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What is tips: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. B

    Found this pampered chef item. What is it?

    Can someone tell me what this pampered chef item is used for
  2. chef4u2

    Mini-Catty's for Live Parties: Tips & Advice

    Is anyone still making the mini-catty's? I used to prefer using these when I did live parties and now that I have a live party coming up, eeek! I was looking to see if there was one in here. :) Or are there other flyers that you are using these days that you like better??TIA for any help!
  3. K

    Organizing a Perfect Birthday Party: Ideas & Tips

    How is better to organize a birthday party?? Any ideas?
  4. T

    Fixing the Wear Ever Cookie Gun: Troubleshooting Tips

    i have the wear ever cookie gun why dose the bottom keep falling off
  5. Roadtripray

    Tips on Cooking Whole Chicken With Crispy Skin

    Howdy all,I made a whole chicken in my Deep Covered Baker this week and it was wonderful as usual. I used a rub and baked it about an hour at 350. I've also used the microwave to cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes. Both methods produce moist, juicy chicken that is wonderfully tasty.I want to...
  6. Admin Greg

    What is the Most Important Tip for New Consultants Doing Shows?

    If you could only give one tip for doing shows to a new consultant what would yours be?
  7. Niki Kate

    Host a Successful Facebook Party: Tips & Tricks

    I use these for my Facebook Parties...
  8. Nightschild24

    Host a Party with a Thirty One Consultant: Tips and Ideas

    I am having a party next month with a Thirty One consultant and I've never done this before. Does anyone have any flyers or ideas on how to get the word out? I want this to be successful for me and my friend that sells 31. She is new to this and I am only a year into this and need to get my name...
  9. NelsonInTheKitchen

    What Are Your Favorite Unique Cooking Hacks and Product Uses?

    What are some of your favorite unique ways to use some the products or what are some of your favorite cooking tips?
  10. DebPC

    Tips for Writing Effective Emails

  11. DebPC

    Good to Know: Health & Wellness Tips

    Good to know...
  12. DebPC

    Practical Tips for Stress Management

  13. DebPC

    Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners

  14. DebPC

    Make Perfect Bacon & Gourmet Veggies with These Tips!

    If you love bacon, but hate the splattered mess, try baking it on your bar pan! 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes will give you the best bacon you have ever tasted! This is how restaurants do it! Room temperature lemons will yield more juice. Also, if you roll them on the counter or microwave them...
  15. Connie

    Host a Reindeer Game: Tips & Wording for a Fun Holiday Game!

    I heard about people doing a reindeer game, but don't know anything about it. Can someone tell me how to go about doing one and possible wording and what to give each host?
  16. esavvymom

    Pampered Chef- Station Shows - Reviews, Tips, Thoughts, Etc

    Have any of you tried or been doing the PC Station Shows that was recently introduced at Conference? How are they working for you? Has it changed your business or show - for the good, bad, better, different? Do you have any tips to share for the rest of us looking at this style of show...
  17. esavvymom

    Pampered Chef Version of Freezer Meal Workshops- Reviews, Tips, Etc

    This thread is for the discussion of tips, successes, suggestions, etc for the PAMPERED CHEF Version of the Freezer Meals workshop. If you have done the Facebook group version, I would be curious about your tips and suggestions as well. http://www.pamperedchef.com/cc/freezer-meal-workshopsIf...
  18. Admin Greg

    Toaster Tongs Talk: Tips, Complaints, Praise & More

    Please discuss the Toaster Tongs. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...