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What is invitations: Definition and 127 Discussions

  1. Tenille V.

    Pampered Chef Invitations, Buttons & Team Pins/Charms

    Selling: PC Invites (all in good to new condition). Selling individual packs at $1.00 + shipping or all for $12 + shipping. Pins/Charms (all in good to new condition). The Show checklists & planners & a few blank pin cards I'll throw in for free. All for $30 + shipping OBO. Buttons (all, but 1...
  2. Ember Lewis

    Stamps, Books, Ribbons, Recipe Cards, Supplies & Invitations

    Please add shipping to all items... assorted stamps, stamp pad(used) and business card magnets (new) $5 Books $10 Ribbons, buttons ,and charms (never used) $10 recipe holder $5 assorted note cards $5 bridal apron and note cards $10 8 packs of invitations $3 6 packs of recipe cards $3 recruit &...
  3. kaseydee

    Invitations for Sale: $1+ Ship | Email [email protected]

    Invitations for sale $1 per pkg plus shipping EMAIL me [email protected] 9 pkgs of Your invited to a cooking show (1photo on front w/3 women) 4 pkgs Comfort foor/sweet favorites invitation 2 pkgs 4 photos on front main one w//2 women & a man others stoneware, cookware and simple additions 6...
  4. F

    TPampered Chef Wedding Shower Invitations

    Has anyone ever purchased/used TPC bridal shower invitations listed in the supply order? Just wondering what they look like. Picture on the supply fact sheet is not very good and I can't tell what is on the back. I know this is a stupid thought :rolleyes:, but I would hope there is somewhere...
  5. esavvymom

    Nice Spring Invitations: April W/Md; May W/ & Pink

    My hospitality director sent out this nice invitation. Her's was for May and it includes the PINK. Not sure if I can squeeze in Father's Day special info on that one or not. But if I get something, I'll post it here. But I have a show in April, and I tweaked it for April and included...
  6. S

    Where Can I Find Printable Invitations for Fall Pampered Chef Recipes?

    I have been searching all over for the printable invitations on CC. Didn't we have any for the fall recipes? I usually use the minis but this group has seen them more than once. I'm out of the matching postcards, too, for the Rocky Road Brownies and old ones are too wrong for the recipe. I...
  7. M

    When should invitations be sent for a party?

    Hey! I had a question or two about sending invitations for your hosts. I don't mind doing it at all, but what's the latest you should send them out? I try to have at least 4 weeks before the show, but I wanted to check and see what kind of time frame everyone else used. Thanks!!!
  8. lt1jane

    forSale: Pampered Bride Apron & Invitations, Vintage

    Cleaning out some useful items that are taking up space in my office. I have an old Pampered Bride apron (#7835) and invitations from 1998-1999. $10 OBO plus shipping from 54911 I will post a photo as soon as my camera charges.
  9. E

    Back to Business Meeting Invitations

    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if any of you have started to create excitement around the Back to Business Meetings for January 2012. I'm thinking of mailing personal invitations to my team members and including a raffle ticket in the envelope to be entered to win a prize for coming. Does...
  10. M

    Why Can't I Access My Easy and Impressive Appetizer Invites on Consultant's Corner?

    I am preparing for an appetizer party soon and would like to use the Easy and Impressive Appetizer invites. When I go to the download page of Consultant's Corner and select that party, it says they are available to use if you have a Personal Website, which I do. However, I can't seem to get to...
  11. T

    Make Host Do Her Own Invitations

    I have no label program to do invites for my hosts. How do some of you handle invitations? Do you just give invites to the host and let her do them?
  12. babywings76

    October Invitations: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Next Event

    Does anyone have an invitation they are using for October? Either a full page invite flyer or a mini catalog insert?
  13. C

    Mini Catalogs as Invitations Question

    I have been using the mini catalogs as invitations for quite some time but I have a question. Do those of you that use them put them in an envelope or mail them by themselves. I have been mailing them by themselves but was curious about whether I should start putting them in enveloped because...
  14. M

    How Do You Do Your Invitations?

    I just joined at the end of March. I had my kickoff show already but my recruit made my invites. I am just curious on what everyone does for theirs? I don't know if I want to use the postcard ones. Thanks!
  15. NooraK

    Recruiting Insert for Invitations

    I'm sending out invitations for a fundraiser, and I was thinking about putting something in them to promote the business opportunity. I was envisioning something business card sized, just enough to pique someone's interest. I was thinking of wording along the lines of "What Does a Pampered Chef®...
  16. kcmckay

    Urgent Printing Invitations for March Promo?

    I'm doing a show for the MFP spring product promo. I wasn't going to use PC's invitation but then changed my mind. But I may go back to the one page after all of my own. HOwever, my issue is that when print PC's it prints the Print Form tab on it??? How do I get rid of that??? Thanks
  17. S

    Why are there no new invitations in the change over kit?

    I got my change over kit today, and it took me all day to realize there are no new invitations! :eek: Did they say anything about that at the launches? Sandi
  18. P

    forThose Who Send Hosts Invitations...

    Do you send the host packet before or after you get her guest list? I always call my hosts to make sure the date/time is still good before I send out their packet. I include a SASE so they can mail me the list or they can email me. Getting a little miffed about cancellations after I send...
  19. heather223

    Effortless Postcard Invitations: Simplify Your Host Information with Labels

    Hi! I am considering going back to using the postcard invites and was wondering if anyone has a label they use to put the host information on the postcard? I know some people run them though their printer, but this didn't work so well for me and I find labels so much easier and less frustrating...
  20. P

    forThose That Send Invitations for Your Hosts...

    I tried searching but the search function isn't great... I am planning on sending invitations for my hosts from now on, and I'm just wondering what you all do when someone books far in advance. I am going to do my first coaching call in person, meaning I'm not going to mail their host...
  21. P

    Have you tried using mini catalogs as invitations for your parties?

    Who says you can't teach an old dog a new trick! With all the information we have received about using the mini catalogs as invitations I didn't do it until about 3 months ago. I decided to take the plunge and mail out the invitations for my hosts using the mini catalog. Is all I have...
  22. T

    Limited Time Offer: Get 10% Off and a Free Gift with DCB Reintroduction

    by e-mail, snail-mail, and phone.... letting customers know about the DCB being available again... Reminded everyone of the free November gift, and all past hosts about their 10% off... This morning was the deadline to order... I had NOT ONE SINGLE ORDER. No one got back to me, and the ones...
  23. L

    Printing Invitations (Brand New to Pampered Chef!)

    Hey all! Sorry if this is an obvious question or one you get a lot. I swear I searched the forums first but couldn't find an answer... How do you "fill in" your regular post card style invitations? The only template I found in consultant's corner was for the mini catalogs. Somebody...
  24. Liquid Sky

    Mini Catalog Labels for Invitations

    Who uses (or has used) the labels for sticking to the mini catalogs to invite to a show? Pros? Cons? I currently have invitation flyers printed out online at Office Depot (w/ our discount and free shipping) with black text on colored paper. That's $0.04/ea flyer. I also have OD trifold...
  25. S

    Looking for Postcard Invitations?

    I just placed a supply order and forgot to order postcard invitations. Does anyone have some to sell? Thanks, Suzy in Texas
  26. C

    Responding to Questions on Facebook Invitations

    I'm doing a party for a friend of mine who is doing most of her invitations via facebook. I just realized that she included me in the invite list (very nice, so I can keep track of #'s as well). On the comments for the event, I've noticed that one person replying had a question about a...
  27. C

    Coaching Hosts Re:guest Lists (Without Mailing Invitations)

    If you don't mail invitations for your hosts (and thus don't have an actual reason to ask them to send you their guest lists), how do you go about coaching them specifically about the size of their lists? I verbally suggest, and include this in my host pkg, to invite 40 people (and I've...
  28. K

    HWC Postcard Invitations for Easy and Efficient Party Planning

    Did anyone make up a hwc invitation that they can share with me. I'm looking for one that can be made to have 4 to a page. Thanks, Karen
  29. babywings76

    New Postcard Invitations Question

    I ordered the new Postcard Invitations for the S/S season. I was all ready to print out show info labels for them, when I realized that they changed the look of the invite. It looks great, but the info section is really large now. I need huge labels to cover over them. I guess the new ones...
  30. RMDave

    Troubleshooting Email Invitations: Addressing SPAM Filter Issues

    What has been the general response to email invitations being sent through the PC website? Mine has not been terrific. One host sent out 100 invitations. A week later we had to send out 80 of them again because people hadn't received them. SPAM Filters. Lots of the html code and links in...