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What is real: Definition and 86 Discussions

  1. Rochelle

    Need a 2017 Real Estate Flyer for Closing Gifts?

    I'm looking for a flyer I can give to real estate agents to encourage them to order their closing gifts from me. Does someone have this with new 2017 products?
  2. P

    Need Housewarming Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents?

    Looking for flyer to give to Real Estate Agents. Offering them great gift ideas for their New homeowners. Batter bowls, brownie pans, BBQ Turner, etc. Nice House warming gift ideas!
  3. M

    Top Tips for Selling House Warming Gifts to Real Estate Agents - Expert Advice

    I saw a post on how folks were selling products to realtors as house warming gifts for their clients but I can't find it....any tips?
  4. M

    Advertising With Real Estate Agents

    Hey I just need some quick advice. I am sending out flyers to real estate agents in my area to advertise them hosting shows and using the host benefits to help with their business with client gifts when they buy a house from them. So im offered different packages, some to showcase...
  5. C

    Director Crazy or Not Crazy? Is this Email Real?

    I swear I think I'm losing my mind, but I thought I got an email yesterday or today that said that we could earn triple points in January. I went to block in those dates on my calendar, but can't find the email anywhere. Has anyone else seen this? I'm wondering if I just created it because it...
  6. P

    Making an Impact at Real Estate Events: Ideas for Gifts & Giveaways

    where to even post this? I was just invited to be a part of a large real estate broker's customer appreciation event. The only direction I got was that they want to do two giveaways - one for the customers and one for other real estate agents from other agencies they often work with. I can...
  7. A

    Funny Story but Real Question About Insurance Claim

    Ok, so I opened the fridge at my host's home tonight to replace the eggs. When I did, she had put the 2-liter in a really precarious position. It fell out, EXPLODED and went all over EVERYTHING. It was AWFUL. I just need to know how to do an insurance claim now to have her carpet, etc...
  8. I

    Do You Have a Real Estate Gift Letter/Flyer

    I want to send out some letters to my local real estate agents to target a new audience- does anyone have one them have made up? I did a search in the files but didn't find one? I have no leads and no shows booked currently and really need to make a push to get out of my box.
  9. S

    Boost Your PC Business: Monthly Housewarming Gifts for Real Estate Agents

    Hey everyone! I came across a list of ways to add to your PC business and one was to contact real estate agents in your area and offer to deliver housewarming gifts to them every month for them to give to people who purchase homes from them. What would you think would be good to put in that to...
  10. C

    Are Real Cooking Videos More Effective in Home Party Presentations?

    Does anyone know of any "real" demonstration videos online. I know PC has lots to show in training. But they are just that "training" done in a studio. Not interrupted by a room of chatty people. I know that lots of our shows are times for people to catch up with people that they haven't...
  11. NooraK

    Demo at a Real Estate Open House

    I received an email today from a contact on my newsletter list. I had originally met her at an event I participated in at work, but I was never able to get her to book a show, or recruit her. It's been quite a while since the event, and I've kept in touch with her with occasional calls. She's...
  12. P

    Watermelon Slicer: A Real Family Laugh!

    I got my Bed Bath & Beyond flyer today and on page 7 is a Melon Slicer. It shows slicing a watermelon into wedges. Cost is $19.99 and looks VERY cheap. When my family saw it we all had a big laugh.
  13. Meigs

    Real Estate Gifts Engraved.... Need Help/Ideas!!

    I just got home from a Cooking show and I wanted to ask your guy's opinion on this. I met a guest who is a Real Estate Agent in my city. She asked me if I would be interested in putting together some items for her to give as gifts to the people that she sells homes to. (would I ever!!!!! )...
  14. I

    This May Sound Like a Stupid Question, but Is Deb Bixler a Real

    This may sound like a stupid question, but is Deb Bixler a real consultant, or is she a motivational speaker who frequents sites like these? I am just curious. okay really I'm nosey. Thanks!
  15. M

    I Did It! My First Real Recruit Signs On!

    BUT I DID IT! I GOT MY FIRST RECRUIT THIS IS MY FIRST REAL RECRUIT! SHE JUST SIGNED!I'm so excited! She was an amazing host (with less than amazing guests, but she worked it HARD so she could get that knife block set). SO i'm giving her her show as her first show as a consultant and I'm going to...
  16. Monty060609

    My First Real Show: A Nervous Adventure in Cooking and Serving

    I was soooo nervous!! I thought I would keep the recipes super easy and then I'll just talk and showcase the tools separately. So I made the chicken in the DCB and garlic parm bites, neither of them use many tools but I had everything else I owned out on the kitchen table, since it was in my...
  17. lockhartkitchen

    Joining the Real World: My Facebook Journey

    I'm officially in the "real world" as my friends tell me. I finally joined Facebook, reluctantly. I don't like how I'm overweight, so there was no way I was going to put my face on, so I've avoided it. I put the kids on. I have two friends now!
  18. Shawnna

    Bath Time Pictures Lead to Kids Taken Away: Real or Ridiculous?

    Did anyone else see the cnn report on the couple whose children were taken away from them because they took bath time pictures of them. I just heard about it today and watched it online. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. I personally do not know any parents who DO NOT have...
  19. kdangel518

    Information for Real Estate Agents...

    Does anyone have a packet or informational flyer they give to Real Estate agents? Something along the lines of "purchase house warming gifts for your home buyers and if you give them a welcome basket please include my catalog and biz card?" If so, would you mind sharing, and also would you...
  20. C

    Boost Your Real Estate Marketing: Tips & Flyers for Gifting Realtors

    I know many of you have had some success with offering gifts to Realtors. Can you please give me some tips and flyers that you have used? Any suggesting would be helpful.:)
  21. L

    Pampered Chef on Real Housewives

    Did anyone see tonight's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey? (My DD's are addicted!) Jacquline's daughter was in the kitchen slicing a cucumber with the Santoku!!! She asked her mom where she got it and she said at a PC party! She said that's what they do go to PC parties and Botox (it...
  22. P

    Pampered Chef on Real Housewives of Nj

    I was watching my guilty pleasure and Jacquelines daughter was using the Santuko knife and Jacqueline said "That's all we do here is get Botox and go to Pampered Chef parties" I thought that was pretty cool
  23. K

    Recipe Help Please for First Real Show

    Hi. I know this is bookings but I need help. Can I make the skillet cake at home and bring it to the show, Does anyone have a southerwestern type salad dressing or should I substitute the southwestern seasoning on the mix bottle for the italian seasoning. Margarita recipe anyone...
  24. chefshawna

    Is the Russian Hacker Threat Real? What We Know Now

    O.k. my computer literate friends out there, should we all shut down our computers and stay off of them tomorrow? What is the real threat from the Russian hackers?? I don't know a lot about this worm, just a little that I read on CBS.com and what my sister has told me, but I am wondering if it...
  25. colegrovet

    Are Martha Stewart's Cooking Tips Practical for Everyday Women?

    Sorry if I offend any Martha Stewart fans..... Real Woman vs. Martha Stewart Martha's way #1: Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips. The Real Women's Way: Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for Pete's sake...
  26. P

    Izzie's Search for Real Love: A Journey of Hope

    I really want Izzie to find real love again. The kind she had with Denny. The look in her eyes last night when she sensed he was there was a killer.
  27. C

    Iso Real Food Invitations - to Buy or Trade.

    Almost all of my upcoming shows are Real Food Real Fast Shows. I would love to have postcard invites to use for those - but I just used my last package today for a show. If you have some that you don't think you will use - I'd love to purchase them, or trade them. I have Chocolate Bliss...
  28. heat123

    Discover Recipes from FN78 and FN79: "Real Food Real Fast" & "Bites N Bevs

    I was looking to do a supply order and saw # FN78 and FN79 and the decspription says " Real Food Real Fast" recipe card and "Bites N Bevs" recipe cards. What recipes are these? TIA!
  29. PamperedDor

    Unbelievable Deal on Consultant Supplies - Only $5 on eBay!

    Ok - correct me if I am wrong - I was browsing ebay under consultant supplies - someone is selling the catalog with the consultant information - and its at like 5.00!!! Not sure how to put the link in so If it doesn't work - advance search under the item number. 330272274325 :eek: