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  1. Ember Lewis

    Stamps, books, ribbons, recipe cards, supplies & invitations

    Please add shipping to all items... assorted stamps, stamp pad(used) and business card magnets (new) $5 Books $10 Ribbons, buttons ,and charms (never used) $10 recipe holder $5 assorted note cards $5 bridal apron and note cards $10 8 packs of invitations $3 6 packs of recipe cards $3 recruit &...
  2. M

    Well, I sent out some invitations (email..evites) for my first

    Well, I sent out some invitations (email..evites) for my first pampered chef Mystery Host party. It is also my first party. I did the evites because the people I am inviting always respond to evites. Anyway, I'm nervous no one will be able to come. I sent out about 7 so far. On evites you...
  3. N

    Bridal Invitations

    My host is not interested in purchasing the Bridal Invitations, and she wants homemade ones... Any ideas? Please feel free! I am looking to get lots of Ideas! Thanks Melissa
  4. W

    Template for Invitations

    I'm trying to find a template for the PC invitations so I can just print them out on my computer without having to write out 50 of them. Anyone have one???
  5. R

    Bridal Show Invitations

    Does anyone have a Bridal Show Inviation that they would be willing to share, I know we can order them from PC, but I would like to create one that can be personalized a little more, and didn't want to recreate the wheel if I didn't have to. I have check everywhere on here, and can't find...
  6. P

    Jenn's AWESOME invitations!!!

    Jenn made these 2 AWESOME invitations....they are BEAUTIFUL! She asked me to post them for her as she was having technical difficulties. These really are good. Thanks for sharing Jenn! The first invitation is a Patriotic Invitation. The second one is Chillzanne Summer Salad invitation...