make at least a $1000, earn my third super starter and 3 of the bonuses, and earn $300 worth of Fall products for free. So, for June, I have 8 kitchen...
  25. S

    E-Mail Shows??

    I've read a few mentions about Mystery Host e-mail shows. This sounds really interesting to me and I am curious to find out more about them. How do you coordinate an e-mail show?
  26. S

    Nervous to Ask for Shows

    I find that I'm relly nervous to make the "Cold Call" to ask for show bookings. I ask at my shows all of the time, and I'm always turned down. People just keep giving out excuses as to why they are unable to host their own show. I even try to bribe people with 50% off a piece of stoneware if...
  27. S

    Ideas for How to Get Catalog Shows

    Hey Hoping yall can give me some ideas. My "problem" is i am on ssmonth1 and i need more shows for this month and June. My bigger problem is that i also need lots of catalog shows for July as my director has forbidden me to have any kitchen shows that month as I am due then. I need ideas how...
  28. P

    Fair and Craft Shows

    I'm new at this, and I'm interested in setting up at a fair or craft show. I didn't know how you get registered or anything like that...or even know the deadlines, etc. Have you all found that those are good venues for orders / one big show or not? Thanks!
  29. K

    Cook-Off Shows

    Hi Everyone! I just had a show on Saturday and a woman who is getting married this summer approached me about having a cook off with her finace. I said "SURE!" excited about the booking....then I got home and thought "how do I start?" :confused: HAHA!! I've heard of these before but haven't...
  30. B

    Getting Bookings at Your Shows

    May is my second month with PC. I do have 2 catalog shows this month and 1 show the middle of this month. But I'm having trouble getting more bookings. The 2 shows I had in April I got no bookings. I put together a Theme Show binder, I will be putting out grocery store flyers later today, and...