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  1. C

    Real Estate Offices

    I was looking at the flyers and saw the one used to send to real estate offices offering the gift baskets. I love the idea and was wondering if anyone has used it and received sales from it. I found some of the gift ideas to be expensive, but I don't know how much money a realtor would spend on...
  2. M

    Got first real response from my promoting..

    Well, I had mentioned about my window decal. Well today a neighbour I dont see often was out walking with her kids. She had seen my pc window thingy and asked about it. She wants to host a show and is going to call her friends to see when they can do it. She sounded interested and wants the free...
  3. S

    Real estate letter???

    For those of you who have used the real estate letters do ya'll mail them to all the realty agencies or do you hand deliver them? If you hand deliver them who do you talk to & what do you say to them? Also is there a way that when you log on you can see all the responses to questions you ask...
  4. K

    First "real" kitchen show is booked!!

    Got my first real kitchen show (ie not one in MY house lol) booked today for 19 July! YEAH!!! :D :D :D
  5. L

    Hi everyone,I am having a real problem getting bookings. Most of

    Hi everyone, I am having a real problem getting bookings. Most of my first shows either cancelled or rescheduled. At my own show, well I didn't even have my own show because every one I sent and invitation to told me that they could not come. That was 20 people. Any way the show I had...
  6. L

    Real Estate Agents Letter

    I am looking for an example of a letter I could send to real estate agents in the area. I was thinking of when a client buys a house as a thank you gift the agent can purchase a gift basket from me for the client. Any ideas please send my way. :)