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What is ship: Definition and 94 Discussions

  1. scottcooks

    How Do I Know if I'm on Direct Ship

    I've been away from doing shows of any kind. Just had two successful shows at the start of November, am trying to engage folks in an online block show now. How do I know if I'm on Direct Ship? I guess I'd assume no b/c I have not been active in a long while.
  2. P

    May's HWC PINK Products - Buy 1 or Many - Ship to 45248

    Looking for May's HWC PINK products. Shipping to 45248 I will buy many pieces so even if you have just 1 please message me!!Thanks!
  3. kaseydee

    Invitations for Sale: $1+ Ship | Email [email protected]

    Invitations for sale $1 per pkg plus shipping EMAIL me [email protected] 9 pkgs of Your invited to a cooking show (1photo on front w/3 women) 4 pkgs Comfort foor/sweet favorites invitation 2 pkgs 4 photos on front main one w//2 women & a man others stoneware, cookware and simple additions 6...
  4. babywings76

    Ship Back Fc or Just Buy New Collar?

    My FC is within it's guarantee period. It's collar is broken around the screw-top area and the cap is loose on it. I'm trying to decide if I should just ship the whole thing back and then I'll have a nice brand new one, or if I should just get a new clear collar and cap through the replacement...
  5. C

    Gift Receipts and Notifications for Direct Ship Gifts?

    Hi- my friend ordered a gift item to be shipped to her daughter (across the country). I wanted to make sure her daughter had a receipt but I did not want to have the price. So I just used white out to cover the price and folded and re-copied with the receipt letterhead. I also feel I should...
  6. C

    Where is the best place to ship for an out-of-town bridal shower?

    I am doing an out-of-town Bridal Shower (distant cousin). Where do you usually ship the order? The host of the shower lives even further away than I do. I hate to send them all to the Bride!! Thinking of just asking another family memeber. Thoughts?
  7. P

    When Do Consultant Promotions Ship?

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but I was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm new as of this month and I qualifed for the DCB and MFP promotion back in the middle of the month. However I have not received it. When I called the Solution Center all they could tell me is that...
  8. gailz2

    Like New Sling Bag - $30, Will Ship Anywhere in US

    I earned the sling bag, but it is too similar to another black bag with a pocket that I already use daily. I did take this out of the wrapper, but have never used it. Willing to sell and ship anywhere in the continental US for $30 total. PM me if interested.
  9. P

    How Should I Ship Orders to a Host and Her Mother-in-Law Living 3 Hours Apart?

    A friend of mine is hosting a show for me. Her mother in law ended up getting 5 orders for her that totals up to $260. She, the host, only got about $80 herself. Not a big deal except her mother in law and her 5 orders live 3 hours away from here! They dont visit each other often, so I'm...
  10. J

    Order Status - How Long Does it Take to Ship?

    I was just wondering... I submitted an order on 11/2, HO received it on 11/3 and it still just says "received"... How long does it normally take to ship an order out? I don't recall it taking this long before, but I've only submitted two shows and they were in June/July.
  11. C

    Customer Unhappy With Having to Ship Product Back Herself

    I just got the following unhappy email from a customer: Ouch... I'm not sure how to reply to this one. But when I do a return to a store, I am of course required to bring the item back myself - I don't expect the store to come and pick it up for me! Any suggestions? Or do I just write...
  12. B

    What is the cheapest way to ship returns?

    I am taking care of a return for a very good customer of mine -- I'm eating the costs. I need to send her Salad & Berry Spinner back to PC. It's beyond the 30 days so no free shipping. So I'm looking for the cheapest way to ship it back to Addison. From your experiences do you know what...
  13. turtle15

    When Will Help Whip Cancer Products Ship?

    ..if you earn them in February?
  14. quiverfull7

    Recruiting and Qualifying a Nov. Recruit: Will it Ship Separately?

    So, if we earned the Cake Pedastal ... ohw do you spell that anyway.... for Recruiting and qualifying a Nov. recruit... will it ship separately? It's not in my SAT box
  15. T

    Do We Know When the Free Spring Product Will Ship?

    Hello, Not sure if this is posted in the right spot or not. I seached to see if this has already been answered but can't find anything. In November/December if you submitted 2 shows from the 1-15 you earned free spring product. Does anyone know when this will ship and/or have any idea...
  16. D

    Ship to Consultant: How to Have Your Host's Order Delivered to You

    I swore there was a way but I don't see it as an option on PP. I need to have my host's order delivered to me - its from a vendor like event and she lives further away then the bulk of the customers. She sells Silpada and of course all there stuff goes direct so I look a little lame. I don't...
  17. L

    Can I Ship My Order on Saturday with Pampered Chef?

    Can anyone tell me if PC ships orders on Saturday. I have a show I am waiting to ship. I submitted the show on the 18th. The shipping says they are filling orders on the 17th. I figured if they work on Saturdays they will ship the 18th orders. Then I will have it on Tuesday.
  18. I

    Sending Gifts to Germany: Does Pampered Chef Ship to APO Addresses?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Does PC ship to Germany? an APO address? I have a consultant who has a customer who wants to send her son a gift and is stationed over there. Thanks in advance for any info :) Hope everyone is having a great Sept!!
  19. J

    Ship Show Order Home & Distribute Yourself? Tips for Lazy Family

    Hi, does anyone know if I can ship a show order to my house and distribute it myself? I have a few lazy family members that don't want the minimal bother
  20. B

    Sales Receipt for Outside Order Direct Ship?

    I have a guest who placed an order on my website for my hosts cooking show and requested her order to be shipped directly to her, do I need to send a receipt to the guest? Thanks for your help!
  21. Koolotus

    Help Needed: Adding a Direct Ship APO Address

    Hey Can someone give me a bvit of assistance putting in a direct ship apo address. I am feeling thick :) Thanks!
  22. C

    Iso S/S Mini Catalogs to Ship Asap!

    I had an unexpected fair event come up for the weekend :sing: and only have a few minis- I'm looking for someone that has 3-5 packages that they could sell at cost via PayPal (plus fees, of course!), I'd appreciate it. I'll also email you a UPS shipping label PDF to get them to me, so there...
  23. BlessedWifeMommy

    Larger Shows? Do They Take Longer to Ship?

    I submitted two shows on the 31st. Show A was larger than show B. I submitted them about an hour apart. Show B the second one I submitted now shows shipped with a tracking number. Show A still says recieved. I looked an there are no denied cards. Of course it is the larger show...
  24. dannyzmom

    Ordering with Pampered Chef Dollars: Ship to NJ

    ...to place an order for products using PC dollars and have it shipped to my brother's house in NJ?
  25. C

    Pre-Sell HWC Items: Ship as Earned or by Month-End?

    Does the HWC items ship as earned or at the end of the month? I want to pre-sell them at my upcoming shows! I love HWC months, just wish my hosts loved it to!
  26. C

    Need Cranberry DCB Lid: Willing to Pay & Ship!

    I have a broken cranberry DCB lid and I don't want to have to buy a whole new one. :cry: Is there anyone who has an extra lid that they're open to parting with? I would be more than willing to pay for the lid and s/h. Please help! Thanks!
  27. kcmckay

    How do I ship an order to an APO address?

    Please help. I need to submit this show tonight so it will count towards January and stop me from going inactive. One of her orders is from her SIL who lives on an army APO address.:eek: I can't figure out how to put it in to ensure that is where it is shipped. I just found this out today when I...
  28. kcmckay

    How do I ship a direct order to an APO address for my Thirty-One party?

    Please help. I need to submit this show tonight so it will count towards January and stop me from going inactive. One of her orders is from her SIL who lives on an army APO address.:eek: I can't figure out how to put it in to ensure that is where it is shipped. I just found this out today when I...
  29. kcmckay

    Urgent Direct Ship From Show to Outside the Country

    Please help. I need to submit this show tonight so it will count towards January and stop me from going inactive. One of her orders is from her SIL who lives on an army APO address.:eek: I can't figure out how to put it in to ensure that is where it is shipped. I just found this out today when I...
  30. V

    Iso Yummy Baked Goods Recipes That Travel / Ship Well......

    Sending a bunch of baked goods to my husband serving overseas. Need some good/great recipes that travel well, and stay fresh. (Travel time is about a week). His mom, his aunt and I are baking on Valentines Day and hope to send that Monday in time for his bday about a week later. Any...